Great card, great customer service.4/17/2019 8:51:34 PM

Pros: Fast, quiet. Paired with a i9-9900k im running around 150 frames (1080P) directX12 and ultra w/ RT, going to give 2k or 4k a shot in the near future. My first card was DOA, i contacted EVGA and they said they would warranty it right away and that i didn't have to send the dust cover with it. Great! then i started to think about it and i really didn't want to start messing with a 1500 dollar card, so i contacted Newegg and they gave me an RMA. This card hasn't reached over 50C under load.

Cons: ummm.. rgb around the fan? i don't really have anything to complain about.. its a monster of a card

Overall Review: i switched from MSI to EVGA and i'm not disappointed!

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