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I like them!10/25/2013 6:00:30 PM

Pros: The sound quality is rich. I use these to stream music across my network to my machine from my NAS and then mainly to play video games. I had a Boston Accoustics 5.1 setup forever until my dog chewed the powercord as a pup. I wanted a small form factor and less wires to deal with. These match and in some cases surpass those in both the sound quality as well as space constraints and simplicity.

Cons: Win 7 64bit was a bit finicky at first with the connection but I attribute that to it being Windows. No slam there....just software bugs Of course the price but then again its a Bose product

Overall Review: I don't really call the price a con because I chose to spend my money there. Given that the American economy is nothing but buyers of other countries products its good to know that my money will be used on an American entity. I have always been a fan of Bose products ever since I purchase my Accoustamass 15 for my house back in 2001. They are still going strong and the sound is still just as good today as it was then.... Can't beat that... Get'll be happy you did....

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Eggcelent5/1/2009 9:55:11 AM

Pros: Excellent build quality. The color coded nature of the different wire looms is excellent when you open up a case to see multiple wires. It also adds a little "pinashe" for windowde cases. the modular cabling is well constructed and the bag is also an nice added feature to store additional components not used. It is nice and silent as well No LEDS, just functionality!

Cons: not really a con just a preference I would have like to see the overall unit be completely modular including the mobo and cpu power as I did not use the PCIe cables for my clubs Dedicated server. I tucked them away in the open 5.25" bays.

Overall Review: I would have like to see asome varying lengths modular cables. I have an appreciation for the length (3 sata or 3 molex connecter per rail) but I only needed 2 connectors for this build so the other had to be looped around to store i nthe case. I would buy this PS again. I own a zalman 850, Antec 850 and an OCZ 700 and they are all good build quality. I can add Sparkle to my list again.

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Good Stuff12/23/2008 7:25:06 AM

Pros: One word.......Zombies Couple more words....People have complained that it feels exactly like COD4. Well I hate to break it to you, they built it right off of some of the same code as COD4! The game is still good though. If you play a game purely for enjoyment, then you will be satisfied. Good cinematics in the game and a good story too. Oh yeah two more words....Kiefer Sutherland

Cons: Really my only issue is a big one though. We have a 30 person lan once per month locally and due to zombie stuff falling under single player/co-op it looks for authentication. In the lan setting, the xombie mods or co-op will not work. We all have legit copies but we do not have internet so it can not be validated and thus we can not enjoy that in a lan environement. We've had no problems with the multiplayer portion of the game in that setting just the co-op/zombies stuff Lasly, to play a specific mod(any non standard zombie server) you have to launch the mod and play. By the time you see it i nthe game list, leave and launch the mod, then search for it again, the game has either already started or quit.

Overall Review: I also do not think that when searching you find all of the open games that are out there that haven't started. When I am in one mod I see a specific mod, hten when I go to luanch it and come back its not there, but then when I launch a different one instead and search I see the original one I was looking for. Those bugs need to be worked out. Also change the color of friends online and friends offline so its easier to see(like red/yellow)

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Teh Awesome!12/23/2008 7:11:44 AM

Pros: Nice design.....sped up my machine and doubled my ram qty OCZ....they are a great group of people who have the customers interest as their prime focus. The company realizes without taking care of customers, you have no business. They still care about profits, but are very customer centric(which is probaly one reason why they came out of no where a few years back and are taking loyal customers away from other companies)

Cons: Need better dimensions and better pictures on the websites since some mobo memory slots are closer than others. The last thing you want to do is buy this stuff and then it won't fit in your motherboard in the arrangement that you want.

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Nice and Quiet12/23/2008 7:07:41 AM

Pros: Quiet.....I was looking for a nice PS from a reputable brand(haven't failed me yet and they have showed that they care about their customers by how they respond to others) Also they have a great user community. Fit in my case that I also bought here(Apevia Xpack) Came with a MIR to end up being like $25 after rebate Efficiency.....

Cons: Would have preferred for it to be modular, but that would have cuased the price to go up.

Overall Review: My only beef was for it to be modular but with the price to power ratio of what I intended on using it with, this thing is perfect. It fit perfect into my Apevia Xpack to run my 8800GTX, 4200+(socket 939), ram, one optical drive and a media reader.....however it looks like a snake pit with all the sleeved cableing in that thing!(But thats the nature of a mini ATX)

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Beautiful5/14/2008 10:11:00 AM

Pros: This thing looks and performs well. I gave it to a friend for his birthday that had a spare old drive laying around. I heard him always griping about not having much space so I got this thing for him since it does both IDE and SATA drives. Easy to upgrade as well

Cons: The drive is hard to get to becuase of the screws that hold it in place, but I undid the wrong one to begin with.

Overall Review: Looks pretty and does the job. If I needed space on a budget or needed to get that spare drive working again, I think I would go with this unit....Heck with the rebate, its almost free!

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Awesome!5/14/2008 10:06:16 AM

Pros: This thing is sleek looking when installed. I paried it with this drive from here at newegg and she works like a champ. After inserting the drive, I plugged it up via USB and it took off. It loaded all drivers needed yet didn't load as a seperate drive. Silly me, had to format it through disk management and then assign it a letter as well. After that, I hooked it up via the docking capability and it ran smoothly. Transfer rates were much faster than doing it via USB. This thing makes it nice for transporting data from one place to the next without having to lug around my laptop or desktop.

Cons: I would have liked a small carrying case so I could put the cables in it as well. Now I guess I will carry them with me in my pocket or wrap them around it.

Overall Review: For the price of large flash drives you are still in the same price point but you get more space. The drawback of course is for moving parts....I was scared at first since there was only 1 reviewer but in my opinion, this product beats all other portable HD enclosures hands down....

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Works5/14/2008 10:00:25 AM

Pros: I put it together with this other Newegg product and it worked like a charm. don't forget to to format it through windows though otherwise it will not register as a drive.

Cons: I had some problems trying to initially get it into windows. Windows orignally loaded the device but never put it as a drive. I had to format the drive and then addign it adrive letter through disk management.

Overall Review: Good price/product ratio for this drive. Evidently works well as a PS3 harddrive upgrade as well as an external portable harddrive.

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2nd one I have bought5/12/2008 3:27:39 PM

Pros: This is the second one that I have bought. I am the president of my local LAN club at work and I bring my personal fileserver to the gamedays. This will also be mine but I wanted to seperate my personal and critical data that I have setup on a mirrored RAID array on the first unit. This will be setup as 2 drives for data storage. The gui is very friendly and a decent aout of settings to tinker with.

Cons: This little thing is so nice looking I am afraid to move it o and from because I think one day that I will drop it. The front cover is lose but never comes off. But it is meant to be easily rmeoved since the drives are made to slide in and out.

Overall Review: I really love this little baby. Having the first one there made me feel a little safer about my personal data i nthe event that something nasty got onto my personal machine. Having the second one makes me feel safer knowing that someone else isn't messing around or snooping through my family pictures, home movies and personal data. I bought 2 32M 750Gb Samsung Spinpoint drives each time with this unit and it has run flawlessly. If I max out this one, I will proably buy another one with some Tb drives in it for the neext round! These things are awesome and the cheapest 2 bay SATA NAS I have found o nthe internet with these kinds of features....

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B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L5/12/2008 9:51:07 AM

Pros: Newegg rocked it when they sent this thing out. I got it sooner thanI had expected. No dead pixels, crisp color, no ghosting. Actually made me want to spend more time on my PC again. Allwed me to fully use my 8800 GTX to its capability as before I was only holding that baby back! I loved how the stand just popped into place instead of having to screw it in place.

Cons: As others have stated, the DVI cable is right behind the stand. I think they could have spread the inputs around or at least switched locations of the DVI to HDMI cable since the backshell of a DVI is smaller. However this is proably created from an electrical engineers layout and when they relalized it was too late i nthe design to change it, but really it doesn't crimp the cable that much at all. We are maybe talking 5 degree bending. The only thing I saw was the whenyou start something up, you get a "source window" that splashes over everything and you can not see until it goes away about 3-4 seconds later. This could be something that can be turned off but it was the most negative thing I could come up with!

Overall Review: Others have talked of the stand bring flimsy and moving when people walk by.....maybe if you live in Grand Central Station! :) But I do understand as it is plastic and most everyone has had issues with plastic parts breaking in the past rendering something useless. The base is stable. Also, who views their screen off center? This monitor looked phenominal straight out of the box when I cranked up COD4, TF2, CnC3, UT3. Now working on getting a 1080P source so that this baby will smote all others. I compared this to the cheapest 24" monitor here on Newegg made by Sceptre and in the end I chose this one becuase when you think about what else you are getting with this(the other inputs, the cables, etc) you are actually getting more for your money. Believe me, unless you have a bunch of dead pixels, you won't be dissapointed with this monitor...

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3/22/2008 7:20:01 AM

Pros: Very decent case. Not to big, not to small. I was building a file server for home use as well as a HTPC and this case fit the bill. But in the end, I decided to use it as a case for a home arcade/fileserver so it isn't seen. The thing that I like about it is that you can pick it up and take it along due to the handle relatively easily. Some others have said that the handle is too flimsy, yeah if you jerk it with about a 50# impact force and as long as you aren't trying to run a quad SLI setup in this case with 4HD's in a RAID array along with dual processors and 32 Gigs of ram(I hope you get my point by now) This is built for a small simple machine. If you could even fit a 8800 in there it would still carry it. I would say that in all with a very normal PS, vid card, single DVD drive and 2 HD's max and the handle works fine. It will be a pain installing all of those but it can be done.

Cons: Due to its Micro size, the cables are pretty cramped and when doing something you can accitdently unplug another one in the process. This is one of those get it working and don't touch it again type boxes unless you have dainty little hands with dainty little fingers. It is sort of a Cube shape and taller than most home entertianment items(Reciever is in my mind) so sitting next to it on the same shelf is probably not a good idea. By itself, and you are golden. For a minifragbox, if you can find the mobo for you, this would be a pretty good conversation piece.

Overall Review: I have heard that the PS is a non standard size so upping a PS over what is in it may cause issues and you would need to do some internal structural mods. Hope you have your rivet gun handy! This is an all around well made, decent thought out MiniPC. It performs well in my arcade cabinet....

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Picture Frame Media1/18/2008 11:44:30 AM

Pros: Standard format....recognized by vista about every 2nd to 3rd time. I bought a cheapy digital picture frame with no onboard memory for my grandmother and this is the memory I chose to use. It gives ample space even for the normal 5Meg to 7 Meg pictures these days. Just plug and go.

Cons: That the shipping coast almsot as much as the media expecially when you are talking about 2 of these weighing less than a few ounces.

Overall Review: was what I expected it to surprises

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Phenominal1/18/2008 11:41:06 AM

Pros: I bought two of these to go inside my Dlink 323 NAS to set up a mirrored RAID array and they worked like a dream. I only hear them when the NAS spins up and then they are silent. They both run cool inside the 323 but the fan helps. I love the minimal amount of connections on the back of the drive since the power connecter is a smaller profile than the traditional 5V molex connector. I am extrmely pleased with the 32M cache and the transfer speeds I have gotten with them over my network. I am thinking of starting a personal business and will need backup capability. I will buy them again but perhaps the 1TB drives if the price drops on them abit more.

Cons: Price was the main issue. The drive was what I expected and have been pleased.

Overall Review: Even though the DLink 323 NAS does not mention support for 750Gb drives, I read and saw that others were doing it with upgrade of the firmware out of the box. Mine went without a hitch and I was able to plug and play. It has been a really nice feature dumping all my music and backup up home movies to it. My onlt issue at hand is to be able to access it from my Xbox 360 through my pc using Media Player 11. I haven't figured that one out yet. In my opinion this is a great product and would recoment buying them again. Cheers...

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Bought it for somone else1/8/2007 1:43:36 PM

Pros: Easy to use and setup...looks good, price was great for the technology and fast refresh rates..The cool thing is that during the day while in use the Sceptre is a nice blue, but whenever it goes into hibenation mode it turns a bright red. Initially thought I was looking at a reflection until I was right in front of it....Pretty sleek looking to boot...

Cons: Drivers on cd didn't incorporate the model type though it worked in plug and play until I dl'd the most recent drivers for it.

Overall Review: I got this for Dad for Christmas and since he really does not have a lot of technological understanding he relies on me. I set it up and there has been no problems for him. He's getting older and so his eyes aren't as good as they used to be so with the larger screen he has less eyestrain(something he told me himself) He also informed me that he wouldn't have picked a larger one than this since most of his use is work related and not game realted like what I would have gotten one for....Overall great purchase

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Worked great11/28/2006 10:35:55 AM

Pros: Thing worked great right out of the box. I didn't have to reconfig any of my buttons as it plugged right in. Size was perfect for my hands. I have pretty big hands and I need a big mouse to use to ease the pain on my wrists when playing. I didn't want anything to outragious and button location was important. The other thing is the wheel is "divited" and so when you change weapons using the Mwheel in games like CS,DoD,BF2, etc you need that otherwise you will continue to scroll right past the weapon you chose. Toms Hardware Guide ranked this mouse as the best ergonomic gaming mouse rigbht now. The change on the fly DPI is a great thing and worked easily too...

Cons: Price was a bit steep for this product(even though it was the cheapest on the market I found)but I can deal with that since I didn't have to buy it...

Overall Review: The side buttons were a little tough to press at first, but after pressing them over and over they became easier and more fluid to press.

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Worth it...1/31/2006 11:41:28 AM

Pros: work great....about the cheapest SATAII you can find on the market

Cons: not too loud but can still hear them with the case closed. I would assume that if I put some dampenng in the case that it would help.

Overall Review: First RAID array but so easy for me to do. Moved them back and forth many times so resillient to any ESD. My buddy liked them so well to from speedss tests/sound that he got 2 of his own...

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