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Has an oder7/5/2020 11:53:03 AM

Pros: Does the job

Cons: Tight fit if you have a big face, has a moldy oder. The oder can be gotten rid of by removing the masks from the inner plastic packing and airing them out for a week.

Overall Review: Not a bad deal for the price.

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Smaller than I thought7/5/2020 11:49:31 AM

Pros: Small solution, good looking.

Cons: Difficult to place power cords for high end power supplies. Very tight clearances. No place to put 3.5 inch drives unless you stuff them in 5.25 inch slot.

Overall Review: Guess I should bought a bigger case. Cant have it all!

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Paul G., Thank you for your detailed feedback about the design of RANGER-M. Rest assured that your feedback will receive the attention it deserves. We will continue improving our products in future. Thank you, Rosewill Customer Care
Perfect solution for my needs7/5/2020 11:46:15 AM

Pros: Does exactly what I wanted to - quickly remove ssd main drive and easy to install and remove backup ssd without opening case for either. Also an extra bay for mechanical hard drive or card reader slot. Only needs one power cord for both SSD slots.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Perfect solution for easy removal of drives on the go, including boot drive, without opening the case. Thanks for making this!

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Good card, good price4/12/2020 12:06:53 PM

Pros: Finally upgraded after 6 years, this card is noticeably better than my GTX 660. Runs quiet, looks good and fits in my computer without taking up too much room. Only needs 1 4x4 PCIE connector, which I also like about this card.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Good card for the features and price. Hard to find a modern single fan card with four video outputs at this price.

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Good power supply4/12/2020 12:02:24 PM

Pros: Fully modular, quality build, ready for the future, good price. My second Corsair power supply since 2013, this one was an upgrade from CX450M.

Cons: Would be a PERFECT power supply, but ... 1) Bulge on 24 pin connector for capacitor makes it a little more clunky, but not much. 2) Took a day to break in. Leave the windows open for new electronics oder to go away. 3) Makes a noticeable "click" sound when you turn the computer off. I've read its nothing to worry about, but you will wonder what it is at first.

Overall Review: Of all the PS I've looked it, this is the best for the price.

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Upgraded from Samsung 830 to Sumsung 850 Pro Horizontal Nand11/21/2017 1:13:37 AM

Pros: Seems pretty reliable, no problems so far.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I owned my Samsung 830 since 2012 and it still runs great to this day, without one single problem. Hopefully the 850 Pro lasts as long or longer!

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Starting to have problems after 1 year1/10/2016 8:21:17 AM

Pros: Was good until now.

Cons: Support website is not very supportive, I don't think I would consider Zotac again.

Overall Review: Its a shame too, because my last Zotac has worked great for years.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Paul, We would like to help you fix your issues. Please send an email with the details of the issue you are experiencing to or via our Live Chat feature at Sincerely, ZOTAC
Good, reliable since over year12/13/2014 10:03:04 AM

Pros: Good, fast, reliable and quiet

Cons: none

Overall Review: Works good in a pair.

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works great2/23/2014 7:54:49 AM

Pros: Good, sturdy but wont take hard bumps. Keep out of reach of knees. Works at high speeds (reached 90mbps) as advertised.

Cons: none

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good2/23/2014 7:51:01 AM

Pros: Works quietly and there is no 'coil noise'. The cables are the right length with room to spare (enough to hide the excess slack under drives) for a mid size tower. Nice design.

Cons: None

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good while it lasted1/23/2014 9:27:34 PM

Pros: It was relatively fast.

Cons: It did not even make it a year, then shorted out somehow and took my motherboard with it. Now Im out over $150. Ive never seen such a thing happen before.

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Not that bad9/29/2012 4:49:06 AM

Pros: Functional side CD/DVD drive clamps. Easy to remove side panels. No sharp parts. Good thick black paint coating. This case can be made to look nice but requires extensive adaptation and modifications (see below).

Cons: It is a very tight fit underneath the motherboard backplate as others have mentioned. This makes it hard to route cables behind it. It can be done but you have to to forcefully flatten them out. The front audio cable header barely reaches my Asrock Z77 because it is on the far lower left of the board. I was able to route this behind the motherboard but its a very tight pull and squeeze. I also had to bend the backplate here and there to route other cables behind the board. This case (and lots of others for that matter) does not have removable black PCI slot covers but cheap punch outs. It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE at this time to find 12cm, black, non vented PCI slot covers to fit this box. I had to buy them from Cooler Master Europe for 10 Euros. They only have 3 left!! I also did not like the fact that the hard drive light and power light were both blue, so I changed the drive LED to red.

Overall Review: I was never a fan of bottom mounted power supplies but I finally got this thing to work and look really nice with red / blue colored fans and complimentary LED backlight strips to make the whole case glow. I am very careful about controlling airflow to allow the CPUs/GPUs to breath but not letting dust in. I taped up the top vents and put the included dust shield on the bottom of the case to filter air from the bottom vents to the power supply and open second vent to the case. Air is sucked in with a displaced fan about 3 inches from the bottom for the whole case, keeping heavy particles down or out. The front vent is covered with a central air particle filter. All other small access points around the drives are taped. It looks good but it took a lot of time and effort for this hobbyist.

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Mic too sensitive8/2/2012 12:17:23 AM

Pros: Still uses AA batteries. Simplified menu, but requires lots of navigation.

Cons: I have waited 7 years to get another point and shoot camera. My choices are becoming fewer and further between as manufacturers build in planned obsolescence by switching to unique LI batters per camera. My previous camera is the Canon A300 and it has been (and still is) indispensable. My biggest gripe is the sensitivity of the A1300 mic. It is hard not to capture the noise of your fingers moving on the camera body. It is noisier than you would expect. I think it has to do with the flat black body. A gloss black might have lessened this.

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Cheap, relatively small and does the job7/27/2012 12:41:07 AM

Pros: For the price you cant beat the performance. My i5 2600k runs at 36C idle and 62C max @ 4.8ghz. Im afraid to push it further because I dont want to damage anything. Besides, a 50% overclock for $26 after rebate is hard to beat!

Cons: I read all the reviews prior to installing. Newegg is a wealth of information. I learned that finger tightening is all that is necessary. Also applying even torque by tightening each screw a little in rotation until all are finished to ensure proper seating. The instructions were lacking in that regard. It is also somewhat difficult to keep the cooler pushed down hard enough to begin tightening, so just take your time and dont rush.

Overall Review: I wish I had bought it sooner.

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2.5 years, No problems7/20/2012 11:31:51 AM

Pros: Fast, 32mb cache, durable, still going after 2 1/2 years

Cons: None

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Very affordable, powerful, attractive to boot!6/27/2012 12:48:58 AM

Pros: This card was very affordable after rebate. I was upgrading from a 9500gt from 2008. This card is almost 3x as fast, runs more quiet and looks good sitting in my case. I keep my video cards 4-5 years on average, and this one is a keeper!

Cons: I wish it had a full size HDMI vs mini HDMI, but I think this was meant for low profile machines. At least it did not require a separate power plug, which is good.

Overall Review: I wish all cards packed this much bang for the buck!

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Poor Product11/25/2009 11:28:27 PM

Pros: It was great for two years, then it developed a bad sector.

Cons: WD rma has been awful. Until now Ive only bought WD and only raptors. I dont think Ill do that again.

Overall Review: Dont buy the 150s, they are being phased out.

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does the job6/6/2008 9:23:09 AM

Pros: Does the job, well. Keeps GPU cooler than with a fan due to huge size (removed all plastic name plates to fit in case). Very effective and no fan means quite cooling.

Cons: Very cheaply made, flimsy materials, easy to bend out shape, required dab of elmers to keep ramsinks on. With the price of metals these days and the cost of making and selling the item, I guess this is how 'they' make a profit.

Overall Review: Because it was in the end a great and price effective cooler, I would buy this again. It is worth the money for what you get!

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Not ready for prime time3/8/2007 11:42:31 PM

Pros: Works fine most of the time unless (see below).....

Cons: run this off a Sata controller card. DVD playback is choppy and wont function properly. Player will also not read DVD9 format discs (region free). Lastly, does not work smoothly with InCD from Nero. Tried running off of SATA on MB and results were the same.

Overall Review: Dont buy, this drive is cheap for a reason.

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Spend more for this reader and get reliability / performance vs cheapies3/15/2006 10:29:49 PM

Pros: 2nd Atech reader. Last one 4 years ago was somewhat buggy, but this one is perfect with no problems at all. Be sure to download the 12/2005 bios update to accept 2GB+ cards. No hassle one click installation:

Cons: None

Overall Review: USB port cord in back is long enough, but I wish all makers started making them extra long. No profit in it I suppose.

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