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even reads drives others will not9/26/2011 5:33:39 PM

Pros: nicely put together, this is easy to setup and use, setup was fast, the extra outside fan is controllable. the best part was that i had a couple of drives that other ide-usb devices would not work with, but this one did so flawlessly.

Cons: non that i have found yet

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one of the best2/24/2009 9:25:51 PM

Pros: this card does all my gaming and does it well

Cons: it is kinda long, so make sure you have room in your case for it, i had a problem with my SATA plugs on the mobo being covered by this card

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pretty good, but not perfect12/2/2008 10:53:09 PM

Pros: the placement of the pcix slot gives lotsa room for haveing an aftermarket heatsink for your CPU

Cons: be aware that if you have a large video card (as i do, gtx260) you WILL be covering some of your SATA slots with your video card, so have some short-ended right-angle SATA connectors available

Overall Review: would give it 4 or more stars if SATA had been better placed

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runs like a champ12/2/2008 10:46:35 PM

Pros: runs like a champ, does everything i want it to do

Cons: heatsink is barely adequate, get an aftermarket one, the one that comes with, not doesnt do a good job, the equipment to lock it to the cpu is below standard

Overall Review: would have given it 5 eggs if not for heatsink being so poor

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does what it says10/8/2008 6:36:49 PM

Pros: this item does exactly what it says it does, it takes 2 drives, i put in 2 seagate 1TB drives, and formats them as either singles or striped and you then can use them as you wish, i have had them hooked to several computers, with no problems or need of any drivers

Cons: none really

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love it10/1/2008 10:54:49 AM

Pros: takes any SATA drive, i have used it with everything from a WD 160 GB SATA I, to a 1TB Seagate SATA II, and it has performed flawlessly, i have3 accessed drives, and formatted them, and transferred to and from them in this handy little unit.

Cons: a small fan inside would have been nice, but since it has a button on both the front and back, just turn it off when you turn off your other items,

Overall Review: i have left drives running in it for weeks at a time, not accessing them, but powered up and ready to be accessed, and have not had any problems getting into them

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works as advertised8/1/2008 12:42:39 PM

Pros: does exactly as it says it does, it took my two 1TB seagate HDs and created one large 2 TB drive, holds all my media and personal files, and set itself up nice and neatly

Cons: fan can sometines be somewhat noisy, and as previous reviewer said, LED is kinda bright

Overall Review: i didnt realize it was a JBOD until it did its stuff thinking of buying another.

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