Nicely built laptop, OC by default is dangerous.8/18/2016 2:01:34 PM

Pros: - Sturdy design, feels very solid. Bulky, but solid. - Doesn't come with too much bloat, and easy to get rid of. - Screen is crisp and clear - 1070 in a laptop is absolutely killer

Cons: - CPU (maybe GPU as well?) comes OC by default, as this is an "OC Edition". I ran Overwatch for about 20 minutes and the processor hit the Tjmax of 100C for quite a duration. Laptop never shut down, but this is NOT good as a default out-of-the-box setting. Had to bump it down to "standard" and now I reach about 85-90C which is normal while gaming. I would NOT recommend leaving this unit overclocked. - Speakers are REALLY poor. Extremely muffled. Not sure if this is typical for this model but I have nothing to compare it to. Using a headset obviously solves this problem but the speakers were noticeably bad.

Overall Review: Overall, I would recommend this laptop, just make sure to switch off the OC setting, and use a pair of headphones or a headset.

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Excellent machine7/3/2015 5:23:12 AM

Pros: Beautiful 3K screen Extremely nimble Minimal to no bloatware Very slim and lightweight Aesthetically pleasing Ran everything I threw at it

Cons: Fans rarely turn off, can be loud Exhausts hot air to the back and to the right, where my hand usually sits on my mouse Power brick gets fairly hot and is fairly heavy to travel with

Overall Review: Overall, amazing portable gaming laptop. The pros clearly outweigh the cons--I would even go as far to say that the cons are really just minor annoyances that would probably exist with other high-end laptops as well. From the research I had done prior to deciding to purchase this model, it seemed as though the X3 had some issues that are now corrected on the X5 (I also understand that the X3 is a smaller laptop and therefore had additional challenges regarding build quality and airflow). Under stress, the X5 did handle cooling itself very well. The only concern I might have is the fans. They are pretty much running constantly at a high speed, so logic would tell me that they will wear out in a shorter period of time. The computer most likely will not be able to function without this airflow based on the specs and heat production, so the thought is just there in the back of my head at this time. Otherwise, I am extremely happy with this purchase.

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Graphics Card Died 60 days in.5/15/2011 4:18:52 AM

Pros: Excellent Design Beautiful Screen Extremely Fast Runs everything I threw at it on ultra high settings

Cons: Graphics Card died on me in 60 days. Purchased 3/1/11 and I sent it in for ASUS Warranty Repair at the beginning of May 2011. I would have five starred it, too. I was told the card was seated improperly and the thermal paste job was bad, leading to the death of the card. Regardless, a machine built for gaming and of this price should have not had this problem. ASUS refused to pay the $15 shipping it cost for me to send it to them.

Overall Review: Once I get it back I guess I might have more thoughts?

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Connects the whole house.1/9/2010 8:07:00 AM

Pros: Mounts onto wall Low Profile Lightweight Doesn't get hot

Cons: None that I can think of

Overall Review: Great product.. had my old 1927 house lit up with CAT5e cable ports and this router fuels all the connections, and does it EXTREMELY well! I would advise to get this over other products out there right now, ESPECIALLY with the price after rebate. Great deal as this goes for $80 RETAIL!!!

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Great Desktop Replacement12/10/2009 6:16:42 PM

Pros: 16" LED Screen VERY LIGHT for whats packed into this notebook HDMI port supports conversion to DVI BD-ROM drive Windows 7 64-bit Home Professional GT 220M graphics

Cons: Keyboard. I understand about saving space and everything but this keys feel 'chicklet-y'. Similar to some of the netbook computer keyboards, but I guess this was to save space (and it worked). It isn't bad after you get used to it, mainly because it's a large keyboard.

Overall Review: Very happy with this purchase. Temps hover around 44-46 with regular use and without external cooling.

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