Too bad it didn't work.2/25/2015 4:36:33 AM

Pros: Worked the first time I plugged it in, High capacity, reasonable price.

Cons: After less than 3 months this HDD crashed and burned. No warning, no odd noise, just POW and done. Not happy I have to deal with Seagate (and pay the return postage for their busted equipment). I also hate the fact I bought a brand new HDD and now after their equipment has failed under less than nominal usage I get a REFURB model as compensation. I've seen this before and I know I'll see it again but companies need to realize if a consumer paid FULL retail price for a brand new piece of hardware and it fails I expect to get an equal replacement NOT a repaired drive! If I wanted a refurb I would have bought a refurb! I'll probably go back to WD as I seem to have better luck.

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Great Lights DANGEROUS POWER SUPPLY1/10/2015 1:04:40 AM

Pros: Excellent feature set and color selection with stock remote, great brightness and weather rating as well (used outside for Halloween great colors!)

Cons: DO NOT USE THE INCLUDED PSU!!!! One of the two I purchased burned out as soon as i plugged it in and the second is "stable" (aka works well enough to test the lights) but has horrible DC output (fluctuates rapidly and wildly). I cracked the outer case on the broken PSU and was absolutely horrified that these can be considered safe! There is no output circuit protection and the incoming line is a simple fuse. Don't run the risk using the included PSU!!! Get a rated PSU from your favorite supply house like a SOLA or Brute that has at least 7 AMPs of output available, because these PSUs are dangerous regardless of the labels and ratings you might see on the PSU itself.

Overall Review: TL;DR Great lights! Terrible and dangerous PSUs!!!

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Perfect Gift for Card Sharks1/8/2015 3:19:20 AM

Pros: Excellent gift for the poker fans out there. Gave these to a sibling and they loved them. The cards also have a trippy looking effect on all card shapes, very cool!

Cons: Box for the cards themselves is a bit cheap and floppy but a dollar store plastic case will be a fine substitute.

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Fair to Midlin'7/11/2013 9:40:53 AM

Pros: It's solid state, it's fast, easy to install (comes with extra mounting bracket).

Cons: First drive was DOA plugged it in and it showed up once under my local drive management then decided to make an odd noise and not work again. I honestly can't see how a drive like that leaves the factory. All they have to do to test it is initialize it, write some dummy info, and if it maintains the data integrity you're good to go. The second drive I received detected on initial install but required way more work to get it running than should be required for a solid state hard drive. The drive would not detect under my external HDD enclosure or my USB to SATA adapter. After giving it some time to come up it crashed my OS. Not a good sign on the second drive. But it was still more lively than the last drive so I kept at it and eventually got it to format. it took 2 hours to get the drive to initialize and even after I was satisfied it was stable it crashed during the WIn 7 install but, the second time through the install things seem to have held together. I was hoping to dump my old mechanical drives but I'm not going to even think about that for at least another 8 months. QC over at Corsair better get cracking because these drives (while very fast) don't seem to be as stable as my platter based hard drives, and I've had those for almost 5 years.

Overall Review: Dealing with newegg with DOA was fast and simple can't give them enough kudos there. Keep it up Eggheads! If any of the people over at Corsair are reading you may want to think about adding some kind of health/status LEDs to these drives to help detect/alert when the memory chips are starting to lose their edge. At least with mechanical drives I can hear/feel when they are getting ready to die. These SSD drives are a go/no go scenario and having some way to judge their health based on some metric would go a long way to restoring my faith in SSD drives, not to mention allow me to back them up before they die. So far this drive seems to be working well I just don't trust it yet and it's going to be a good long while before I do.

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Dell PCs may be bad but their monitors are GREAT6/22/2013 4:31:19 AM

Pros: Great size, Very bright, love the menu system as compared to my old Westinghouse. Color adjustment and color controls are very easy to play with and the preset modes are pretty nice. I'm still playing with all the settings but stock settings are a very good starting point. IPS YES please! the response for gaming is great played Far Cry 3 and it was a huge change in the colors! Will be replaying some older stuff to see how they compare but overall excellent, excellent monitor! If Dell keeps this up they should just drop out of the PC market and stick to just monitors.

Cons: As shiny as a mirror, not for use in a bright room or a room you cannot control the lighting in. Button/Menu position could be a little better to to help minimize incorrect button pressing for the menu system but that's a minor complaint.

Overall Review: Was going to buy this in a store but the sale only lasted 12 hours and they didn't have any in stock when I went to pick one up. Online price was the same and no tax, so soak it up before the US decides to start vacuuming more of your hard earned dollars online!

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Great Price, Terrible Product3/18/2012 4:13:21 PM

Pros: Inexpensive, great specs (if they delivered), Drive will recognize and can ONLY READ both CDs and DVDs.

Cons: Guess I'll just start at the top and work down... 1. Drive would refuse to burn using multiple software packages Nero, ImageBurn, Windows burning utility etc. 2. Got drive to write after updating firmware on the device but read on.. 3. Drive will only burn 4x for DVD and CD which is frankly appalling. 4. Tested the drive on multiple PCs with different OSs and still only able to burn at 4x. DO NOT BUY, PERIOD

Overall Review: Glad to see the product has been deactivated and hopefully will remain that way. I have been buying OEM drives for years and never had the hassles this drive has given me. I actually bought this to replace my IDE DVD burner and switched back to my older drive. i keep this hunk of junk around just in case but it will remain in the closet unless I burn up every other drive I have in the house.

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Great Reciver4/28/2010 7:33:19 AM

Pros: Perfect price at sub 2XX for a very nice full featured receiver. Easy to setup easy to use. Remote is very nice it will allow you to control SONY brand TVs but not any others (at least near as I can tell as of now). FM and AM is crisp and clear very nice thump with the volume at 25.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: HDMI! HDMI! HDMI! IF YOU USE THE HDMI PORTS REMEMBER TO BUY AN EXTRA CABLE GOING FROM THE RECEIVER TO THE TV! I forgot this when I ordered so right now I'm not able to watch my movies until my next order comes in.

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Great RAM7/6/2009 9:25:08 PM

Pros: Plug in and game on!

Cons: no problems

Overall Review: Plug in and Frag on!

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I know now why I love ATI7/6/2009 9:23:53 PM

Pros: Plays it all!! Crysis, Cryostasis, CoD, All Steam games, Bioshock, settings pumped as high as they go! This This thing will take anything you throw at it chew it up spit it out and just keep on smiling!

Cons: Runs HOT! beware make sure you have good ventilation in your case of it will get a mite toasty in there. Make sure to have at the very least a TAC case with side vent and intake vent or just drill your own. This card needs to breathe!

Overall Review: Great card, solid performer, and If I ever go crossfire may G_d have mercy on us all!

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Great processor7/6/2009 9:17:51 PM

Pros: Smoking fast! great stock clock speed and Easy install.

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: AMD, what else is there to say?

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Workes Fine7/6/2009 9:16:18 PM

Pros: Works out of the box, easy install, no problems.

Cons: NONE

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Warning to combo buyers!7/6/2009 9:15:06 PM

Pros: Board looked great but was incompatible, fast processing and fast shipping!

Cons: Have to ding newegg on this on but I also am to blame. Purchased MOBO and Processor as a combo thinking compatibility would not be an issue but processor was incorrect socket type for motherboard. Had to RMA but newegg exchanged my incompatible product and got me the one I needed.

Overall Review: BEWARE!! even though combo deals are great make sure to check compatibility (stupid beginner mistake) and easily avoided in the future. I know newegg can't guarantee compatibility on their deals but in seems a bit silly to sell a MOBO and Processor in pairs that can't possibly work together. Either way I was still very satisfied with the outcome I got the parts I needed in time and newegg made it as easy as pie to work out the problem. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

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To easy7/6/2009 9:05:48 PM

Pros: Excellent layout and cooling design, Great placement of the PCI slots allowing for large graphics card coolers while still being able to use the PCI slots. Supports AM2+ and AM3 for future use. On board sound is excellent as well as optical out, no stuttering even with heavy CPU and Graphic loads.

Cons: Minor USB keyboard error but easily fixed with update to bios. DO NOT USE 64 bit Xp with this motherboard!! Ethernet/sound driver crashes system and causes way to many headaches. 32 bit XP is great, unknown stability for VISTA but who give a flying F about VISTA with 7 on the horizon.

Overall Review: Plug in, power up, game on!

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Perfect Storm of Failure12/15/2008 1:26:24 PM

Pros: Newegg's service and prompt shipping!

Cons: I had picked this card because of it's price and features, unfortunately I was never able to test the card. The first card I received was missing the remote, USB receiver, and any official packaging. No problem I thought I'll just RMA for a new one, RMA was approved and I began the process of waiting for a replacement part. The next part that I received was also missing the remote, USB receiver, and official packaging. It was a horrible case of Deja Vu but after closer examination I found out it was the same part I had sent back for a new one (I remember folding the instructions incorrectly and the creases didn't line up). I don't know where the problem was: shipping department, bad communication, or someone ripping off parts from the stock on the shelves, but newegg has great customer support for a reason they were prompt to fix the problem and refund my money, and they didn't jerk me around giving me phony excuses for the problem they simply fixed what needed to be fixed.

Overall Review: Be careful if you want to order this, you might want to find a comparable one for a few bucks more. five eggs to Newegg and one egg to where ever the problem was.

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does what it should9/2/2007 3:52:34 PM

Pros: Plug and play no problems, rock solid, nice black faceplate color

Cons: none thus far

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Beautiful MOBO7/20/2007 7:32:58 PM

Pros: Lots of ports, plenty of SATA, works every time I push the power button

Cons: RAID is always tricky on a new MOBO so experiment! I used the Nvida RAID setup and have no problems at all.

Overall Review: I wish MOBO manufactures put more space between SLi slots it would make working on them so much more pleasnt

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A GIANT7/20/2007 7:27:53 PM

Pros: HUGE, lots of working room nice hard drive cages (2), and the 25cm side fan is silent and keeps things ice cold.

Cons: Hard drive cage can be tricky to remove, make sure to read ALL the instructions. Large PSU's can be hard to install had to bend metal tabs at top of case to get a 1K watt supply in but it fits and works fine after install.

Overall Review: If you want lots of space and a commanding tower this is the case for you. It weights close to 60 LBS fully loaded so make sure you have a friend if you want to move it.

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Wonderful Cards7/20/2007 7:23:13 PM

Pros: Easiest cards I have ever had to install, drivers work great and the SLi looks beautiful on dual 46" screens

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: VERY BIG CARDS make sure your case and MOBO can handle it along with your power supply!

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Excellent RAM choice6/3/2007 4:02:54 PM

Pros: Wonderful plugged it in and it works all the time every time. Think I am going to order another 2 gigs!

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: nice color especially is you have someone who is very picky with color schemes

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Funky driVe6/10/2006 9:55:12 AM

Pros: nice price, nice size.

Cons: All of the computers I tried to use this drive with would not read it. I have 2 notebooks and three desktops and none would read the drive even after an RMA.

Overall Review: Make sure your computer is compatable with western digital specically before you purchase

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perfect tool6/10/2006 9:52:17 AM

Pros: Great for drive recovery absoulty no problems.

Cons: none

Overall Review: power supply for larger drives can be a bit of a pin to lug around but it gets the job done

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If this thing had wings...6/10/2006 9:50:54 AM

Pros: The picture can no do thsi case justice! Love the fan controllers and there is plenty of room in this bad boy to keep any upgrade happy

Cons: Fans can get a little noisey but I didn't buy it for silent running, I bought it to keep my parts cool and it does exactly what 2 120mm fans should do.

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Good board with a quirk6/10/2006 9:47:30 AM

Pros: Great overall board! lots of expansion and the onboard sound is very clear. Installs great and the resetting the bios is wonderfully EZ (saved me a few times).

Cons: I'm dinging a point here only becasue the graphics card kept getting stuck in a recursive loop. The bus speeds on the RAM needed to be lowered, It works well now but I didn't buy the expensive OCZ RAM to clock it down.

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GREAT tool!!6/5/2006 7:50:20 AM

Pros: has aready saved two drives since I recieved it. Easy to use, easy to install, I just wish I had waited for the SATA version that is now for sale. Either was a great product.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Newegg has to be the fasted I have ever seen computer equiptment shipped. Also RMAs are a breeze if a product comes DOA.

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