Great card, don't buy from Newegg!12/28/2013 9:37:25 AM

Pros: Powerful card 4GB Vram Trails 290x by ~4% Better than NVidia Good price (normally...)

Cons: My card has loud buzzing noise Hot

Overall Review: I bought this after release (for $380 with BF4) and now Newegg is price gouging them to make a profit because they can... Lol so much for caring about your customers Newegg. I've spent thousands here and I really don't know if I want to do business with a company that acts like this... I mean a $50 hike over MSRP is still lame, but acceptable. This is a $400 card. Nowhere near worth $520. Buy from somewhere else. However this is a great card. Paired with a Gelid Icy Rev 2 cooler I can hit 1200/6500 and outperform most 290x's, 780's, some 780TI's and even Titans (174xx GPU score in 3dMark11). Top 95% when paired with a 3770k @ 4.6. My card didn't unlock, but 10% more shaders really only means ~4-5% more performance, if that. Going water cooled soon, hope to hit higher OC. No point in buying an NV card for me, 3GB Vram is not enough for today's games and why buy hardware outdated from day 1? I mean honestly NVidia cards are plenty powerful but they gimp themselves with low Vram. I've dealt with Vram microstutter on a 670, it literally ruins gameplay experience every time you turn to have to wait a second to keep playing. I've see up to 3.5GB Vram usage in Skyrim with this card. This card is seriously awesome though. At 4800x900 I can run Metro LL maxed (with AA turned down) and hold 60 FPS. Also Skyrim modded like crazy (with ENB) dips into the high 30's sometimes, but that's to be expected at this res. Another 290 will cure that problem though. Buy this card. You won't be disappointed.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for the great review. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thanks!
Good router for money, terrible software12/13/2013 1:46:19 PM

Pros: Works and is pretty fast Pretty much hassle free

Cons: Included software is garbage Wifi speeds fall off to ~1/3 at the edges of my house, although I'm still getting 20mbps

Overall Review: Upgraded from a dying router that gave 250kbps, now I get 65mbs when near the new router. It does fall off a bit but that's to be expected with a cheaper router. Included software for installation is terrible, it requires that you have a computer with a working internet connection to set it up..... If I had a working internet connection I wouldn't be trying to set up a new router, lol. When I finally got through that step it kept failing and not even telling me why. I ended up using Windows 8's built in router setup, had the router working in under a minute.

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Really nice case12/12/2013 11:49:43 AM

Pros: White, looks elegant Very spacious Looks sleek Functional Room for 2 radiators, 3 or more with case modding

Cons: White, shows every scratch, dent, and ding Included screws are way too tight and strip super easily My case came with glue (from stickers maybe?) stuck in various spots Plastic easily scratchable

Overall Review: I really like this case. It's everything I need, everything I want and then some. It fits perfectly with my next build (Black/white) and has more than enough room for my two EK rads. The included air filters, hot-swap bay, SD card reader, fan hub, 140mm fans, etc. are great. This case has too many features to list, watch the video. However, the screws NZXT uses are awful. That combined with over-tightening (the front fan on my case was so tight the corners were bent) makes it super easy to strip screws if you're not really careful. While removing the extra HDD bays to make room for rads I stripped 6 screws and a process that should have taken ten minutes took an hour. Also, there was mysterious glue in random spots on my case. It feels like residue from a sticker, I'm not exactly sure where it came from though. I was able to get all of it off except for the glue on the front fan cover, I already contacted NZXT and I'm awaiting their response. I hope they will replace it. Lastly, the plastic scratches very easily, so be careful. The white paint will also come off if you scratch it with a screwdriver or anything, although that's obvious you must be careful when installing anything. Don't let these cons dissuade you, though. They are relatively minor, I'm just nitpicking because that's the way I am. I highly recommend this case, although maybe in gray or black so the scratching isn't as apparent.

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Good12/11/2013 11:12:50 AM

Pros: Modular Corsair Name Looks nice 860 watts 80+ Platinum Carrying case for PSU/cables

Cons: All cables are sleeved except for the SATA and Molex

Overall Review: Just got this PSU for a new build... This is my 3rd Corsair PSU, my first two have performed perfectly but have had a slight whine. I'm honestly expecting it from this too, it was never too loud so I'm not bothered by it. Corsair PSU's are real quality, and they have a long warranty so I know my next build is good with this. The only thing that struck me is that all the cables are sleeved, except the molex and SATA cables. Now my $80 and $50 Corsair PSU's have all sleeved cables, but the $170 model doesn't? Why? I may be nitpicking, but those cables sure are gonna stick out from all the others in my rig. Overall it's not enough to be a major issue, from the unboxing and my past experience with Corsair I'm sure this PSU will deliver.

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Worth it11/4/2013 6:04:14 PM

Pros: Good fan High CFM Comes with controller Low price

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Most high CFM fans are at least $15 and they don't come with a controller... Even if you don't use the one supplied with this, the fan itself is still worth the 8 bucks.

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Good buy11/4/2013 6:01:21 PM

Pros: Great picture Price Light Supports 75Hz up to 1440x900

Cons: Not many inputs

Overall Review: Got this monitor on sale for $110, currently waiting for cyber Monday to pick up another. Picture is great, the fact that it shuts itself off is nice, and the overall look of the monitor is nice. It looks like a $200 monitor. Only has HDMI and VGA in, no displayport, dvi, etc.

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Good chip, bad maker11/4/2013 4:48:00 PM

Pros: Decent OC Powerful

Cons: Loud PCB looks used and worn Fan makes loud buzzing noise Sapphire's customer service just... isn't

Overall Review: 7950's are great cards. I just wish I got another kind, maybe an ASUS or something. It looks like Sapphire gave me someone else's RMA, and after a month the fans started making buzzing noise above 60% fan speed. The Dual-X cooler isn't all that great, the card breaks 70c regularly. I've been trying to RMA this card but Sapphire told me to send my RMA info to an email account that doesn't exist..... Not to mention every time I ask them something it takes a long time for them to respond.

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Great PSU so far9/12/2013 6:56:14 PM

Pros: Not loud Good power

Cons: None

Overall Review: Using this for eGPU setup with my laptop, it sees 45 amps on the 12v rail (max 46) regularly and has been performing great.

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Sick card8/21/2013 1:56:31 PM

Pros: Fast. Very fast. Great overclocker. Looks nice. EVGA's customer service. 670 on a 680 PCB with a 680's cooler. 680 performance for less $$$

Cons: A bit big (Not really a con, but make sure it'll fit in your case first.) Can get a bit loud, but oh well. Deal with it. Can be a bit warm, a custom fan profile will help though.

Overall Review: I got this with my PC that I bought pre-built a year ago (Huge mistake, build it yourself) and I have to RMA it through that company because it was DOA. I suspect it was their fault, not EVGA's. I decided screw them when the card broke again, and went through EVGA. Their RMA process was much easier and they paid the shipping for me. My card has been running strong for 11 months now. I don't know why it says this card has 1152 shaders, it has 1344. The card I got is decent for overclocking, I have it at 1215/6520 but it's not maxed out. I have seen these cards go above 1300 Mhz with proper cooling. Make sure to set a fan profile, these cards automatically downclock at 70c. Maxed Heaven score at 1080p is 1194, 47.4 fps.

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