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Let there be mouse12/22/2014 2:05:12 PM

Pros: -Adjustable DPI on the fly -Adjustable weights -Nylon wrapped cord, of more than ample length -Optional colors, I went with gunmetal black -Back/forward page buttons -Sniper button -Fits extremely comfortable in my hand, big hands, no issues with reaching the sniper button like others have mentioned in other reviews, so if you have small hands be aware of this. -Programmable buttons, with profiles able to be saved, using the Corsair Gaming Software from their site

Cons: -None found yet

Overall Review: -I wish I waited a week or two to buy this, since for a first I didn't actually buy it from Newegg due to price differences.... But now Newegg's price reflects other vendors.

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Eh12/20/2014 11:12:33 AM

Pros: 8 out of 9 LED's worked from the start

Cons: Stopped working completely within a month of minimal use.

Overall Review: Waste of money even for the price.

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Let There Be Light10/3/2014 6:14:09 PM

Pros: -Perfect length for a mid size tower -On/Off/Sound mode switch with a sensitivity knob -Cord length seemed to work out just about perfect for me -Good price

Cons: -Sticky velcro pads are horrible, Just throw them away. I had read this from another review so I ordered some nice name brand ones, available here on Newegg of course.

Overall Review: -I dropped it about 6 inches onto my desk, accidentally, and it cracked slightly.... still works perfect, just be gentle with it.

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10 Year Warranty!10/3/2014 6:09:00 PM

Pros: -Full Modular -All of the rails tested within range, extremely stable -140mm Fan for optimal cooling -ECO mode -Heavy... really really really solid. -Ample cord length, my 4 pin easily runs behind the motherboard plate. -And of course the ridiculously long warranty... peace of mind

Cons: -None

Overall Review: -I do wish they made a couple different cable configurations for optimal customization. Had to use an extra cable due to spacing between ports.

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8/8/2014 2:01:50 AM

Pros: - Tells Time! - Arrived within the quoted shipping time. - 5 brightness levels. - Month and Day calendar. - Can lock/unlock the lights by holding the top button down for a couple seconds. - Cool design for those of us Geeks. - Intuitive to use... took me a whopping 3 minutes to have everything setup. - The bang for buck ratio is ridiculously high for under 10 bucks.

Cons: - None that I found.

Overall Review: - When I first pulled it out of the box, it didn't turn on. I thought it possibly didn't come with a battery due to the low price. After popping the back off with a pocket knife I discovered it had come with the battery, or rather two CR2016 3V. I pulled them out and put them back in, then boom it lit right up.

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8/8/2014 1:24:20 AM

Pros: - Attractive design. - Tells the time. - Color choices. - Can't beat the price. - Arrived within the quoted shipping time.

Cons: - I didn't see in the overview that the sub dials on the face were for decoration only... Yet the specifications tab says different. What this means is... - No date, no chronograph, no alarm... - The top and bottom push buttons on the side do absolutely nothing.

Overall Review: So if you want a cool looking watch for very cheap but without any other feature than to tell the time.... no back-light.... so only to tell time in a lit area then this is a solid buy for under 10 bucks. If I wasn't lead to believe it had all the listed features it would have been 5 eggs... Kind of a shame it wasn't properly described.

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Best Bang For Buck7/29/2014 1:39:33 PM

Pros: - Keyboard is well built, heftier than my last 2. - Anti-slip pads (keyboard), Mouse pads glide nicely. -Mouse can flip between 1000-1600-2000 DPI with the push of a button. - The LED lights aren't over powering, I was concerned when I bought it since blue strains the eyes, especially when gaming. But alas, it's just right. - Multimedia buttons (stop, play/pause, next, back, vol. up/down) worked right out of the box. - Keys are nice and soft, much quieter than a stock keyboard. - Ample cable length (6 feet roughly)

Cons: - As everyone has said, when LED lights are off it's difficult to read the keys. They should have gone with a slightly more opaque white for the keys. This being the main reason for the 1 egg off. - The mouse is nothing special... but we all bought this for the keyboard anyway.

Overall Review: - Doesn't rise as high as other boards when the back stand tabs are flipped.

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Phanteks to the Rescue7/23/2014 8:46:39 PM

Pros: - Solid construction. - Small but Effective anti-vibration pads. - Quieter than most 140 mm fans. - 120 mm mounting holes. - Awesome colors to pick from. I went red. - Superior cooling, up to 88.6 CFM! - Neat cable sleeve. - 4 pin PWM connector. -And of course, 5 yr warranty.

Cons: - None discovered yet.

Overall Review: - I was gonna get a Phanteks LED 140 mm, but they don't make a green. Purple would have also been acceptable.

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Cause it's Awesome6/7/2014 5:20:37 PM

Pros: -Speedy, it's a true workhorse. -Roughly 7 times faster than my old AMD 4200+ -Trans-codes HD video expediently via Handbrake -Haven't needed to overclock.... but I shall, oh I shall.

Cons: -125W I suppose is a con... not really for me, but for those looking for a low wattage processor should look elsewhere. - Definitely need aftermarket cooling, whether you go with a nice heat-sink or water cooled. With stock heat-sink it runs a little hot... like upwards of 70C @ 100% CPU usage; which causes auto shut down since that is the cut off for this if I recall correctly. Although I did not subtract an egg since any decent builder never uses stock heat-sinks, personally I went with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo which does it justice without forking out the cash for a water cooled unit.

Overall Review: Live, Love, Laugh, Game. Cheers Mates.

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Solid6/3/2014 3:10:02 PM

Pros: -Excellent stability, no lock ups. -Speedy transfer rates using USB 3.0, I typically see anywhere from 75-90 Mb/s. -Small rubber feet so it won't slip or vibrate.

Cons: -It has a finite amount of space... my next one will be bigger.

Overall Review: I ended up getting this as an X-mas gift, oddly enough, I bought myself the 1TB Seagate Backup Plus as a gift to myself. This WD Passport is much more solid. The Seagate tends to lag my wireless mouse, whereas the WD doesn't.

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Basic6/3/2014 11:16:10 AM

Pros: -Moves air

Cons: -It is loud. So you might wanna get a fan controller to fix this. -Only a 3 pin... again, fan controller will fix this.

Overall Review: Very basic and cheap replacement fan. Personally I would recommend picking up a Cooler Master or Corsair instead if you have a few extra bucks to throw at it.

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Cool But...6/1/2014 9:49:18 AM

Pros: -Stunning display -Easy connections with or without extensions, literally reaches anywhere. -Link Capability -Pushed my fans to their true potential.

Cons: -here it comes, why the -2 eggs you ask?... -To appropriately hook up the temp sensor, you must re-install your heat-sink.... no thank you. -The metal frame was bent.... from the factory because the box was perfect. -My temp sensor was hot glued to the circuit...... -Last but not least, the display on/off button does NOT work...

Overall Review: Shout out to NZXT (would love some feedback) Is my temp sensor supposed to be hot glued to the circuit board? If so, why give me another temp sensor in the box... not like I can switch it out =O Beyond that, Do Better On QUALITY CONTROL... I believe in you guys/gals... do better dangit! I will be starting the RMA process tomorrow.....hope it was just a lemon, here's crossing fingers eh?!

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Corsair Purple Air Series5/24/2014 3:51:47 PM

Pros: - Very (true) purple without overpowering the eyes. - moves a good amount of air -Corsair Quality. etc etc.... I'm sure you've read all the perks in another review.

Cons: -The only con..... It spins at 1000 rpm... not 1200....

Overall Review: I'm sure a fan controller panel should correct the speed differential. Regardless, I bought this unit and two 120mm of the same thing, lowered by FX-8350 16 degrees or 10 C .... I now idle anywhere from 15.5 - 19 C

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Corsair Purple Air Series5/24/2014 3:15:15 PM

Pros: -TRUE PURPLE -Far greater than any standard case fan. -Moves a decent amount of air whilst keeping the noise to a low acceptable level. -Checked it in openhardwaremonitor - beta... It's free btw so check it out. Fans are running at appropriate advertised speeds within 10%... actually over the advertised speed. -Corsair quality, they stand behind their product so even if you get a defective one, they shall make it right I assure you.

Cons: None so far, but if something comes up I shall update this review.

Overall Review: A fan controller panel couldn't hurt, that way you can have full control over it, making it silent or all out. I say this only because it's not a 4 pin. Looks stunning in my case, bought this 2 pack of 120mm and a single 140mm.... marvelous, just marvelous.

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Bargain Deal5/20/2014 3:09:14 PM

Pros: -Unique heat spreaders that look pretty snazzy. -Speedy little fellas. -Solid G.Skill quality control. I've never had a problem with them.

Cons: -Heat spreaders have a high profile, standing roughly 1.6" tall. This wasn't a problem for me, but if you have a large aftermarket CPU heatsink that overhangs the RAM slots this could be a problem. Food for thought.

Overall Review: -Had to manually set the DRAM timings in the BIOS to achieve intended speed. But what's new?

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It's All Good5/20/2014 3:01:30 AM

Pros: -Worked right out of the box. -Superb speed, fully loads Windows 8.1 in 10 seconds from a cold boot. -Comes with a 3.5" tray adapter if you don't have a 2.5" bay.

Cons: -None.

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Good Board4/14/2014 7:28:34 PM

Pros: Pretty nice, multiple bios is very handy- nice location of pins.

Cons: Wish there more fan ports.... although it seems to be common within this north-bridge type.

Overall Review: Has everything I need plus more... still have extra internal usb 2.0 ports not in use, plus I only use one 2gb video card, so I always have room to expand there.

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Solid4/14/2014 7:23:45 PM

Pros: No issues, ever. Memtest'd the heck out of it. Used it on numerous systems. Always worked flawlessly. You can always trust Kingston, the kings of Memory.... if you're willing to pay their price.

Cons: None as of yet...

Overall Review: Solid brand.

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It Works, Huzzah!4/14/2014 7:20:47 PM

Pros: Speed is consistent. Looks cool even though that doesn't really matter. Made by Corsair, very reliable brand.

Cons: Not the fastest SSD ... But it certainly is above the entry level. It would probably be a mid to high mid level range SSD.

Overall Review: I wish the price was cheaper when I bought it? Yeah! lol It's a solid buy, obviously if you can afford to buy a larger size, then do so.... even though with Windows 8.1, D3, Farcry2, Steam with various games, and Fear 3 installed I still have about 60GB free... Pretty Awesome.

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Economic Choice12/14/2013 8:18:47 PM

Pros: Slightly compact design Clearly labeled cables Plenty of fan slots Sturdy construction

Cons: 1 egg off since it doesn't come with an exterior 3.5" bay, they come in handy for USB panels.

Overall Review: Fits my Master Cooler 212 EVO (160mm tall), just barely with no fan on my case side panel. Overall I very pleased with my purchase for the price, I've ordered a total of 2 now.

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Excellent Choice9/26/2013 5:38:01 PM

Pros: Easy installation following the instructions, easier than their horizontal mounted version anyway. uses the universal bracket which is handy. Using handbrake, it brought temps down from 75c to no higher than 54c on my FX8350

Cons: Perhaps could be easier to install, but at the same time they've come a long way in the past few years in this aspect.

Overall Review: Excellent price for the performance, if it fits in your case, I highly recommend,

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it works1/5/2013 1:38:34 PM

Pros: -USB 3.0 -Slim design allows for connectivity regardless of whats plugged in next to it. -Speedy transfers that bring us to a new standard

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Averaging around 75-78 MB/s

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Acceptable and Surprised6/3/2012 12:16:51 PM

Pros: -Cables are modular and very easy to route -Ample power for performance and mainstream users -Sleek overall appearance -Fairly quiet, only hear it when I'm running 100% for a while -The 80 Plus Bronze Certification

Cons: -Not as heavy as I expected but still feels well built -Cables did not vary in length for optimal customization Sidenote: I kinda wish they put one of the SATA connections on the end of the 4 pin molex cables so I didn't have to run the extra cable. Not a biggie though.

Overall Review: I always told myself I'd never buy Rosewill, but they've come a long way over the years so I finally gave it a crack, and so far it's been a home-run.

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