Not bad definitely worth it.3/24/2021 10:28:55 AM

Pros: Great build accurate description. ALL THE PARTS ARE ACCURATELY IN THE DESCRIPTION. I think some of the reviewers were dogwater and probably use aimbot tbh. I definitely would buy again. Very fast

Cons: The asus 3070 gpu is heavy so it sags. I would recommend buying a gpu support bracket. Its not really necessary I mean it will be ok without one I just think it just looks better. Also cable management is subpar it works just not what I would personally do myself

Overall Review: Worth the money especially since this gpu is impossible to get. If you can get the gpu for MSRP then obviously its better to build yourself. Also note windows is not activated. I was worried after I seen all the negative reviews but its not as bad as everyone else said would definitely buy again.

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