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Solid Product at a Reasonable Price.4/28/2018 11:24:35 PM

Pros: -Flashing blue light on adapter when hard drive is being accessed. -USB 3.0 speed! (this ensures your hard drive transfers go as fast as they possibly can. my old Seagate 200GB IDE did about 60MB/s where as if that same drive was on a USB 2 connection it would be limited to about 30MB/s since that's the limit of the USB 2 interface. with USB 3 on the other hand, since it's faster than any hard drives available, you don't have to worry about any speed handicaps based on the USB 3 interface unlike USB 2 where you will experience a 30MB/s limit on file transfers. to state the obvious... in order to use this devices USB 3 speed you need to have a USB 3 port on your computer which the easiest way to find these is they typically are 'blue' in color.) -Price (at $20 it's a solid buy) -Seems durable enough, does not feel cheap. on/off switch seems like it will last and connecting this device to a hard drive's/DVD drive's IDE port seems to firmly hold in place. -Works on (almost(see Cons)) all IDE devices I tested it on, which are... ---Some old 10-12GB or so range 2.5" IDE drives. ---Some old 10GB range 3.5" IDE hard drives. NOTE: some are from original XBox consoles but for these to work they need to be unlocked first. ---80GB(Seagate)/160GB(Western Digital)/200GB(Seagate) 3.5" IDE hard drives. ---Lite-On 1673s DVD burner (IDE connection). mfg date March 2005. ---HP CD-writer+ 9100 (8x4x32) (IDE connection). mfg date May 2000. (see 'NOTE' below) I briefly tested burning a ISO file with ImgBurn on the Lite-On 1673s drive and it worked fine. I primarily got this device for older IDE drives even though I would assume ill have no problems with it's SATA connection (I do have some 2.5" and 3.5" SATA drives I could test) given the IDE drives work. it's basically a great device for making any internal hard drive work externally up to 8TB. NOTE: on my HP CD-Writer+ 9100, being the power port/IDE data port are so close together, it's not possible to use this device 'as is' being the white tab on the molex power plug sticks out which blocks this device from being plugged into the drive to power it as if you plug in the main device you cannot plug in the power to it (or vice versa) as it's physically not possible on the HP CD-writer+ 9100. but what I did to work around that is use one of those 'molex power extenders' I had laying around and hacked off the small white block that protrudes so that I can now plug that part into the HP CD-writer along with this device (as the tab no longer interferes with both the power/IDE being connected at the same time since I hacked it off on the extended molex power connector) and then simply connect this devices molex connector into the extended molex connector (so this device molex power goes into the extended molex power connector and that extended molex connector then plugs into the HP CD burner) and then the device works. but generally speaking I doubt this will be a problem for the vast majority of people who buy this device as all of the hard drives I got have no issues plugging in the power and IDE connection and this device functions perfectly fine.

Cons: -Devices USB cable is a bit too short at only 18 inches (or 1.5 foot) as this is the adapters biggest flaw which forces you to sit the device real close to the computers USB 3 port and makes things more difficult to use. the USB cable should be at least twice that length as that would help out a lot in certain setups like mine. the the devices AC adapter power cord length on the other hand has plenty of length which is about 44 inches in length or a bit over 3.5 foot. -Some comments on the following hard drives... ---428.1MB Seagate (model ST3491A) ---Western Digital 8GB (model WD80EB-28CGH1) (Western Digital has a mfg date of Nov 24th 2001) both of the above hard drives have no problems being wiped with DBAN v2.3.0 on a old eMachines 500Mhz Celeron CPU computer I had since the year 2000. because I ran DBAN on the 428.1MB hard drive in April 2017 on that old computer and there was no errors during the drive wipe and I recently ran DBAN on the WD 8GB above on April 27th 2018 on that same old computer and that did not have any errors. also, the 8GB Western Digital is seen in Windows 10 through the 'Disk Management' but when attempting to create a drive and then format it, it has errors and upon a disk scan for errors it attempts to fix them but fails etc. so my guess is the old computer is probably not detecting the errors where as Windows 10 is(?) and I think it's a faulty hard drive because the other 10GB Seagate drives(of which I have three), which are of similar age, function fine with this adapter on my primary Windows 10 computer. the 428.1MB hard drive is not recognized at all by this adapter but it's not a big deal since the drive is quite ancient and not really worth using anyways since the storage space is next to nothing. -Given my experience with the 'HP CD-Writer+ 9100', in rare cases you may not be able use this device 'as is' without a slightly modified molex power adapter so that this devices molex power can connect to the modified molex power adapter so it can then power up the device while the device is connected to the IDE connector on your HDD/DVD drive etc.

Overall Review: -Make sure to set your IDE drive jumper settings to MASTER and, like the instruction manual says, you want to have the power switch OFF on the devices power cable with the USB plug UNPLUGGED from your computer and then power on the switch and wait at least 20 seconds before inserting the devices USB cable into your computers USB port (20 seconds is likely not required (I would say more like 5 seconds) in many cases but I think they say this just to be certain things will work). NOTE: it may seem like there is no power to the hard drive when the power adapter's power switch is switched to ON but the hard drive only spins up once the USB cable is inserted into your computer on nearly all of my hard drives besides a Maxtor 10.2GB as that seems to spin up immediately after the power switch is switched ON where as the others don't power/spin up until the USB cable is plugged into the computer. -I got this device connected to a USB 3 port on back of my computer which is connected to a Vantec USB 3.0 PCI-E card, model UGT-PC345. but it does work on my computers USB 2 ports as I briefly tested it. I got a 'ASUS P8H61-M LX Plus' motherboard. -Auto-detected by Windows 10 (build 17134(which is April 2018)). so in other words, you just connect it to your computer and it just works without any driver installation needed. -Hard drive easily managed from 'Disk Management' in Windows 10 if you need to delete everything and start from scratch etc. but for good measure, and partially to test out this IDE to USB 3 adapter, I did a 'delete volume' and then created a new one to make sure it takes up the maximum storage of the hard drive and then did a full format and everything worked fine. but to state the obvious... DO NOT use 'delete volume' unless you have your data on the hard drive somewhere else first since this will delete all data on the hard drive! ; but basically if your drive does not show up, check 'Disk Management' as you may need to do a little bit of adjustment in there before Windows see's the drive so you can use it. Bottom line... I give this Vantec IDE/SATA to USB 3.0 adapter a 4.5 out of 5 as it's only real fault is the short USB cable length at 18 inches, but for $20 it's hard to complain.

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Great bang-for-the-buck graphics card!7/13/2017 10:24:11 PM

Pros: -Price-to-performance ratio (offers strong performance for 1080p gaming (basically you can play modern games at higher graphics settings with solid frame rates) without breaking your bank account as those higher end cards i would say start beyond this card (and price starts to get fairly steep to) which means the Geforce GTX 1060 and higher and while those are nice i would rather just use this card for a while and wait as by the time this card becomes outdated (like where games are unplayable) you will be able to go to a much faster card then what's available now for a similar or less price. just a more efficient use of $$$ that way. you won't regret buying this for 1080p gaming to say the least.) -Runs Cool (it has not exceeded 67c under full load with benchmarks (i.e. Superposition(this looks really good)/Valley. or stress tests... Furmark), or with GTA V running for hours, with a room temp of 80f+. fan speed has not exceeded 40% under full load so far. at Idle the fan runs at 30% with temps floating around 28-31c with a 80f+ room temp. just make sure to blow the dust off the GPU fan/heatsink (with the PC turned off obviously) with a air compressor once in a while and it will keep the fan speed down under load because as the dust accumulates over a period of time the GPU temps will rise, especially under a full load, and in turn will raise the GPU fan speed RPMs along with temps because once the heatsink has dust buildup the fan will have to work harder to cool it because of restricted airflow over the heatsink. hence, fan percentage will rise higher and higher as this was what i observed with my previous graphics card which was a Radeon 5670 512MB as after months of dust build up (i leave my PC on 24/7(with 120mm intake and exhaust fans, one of each on the case)) you could see a clear increase in temps/fan speeds on that one to when loading up the GPU with a game etc. but once i blowed the heavy dust out of the heatsink temps lowered a solid amount under full load and even fan speed does not ramp up as high either because it's now back to normal cooling. depending on how dusty your place is, and whether you leave your PC running 24/7 or not, you might need to blow out your computer case thoroughly 2-4 times a year to keep everything (CPU/GPU/PSU etc) cooling optimally.) -Powered from motherboard's PCI-E slot (does not need a additional power connection which will be quite beneficial to some people even though my PSU (Seasonic 520watt) has support for additional power connections to a video card. for those wondering... this works on a PCI-E 2.0 board as i got a 'ASUS P8H61-M LX' which has a PCI-E 2.0 slot.) -The best graphics card you can get right now (as of July 2017) for $150 or less. -Quiet (I cannot hear it even when under a full load during GPU intensive things like Benchmarks or gaming. just make sure to keep the dust buildup to a minimum on the GPU so cooling is efficient and will keep fan RPM's to a minimum.) -Low power consumption (it cannot use more than 75watts under full load as that's the PCI-E slot limit. but this video card seems to be in the ball park of 65-70 watts or so playing games and at a idle around 10 watts from looking at some quick reviews online about this general 1050 Ti graphics chip) -4GB of Video Ram (i would not buy a card with less than 4GB if you want to be sure that RAM will not become a issue for getting the most of your games (those 2GB or so cards are simply going to limit your available graphics options in games especially in the future) as i figure by the time 4GB becomes a issue this card will be quite outdated by then anyways so it won't matter. but with the 2GB version of this card it's already a issue on some games as a fair amount of games can use more than 2GB which means you got to lower graphics options. even with GTA 5, when i got everything MAXED (but MSAA off) @ 1080p, that the video memory is in the ball park of 3-3.5GB according to GPU-Z's 'memory used' when i tell it to show me the 'Show Highest Reading' it's recorded.) -Fits a lot of PC cases/setups (it's compact size help ensure it fits a lot of computer setups out there as it fit into my Antec SLK3000-B case, which i had since March 2006, nice and easy.)

Cons: -None (for $135 (got it on sale recently) it offers a lot of performance for 1080p gaming for a reasonable price as it's hard to come up with a real negative when you factor in price/performance ratio and even does it efficiently to with lower power consumption. I am not concerned with higher resolutions beyond 1080p as my monitor, like many others out there, only does 1080p anyways and i see no reason to upgrade to 4k etc) but to nit pick a little... -Takes two slots instead of one like my old card did. -After upgrading from a Radeon 5670 512MB card to this one i noticed 'Pot Player x64' (a video playback program) constantly crashes every time i try to play a video from my hard drive (so it's not useable) which did not happen on the Radeon 5670MB card. I even clean installed Pot Player etc and nothing fixed it so i was forced to jump ship to VLC Player instead (sadly) and turned on DXVA so the GPU does the video processing instead of CPU. I am using newest drivers from Nvidia's website which are v384.76.

Overall Review: Got this running with a older i3-2120 CPU (with 8GB of RAM on my system), which is only dual core (but has hyper-threading(so games etc see it as a quad core even though it's not)), and it plays GTA 5 well as my frame rates according to MSI Afterburner are typically around 40-50fps give or take most of the time but it does hit 60fps a fair amount and i have not seen it dip below the low 30's in more intense firefights/explosions and i have ALL graphics settings on MAX but have MSAA turned off as that's a performance killer for minimal visual gain. with that said, at least as far as GTA 5 goes... the CPU is mostly the bottleneck for me but i do see the graphics card being the bottleneck here and there as you can see the CPU usage is not maxed with the GPU being pretty much maxed and the frame rate starts to dip below 60fps but from what i have noticed even in these cases it's still around 50fps+ when the GPU is the bottleneck. This Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB was a BIG upgrade over my Radeon 5670 512MB which i had since 2010. as a small bonus in my particular case... when using the HDMI port, which is connected to my TV(the DVI connection is connected to my 24" 1080p PC monitor), it has a constant connection with the 1050 Ti, which is expected, but with the Radeon 5670 512MB, while it basically worked fine, the PC monitor would loose connection for a second or two when i powered on the TV to use the HDMI port. this does not happen with this 1050 Ti card which is nice. NOTE: for those who don't know much about games frames per second (i.e. FPS) here is a general guideline... 60fps (or higher) is considered a perfect gaming experience and i would say that you don't want to go much under 30fps otherwise the game will start to become unplayable. so considering i am running GTA V on MAX graphics (but with MSAA turned off) @ 1080p and am largely around 40-50fps i have a quality experience with the game overall even though technically not liquid smooth perfect at all times but unless your super picky i am sure the vast majority of people would see their experience with GTA V with my setup easily on the positive side of things considering graphics are basically peaked and frame rates are more than good enough.

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A solid USB 3.0 add-on card for a good price.8/17/2016 1:25:57 AM

Pros: -Windows 10 recognizes the card automatically as you don't need to mess with drivers as you simply physically install the card into the PCI-E x1 slot and power up the computer and everything just works and maxes out the hard drives i tested on it through a external USB 3.0 docking station(see 'Other' below). it can't get any easier than that. -Has capability of using front USB 3.0 ports if your case has them built-in to your case or you can get a add-on (search... "usb 3.0 front panel" on newegg) which plugs into this cards 20-pin connector and comes out the front of your case (which uses either a floppy drive slot or a regular DVD drive slot depending on what you need). the front panel option is roughly $10-20 on newegg if you want it.

Cons: -It uses up a power connector on your PSU (power supply) since, apparently, it can't get enough power from the motherboards PCI-E x1 slot. so in other words it will either take up a molex power connector from you PSU or, with the adapter that comes with the card, it will use a SATA power connection on your PSU which the adapter then converts back to the molex type that this USB 3.0 card uses. but this is only a mild con and not enough to lower my rating of the card.

Overall Review: -I bought this at the same time i got a ORICO 6518US3-V1-US docking station(supports up to 8TB hard drives), which is USB 3.0, and it maxes out my hard drives i tested in it. everything works perfect so far. -I installed this in my ASUS P8H61-M LX motherboard.

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A solid 20 foot HDMI cable for connecting a PC with a HDMI port to a 1080p HDTV5/29/2016 9:46:39 PM

Pros: -It works as expected for playing back HD 1080p video (and SD video to etc) from my PC to my LG 43" 1080p HDTV (Mfg date Jan 2016). NOTE: my PC has a Radeon 5670 512MB video card that has a HDMI port on it. -Price (for around $14 for 20 feet is a fair price unlike the popular local stores that can cost roughly $40-60 for similar length) -Durable (cable does not look or feel cheap given it's thickness and seems to fit fairly snug into the HDMI ports)

Cons: -None (it does what's expected at a fair price so there can be no cons especially when you get 20 feet at about $14 which is quite reasonable and 20 feet i suspect will be long enough for most people unless your device is of fairly long distance to your TV etc)

Overall Review: here is some important info for those using this HDMI cable to playback HD video etc onto a 1080p HDTV... NOTE #1: To get sound playback from your computer to the HDTV you need to do this (i am using Windows 10)... right click the 'sound' icon (bottom right area of the screen to the left of the time display) and select 'playback devices' and then when the 'sound' window pops up you will probably see 'speakers' with a green check mark on there but to get sound through your HDTV you need to right click the TV Icon (or whatever is your HDTV) and select 'set as default device' and then any sound the computer outputs will go to your HDTV's speakers instead of your regular computer speakers. NOTE: what i personally see for my TV is 'AMD HDMI Output' with a TV icon there. but i suspect this will vary depending on your video card etc but the info here should get you the general idea on what's needed to get sound going to your TV using this HDMI cable. NOTE #2: To get proper 1080p video playback you need to do this... right click the desktop and select 'display settings'. now after the window pops up you should see two numbers there with a #1 and #2. one of those is the computer monitor and the other is your HDTV. you need to determine which is which by clicking the 'identify' (it will show you a #1 on one screen and a #2 on the other temporarily so you can find out which is which). but once you find out which is your HDTV you want to left click it by selecting either the 1 or 2 and then below where it says 'change the size of text, apps, and other items: 150%' you want to move the slider all the way to the left so then it will read 100% instead of what it will likely read initially of 150% as if you don't do this you won't have proper 1080p (1920x1080) video playback and will only have 720p (1280x720) video playback. doing this also gives you more desktop space to so it's a good thing to do either way even if you don't play videos on your HDTV. p.s. the above info is assuming your using a regular PC monitor with computer speakers etc and then you connect the HDTV to (using the HDMI cable here). so you basically got dual screens. also, once all of the above is setup you can then use your mouse to drag your video files you load up, which will start up like usual on your regular PC monitor, to the right (or left) so it goes out of your current screen (i.e. PC Monitor) and then it goes over to the other screen (i.e. your HDTV) and then simply run it full screen and your all set and catch watch your 1080p (or general HD video) video files on your HDTV.

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Great board for a cheap price!5/19/2012 3:44:43 PM

Pros: -Great Value (for about $75 you can get a modern PC which sure beats paying $200+ for those high end boards. so as long as you don't plan on overclocking this board is plenty) -Top Name Brand (ASUS is one of the most well known boards) -ASUS EZ Flash 2 (which updates the BIOS from within the BIOS itself using a USB Flash Drive. i flashed to BIOS version 4001 (dated April 27th 2012)) -Uses Intel's Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge line of CPU's which are pretty much the best CPU's you can currently get. (you may need a BIOS update for Ivy Bridge CPU support) -UEFI Bios (makes navigating BIOS much easier etc due to it supporting a mouse pointer) -Stable (I ran IntelBurnTest application (which Intel basically uses themselves), which gives maximum stress to CPU/RAM etc and it has zero issues) side note: works well with Rosewill's RC-216 PCI-E SATA Controller Card which gives you 2 extra SATA ports and one IDE port for a total of 6 SATA ports (counting the 4 on-board) and one IDE

Cons: -None overall, especially for the price and a quality brand name board. but with that said... i do notice after i installed my Radeon 5670 video card that the RAM slot closest to the CPU is a tight fit to where if i had to remove the RAM chip the plastic clip that pops back to eject it 'may' touch the video card. so that 'might' be a slight issue. but i have not actually tried to remove that ram chip with the video card in place so i can't confirm that. either way, it's not a major issue. also, to nitpick... it would have been nice if the board had at least one PCI slot since a lot of devices still use it but considering this is a MicroATX board having 3 PCI-E 1x slots is understandable as it gives you expansion slots without taking up much room on the board. -Only Two RAM Slots (but i don't think this is any real issue as if you install 8GB of RAM into those 2 Slots (4GB each slot) i doubt you will ever need to upgrade the RAM through the life of this system)

Overall Review: not much else to say as for $230 dollars (this MOBO, 8GB of RAM and a i3-2120 CPU) i got a massive upgrade going from a ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard (which i built back in March 2006) along with a AMD Athlon X2 3600+ dual core (2.0ghz overclocked to 2.4ghz) CPU and 2GB of RAM to this current setup. it's a significant upgrade without breaking the bank account as just video encoding with x264.exe on it's defaults of CRF23 medium setting i am going at least 3 times faster to as high as 5 or so times faster when encoding SD (720x300-400) video from a 720p h264 source. plus just going from 2GB to 8GB of system RAM surely makes a fairly big difference and considering just to upgrade my old system from 2GB to 4GB of RAM was anywhere from around $80-120 it did not make much sense investing more money into that aging system and for not much over that i got what i ended up buying here which will last me years.

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2 Extra SATA Ports and 1 IDE Port5/18/2012 7:12:14 AM

Pros: -Price (a fair price to get a couple extra SATA ports and a IDE port) -It Works (on my 200GB IDE HDD/250GB SATA HDD/Liteon iHAS-324B SATA Burner) -Speeds (it's basically on par with on-board SATA as i was doing transfers between my IDE 200GB drive and a 250GB SATA drive (both are connected to the controller card) at speeds that you would expect for drives of that size. also files transfer fine between my motherboard connected SATA drives and the controller card drives) note: i am using this device in a 'ASUS P8H61-M LX Plus Rev3.0' (using BIOS 4001 (April 27th 2012)) motherboard. you install the card, boot into windows, install the drivers, reboot and then everything works.

Cons: -None overall (although before drivers are installed Windows 7 takes quite a bit more time to load with the card installed. but once you get the drivers installed boot up times return to normal) -----Other Thoughts:----- i am using Windows 7 64bit Home Premium... i am using the newest drivers from Jmicron's official website which are... "" (Driver release notes say May 26th 2011) the card came with v1.07.00 Firmware. the newest on JMicron's official website is 1.07.24 even though in their release notes they list 1.07.28 as the newest but 1.07.28 is not available for download on the official Jmicron website. Website notes on the BIOS updates... 1.07.24 - Fixed failing to create new RAID (HDD gray in GUI) 1.07.28 - Fix HDD detection failure under AHCI and RAID mode files needed for the process explained below: "" & "" (which you can get from official JMicron website)

Overall Review: Here is how to create a bootable USB drive to flash firmware... 1.Format USB device in FAT32 Format from Windows (like usual) 2.Use Windows Version of "UNetbootin" and select FreeDOS for Distribution. Type: USB Drive. Drive: *your USB drive*. Click OK. (then it will make your USB drive bootable which don't take long) 3.Copy Jmicrons BIOS files (i.e. 36xupd.exe/dos4gw.exe/jmb363_1.07.24.bin (rename that bin to "update.bin")) to root of USB Drive. 4.Boot to USB Drive (then hit enter on initial load screen that has 'default' listed) 5.Select 5 and press enter 6. "A:\" prompt shows up 7.type "C:" (without ") hit enter 8. type "36xupd /r backup.bin" (without the ") hit enter (current BIOS on card goes to USB drive as the name backup.bin) 9. type "36xupd /w update.bin" (without the ") hit enter (i am assuming you renamed the firmware file (i.e. jmb363_1.07.24.bin) to update.bin before putting on USB to flash it) side note: i used a 128MB flash drive for this pr

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Best 'Bang for the Buck' CPU (currently)5/12/2012 4:19:43 PM

Pros: -Speed (a BIG upgrade over my old Athlon X2 3600+ 2.0ghz (overclocked to 2.4ghz) dual core CPU as when encoding video with the x264.exe (Rev 2184) @ CRF23 medium (the defaults basically) on SD (720xXXX) video (from a 720p h264 source) it does anywhere from about mid 50's to as high as around 80FPS which is typically at least 3+ times faster than my old CPU at the minimum and as high as 5 or so times faster. for measure... my old CPU typically did between 15fps and on the high side about 20fps which comes out to massive time savings if you encode a lot of video.) -Price (for $115 (normally $125) you can't beat it in terms of gaming performance and general use for what you pay as it holds up well against some of the CPU's that cost roughly $200 or so) -Power Consumption (reviews i have read they say at a idle it burns around 40watts and roughly 80watts full load) -Great Budget Gaming CPU (THE CPU for budget gaming as it comfortably runs any game if paired with with decent GPU)

Cons: -None (but if i had to nit pick i would say it would be even better if it had 4 cores instead of two as while this CPU is plenty fast for 2012 games or older i suspect down the road games will eventually start needing/requiring quad cores)

Overall Review: the best 'Bang for the Buck' CPU out there right now as even though it's only dual core it can comfortably run any game out there right now and according to most benchmarks i have seen it appears this beats most, if not nearly all, of AMD's lineup of CPU's when it comes to gaming performance. i got this CPU running in a 'ASUS P8H61-M LX Plus Rev3.0' Motherboard. IntelBurnTest application (i.e. puts MAXIMUM strain on your CPU to raise heat as high as possible) statistics on stock cooler with Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste applied with the usual BB size amount in center of CPU and used the heatsink to squash it out... Initial run not long after i installed CPU... -61c/64c (room temp about 77f) after 200+ hours (as Arctic Silver 5 says it needs for maximum cooling effect)... -59c/61c (room temp 74.5f) Note: i ran 1 to 2 passes with the IntelBurnTest application on it's MAXIMUM stress settings. gaming temps typically max around mid 50's

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Great RAM at a Great Price5/11/2012 4:56:18 PM

Pros: -Price ($36.99 for 8GB. that's a lot of RAM for a dirt cheap-ish price.) -It works as advertised (auto detects at the proper timings and speed on my 'ASUS P8H61-M LX Plus' Rev3.0 Motherboard) -8GB (8GB is more than enough for vast majority of uses out there as 8GB is future proofed to as by the time 8GB starts to become not enough your entire system will be outdated anyways.) -Reliable (it passed the 'IntelBurnTest' program which taxes the system (CPU/RAM) heavily which they say is what Intel themselves use to test CPU stability etc)

Cons: None (for the amount of RAM you get at the price you pay it's very hard to complain especially considering my old PC, which uses the DDR 400mhz type, cost roughly $80-120 just for 4GB (4x 1GB). so this RAM is big bargain)

Overall Review: $36.99 for 8GB you can't really beat that and it 'just works' and with 8GB your basically future proofed as i doubt anything will actually need more than 8GB of RAM for most people in most uses anytime soon. just using my system like i usually do and running games and encoding video with the x264.exe my RAM use typically floats around the 2.5-3GB area most of the time so i got roughly 4-5GB left which is a nice buffer so Windows 7 never slows down due to lack of RAM. so RAM will never be a issue on my system as by the time it is my system will be outdated anyways. even 4GB of RAM is sufficient nowadays although since RAM is so cheap like these are there is not much reason not to have 8GB in your system as then you can ensure RAM will never be a issue. but going over 8GB is probably a waste of money for most people since to get even close to using 8GB you would have to be running some massive RAM hog programs.

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A very good keyboard for a very cheap price!8/3/2011 10:22:17 PM

Pros: -Price (i got this for a little less than $13 out the door and for this price it cannot be beat as i would be willing to bet the overall feel of the keyboard would hold up well to much higher priced keyboards overall. if you want a cheap keyboard look no further.) -Quiet (it's much quieter than my 10 year old keyboard i was using prior to recently purchasing this. the loudest key when pressing/releasing on the K120 i would say is the spacebar (and maybe a few other of the larger keys) as the regular letter/number keys are audible but not to far from silent but overall the keyboard is noticeably quieter from my old keyboard i had for 10 years now and it's quite noticeable as people in the other room don't complain now when i am typing. -Feel (typing with the keyboard feels nice (and responsive) vs your regular more noisy keyboards. i would say it's overall feel is sort of between a laptop and a regular keyboard.)

Cons: -None (for $13 dollars it's impossible to have any legit arguments against it since it offers a lot for your money) side note: although i suspect for those with older PC's, USB keyboards might not be supported to well in which case a PS/2 option would have been nice.

Overall Review: this is a basic keyboard that does all of the basic stuff you need a keyboard to do without all the extra junk and it don't need drivers/software (i.e. extra bloat) like i suspect some of the more fancy keyboards need. this is the keyboard most people would be more than happy with as it feels good when you type and is noticeable more quiet vs some of the more basic older keyboards out there. there is not much else you really need from a keyboard.

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Powerfull graphics card for it's price range8/13/2010 8:31:09 PM

Pros: -Price (much cheaper/power efficient vs those super high end cards and still offers solid performance that can play any modern games at decent frame rates) -Pretty much the best graphics card for gaming in it's price range currently. -Hardware Accelerated h264 (x264) video using the newest version of VLC Player. (i get about 10percent CPU usage when playing 1080p h264 (x264) video which normally takes 60+ percent of my CPU) -DirectX 11 support. -Low power consumption (from reviews i read it typically uses about 15 watts at a Idle in Windows and around 50-60watts or so under a full load in gaming and it gets it's power from the PCI-E slot) -Small in size (it's much smaller than your typical high end gaming card) -Pumped new life into my aging system for gaming! (for those with a 'AMD Athlon X2 3600+' (dual core) or anything in that general line of CPU's (Socket 939/AM2) will get a big boost in gaming performance with this that can run the newest games at playable frame rates)

Cons: -None (obviously a cheaper price would not be a bad thing though ;) ) -only 512MB (but 512MB is still respectable for most games of today)

Overall Review: my old graphics card was a 'Geforce 7900GT 256MB' and this new Radeon HD 5670 512MB card was a huge difference over that card in terms of performance for modern games and games in general as the frames per second increased significantly even on my slow dual core CPU (i.e. AMD Athlon X2 3600+) as the graphics card is more than enough to let these CPU's preform to there potential as the graphics card is only limited by the CPU's in the AMD Athlon X2 (socket 939/AM2) class of CPU's. the reason i know this is because if you look at this graphics card on some higher end CPU's you will see it will pump out more FPS (frames per second) than it does on my CPU which means my CPU is the bottleneck on this card unlike my Geforce 7900GT which was holding my CPU back. and for those who are wondering... this Radeon HD 5670 card is pretty much equivalent to a Geforce 9800GT in terms of overall performance.

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Great "bang for the buck" power supply8/13/2010 7:51:22 PM

Pros: -Price (this power supply is difficult to beat for it's price range and watts) -Should be able to power most setup's -Stable voltages according to a review i seen online -Great "Bang for the Buck" power supply (630watts for a very reasonable price)

Cons: -Non-Modular (which means the cables are permanently connected to the PSU and cannot be disconnected like a lot of these new fancy PSU's can. but considering the price of it, it's easily forgivable.)

Overall Review: i bought this to replace my dead 500watt PSU in my primary PC almost a month ago now and it's working great as my PC is stable with it as it passes Prime95 torture test which is a great application for testing PC's general system stability.

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Ink at a reasonable price8/13/2010 7:38:11 PM

Pros: -Price (it typically beats the prices you will find in the local stores) -It Works

Cons: -None overall

Overall Review: Ink in general is expensive and it's what manufacturers nail you on if you print often but thankfully i do not.

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Top Notch 24" Monitor2/12/2010 11:06:13 PM

Pros: -Great Quality Monitor. (it's a massive upgrade from my old Samsung 19" CRT in both colors and size. it's 21" width and just shy of 12" height VIEWABLE. although the official measurement (i.e. diagonal) it's 24" viewable. also... i am getting exactly 1.5times the viewable area in width (due to 1920x1080) in desktop space vs my old 19" CRT which ran 1280x1024 and it's quite noticeable as you can run stuff like web browsers in a window and still view almost all web pages completely in there width while still seeing other program you have have open etc) -Price (for $229.99 out the door this monitor offers you a lot for your money. probably about the biggest monitor you can get before the price starts to go much higher) -1080p (easy to read text etc) -HD Video (playing x264 720p files look great on this monitor as this is one area where i got a significant boost in image quality over my old 19" CRT monitor) -Games (V-Sync = ON. otherwise image tearing is quite noticeable/annoyi

Cons: -Speakers (with the volume turned to 100percent (i.e. completely full) you can barely hear the sound when my XBox360 is connected to it from the 3.5mm audio jack. (i now use my PC to output that sound to the PC Speakers i got which are VASTLY better) ) NOTE: when i said 'barely hear the sound' above... what i mean is that you can hear what was happening but the volume is way to low to enjoy any type of sound coming from the built in speakers which means unless your desperate you will NOT want to use the built in speakers for almost anything. (i give the built in speakers a 1 or 2 out of 5. there is no distortion but the volume is just way to low to enjoy to reasonable level) NOTE:i only tested the built in speakers using the XBox360 as a output device to the Monitor's built in speakers with the red/white audio cables converted back to a standard 3.5mm audio jack. ... but i don't think this will matter as i am sure everything will react pretty much the same.

Overall Review: there 'might' be minimal motion blur as there seems to be a slight delay when scenes in a movie start to move faster (when camera pans left to right etc) but it's generally minimal to where it's not a real issue for me. not enough to list it as a con in my book. -XBox360 works great on this monitor (connected with VGA)... when the XBox360 is connected to it using a HD VGA cable (got it for 10 dollars) (my XBox360 is the older NON-HDMI type) it looks great as text is much easier to read vs my standard def 27" TV in my room. it also runs 1920x1080 fine as i selected in the XBox360's options.

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Solid Product at a resonable price!12/3/2009 10:40:34 PM

Pros: -Runs either DD-WRT or Tomato firmware. -Has 4MB Flash Memory/16MB RAM. (which seems to be 'the standard' nowadays for most reasonably priced routers) -240Mhz CPU. (although i believe this runs @ 200mhz by default with DD-WRT. which is no big deal since 200mhz seems to be pretty much standard for routers.) -USB Port (with DD-WRT you can do a lot of fancy stuff the router normally cannot do like run stuff from a USB Flash drive or Hard Drive etc once DD-WRT is installed) -Price (got this for $39.99 out the door with a 10 dollar mail-in-rebate. so final price will be around $29.99)

Cons: None really. although 8MB Flash Memory would have been nice so you could install the MEGA version of DD-WRT although it's still possible to do this using it's USB port (i.e. USB Flash Drive etc) as you can store the other files the firmware needs to load on that etc. (but most users will not really NEED more than the standard (4MB) DD-WRT build and this is a little technical for the average user that just want's to plug it it and get online)

Overall Review: Bottom line... this is one of the best routers you can get in it's price range (i.e. around 40 dollars or so) and with DD-WRT firmware it becomes a powerful router with a lot of options. using DD-WRT is pretty much a must with this router which i suspect most of the newegg buyers are installing that once they buy it which is what i immediately did myself as soon as it arrived at my door. 'dd-wrt.v24-12548_NEWD_mini_usb_ftp' OR 'dd-wrt.v24-12548_NEWD_std-nokaid_usb' is typically what most users will want to install on the Asus WL-520gu. at the time i write this review DD-WRT v24 build 12548 (which is basically the two files i mentioned) is THE RECOMMENDED build of DD-WRT. check DD-WRT's website for proper installation procedures. p.s. the build i talked about above is NOT a official release of DD-WRT but it's considered BETTER than the official v24 or v24 SP1 releases! (there basically test builds for the future of DD-WRT but have been tested by a lot of people so it's safe to

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Great MicroSDHC Card!4/1/2009 11:13:00 PM

Pros: -Price (I bought this for $19.99 with Free Shipping) -Size (8GB, lots of space for a cheap price!) -Speed (quite fast for only a 'Class 2' card i would think as it does around 4MB/s when transferring a large file to it through Windows Vista to my Sandisk Sansa e250 (v1) DAP (Digital Audio Player) running Rockbox Firmware (build r20603)) -Reliable Brand (it's worth the extra 3 dollars or so to get this over the other lesser brand names on this site in my opinion and it comes with a 5 year warranty)

Cons: None overall. but if I had one small gripe it would be that shipping took 6 days to arrive at my house although I can't complain to much because newegg clearly stated the free shipping of this item was between 3-7 days.

Overall Review: This card is mislabeled as a 'Class 4' on the website when it's actually a 'Class 2' card on the packaging and on the card itself. although it's speed is Class 4 as it does around 4MB/s as I stated above on my Sandisk Sansa e250 player running Rockbox firmware (build r20603) on it. i think this card 'might' be faster depending on what device you use to transfer stuff to but i have nothing else to test it on so i cant comment on this to much. i am pretty sure official specs for Class 2 = 2MB/s , Class4 = 4MB/s , Class6 = 6MB/s. so based on this im getting Class4 speeds. overall i definitely recommend this card over other brands due to it comes with a 5 year warranty and Sandisk is a name your can trust in flash memory storage. so it's worth the few extra dollars it costs to get this over other lesser brand names on this site of the same capacity.

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Quality disc's at great price2/1/2009 4:56:02 AM

Pros: Quality Discs/Burns... Low PIE's (not as low on average as the Verbatim DVD+R though) and PIF's. Price... i paid $18.99 out the door for these discs about a month ago and there very hard to beat at that price.

Cons: None, especially at the price i got these for. ($18.99 out the door) but if i had to nit pick... there (Verbatim DVD-R) PIE errors are worse than the DVD+R (Verbatim) on average.

Overall Review: if the price between Verbatim DVD-R and DVD+R are close (within a dollar or two of each other) i would recommend getting the DVD+R over the DVD-R in general due to DVD+R having less PIE errors and you can adjust the bit setting (i.e. make a DVD+R disc appear to your DVD Player as a DVD-ROM). but if the price of DVD-R is like $4.00 or so less than the DVD+R then i would recommend saving your money as the difference in reality between Verbatim DVD-R and DVD+R is negligible as the PIE's i was talking about in reality probably dont make a 'noticeable' difference when is all said and done. but if price is not a issue then the DVD+R are 'overall' better discs than the DVD-R although it's not by much. and also, a word of advice when burning 16x certified discs it's best to burn @ 8x speed if you want to keep the burn quality of your discs high. (im not the only person who says this either)

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Great Hard-Drive Especially for Price11/3/2008 7:25:24 PM

Pros: -Lower power consumption. (uses less platters than everyone else. hence, lower power consumption in general) -Quiet. (uses only 3 platters instead of everyone else's 4-5) -Read/Write Transfer Rates. (there overall the highest out of all the major 1TB hard drive models to date)

Cons: -Seek times (in a professional review i read, that they where mid-range to lower side)

Overall Review: for $109.99 it's pretty hard to beat in it's performance/capacity/value. i.e. it has good 'bang for the buck' value for someone looking for a large capacity hard drive at a reasonable price.

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Top Quality!1/9/2008 11:00:15 PM

Pros: overall best media you can buy when you factor in price and quality. burns great and disc quality scans are great on my Lite-On 1673S drive with JS0D firmware. (this drive is from 2005) @ 29.99 (which is what i paid out the door) these are pretty much the best money can buy when you factor in quality/price ratio on a regular price.

Cons: not really any considering how good there quality is.

Overall Review: the only other consistently praised media besides Verbatim is TY (Taiyo Yuden) as these two brands are "safe bets" if you want stuff to "just work" and work for many years ;) .. the 8x (mainly the +r's but the -r is still great) Taiyo Yuden media is considered the best (but only by a small margin). but out of the 16x certified media these Verbatims are the best on the market.

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Top Quality DVD+R's12/27/2007 1:30:41 PM

Pros: Verbatim discs in general are considered some of the best discs on the market along with Taiyo Yuden. so if you need discs (at a decent price) for long term storage. these are hard to beat.

Cons: none really. as for 30 dollars and there quality is generally considered top notch. these are very hard to beat.

Overall Review: anyone who is serious about long term data storage knows these (Verbatim DVD+R 16x) and TY (Taiyo Yuden) discs (mainly there 8x ones) are considered the cream of the crop. p.s. anyone who wants to learn more about burning cd's/dvd's in general check out club.cdf (minus the space) as they know there stuff when it comes to this sorta thing.

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Great RAM!12/27/2007 1:24:30 PM

Pros: great "RELIABLE" ram at a decent price. i been using crucial since 1996 and it's never failed on me even once.

Cons: in terms of reliability i have ZERO cons about this ram. it just "works" is the bottom line.

Overall Review: i bought some of this same memory back in march 2006 and it's still running flawless to this day and i recently bought some more about a week or so ago and it's running fine so far just as expected. i been using CRUCIAL brand of ram since 1996 and it's never failed on me to this day!

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good for there price12/27/2007 1:16:33 PM

Pros: cheap way to get decent protection for your cd's and dvd's and there super thin so it saves space vs something like those "slim cd cases"

Cons: not really any considering there "bang for the buck" factor, as these are hard to beat. although if you have super important data i would recommend getting some "slim cd cases" (the one half the thickness of a regular cd case) instead.

Overall Review: all-in-all , these are a good way to protect your cd's and dvd's from getting scratched for a cheap as possible price!

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Great Card For Flashing XBox 360 Samsung MS28 Drive4/12/2007 5:19:55 PM

Pros: Works perfect for flashing the Samsung MS28 drive in the xbox360!

Cons: none.

Overall Review: most people bought this card for one reason only and thats to flash the Samsung (mainly the MS28) drives in there xbox360's.

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Great Dual Layer Discs4/12/2007 5:13:48 PM

Pros: -top quality discs. -best brand on the market for dual layer discs! -burn quality is top notch on my lite-on 1673S drive with JS0D firmware @ 4x burn speed... cant really burn any better.

Cons: -price.... thats all anyone can say about these discs!

Overall Review: these discs work perfect for xbox360 backups! even @ 4x burn speed the quality is even better than it is @ 2.4x according to kprobe (kprobe is a disc quality checking program) ... i used ImgBurn (free program) to burn my xbox360 backups.

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Great "Stable" Memory!4/8/2006 4:45:02 AM

Pros: Great stable memory. hard to beat for it's price. it's crucial brand! (i been using this brand of ram since 1996 and it NEVER failed me even once... so it's long term stability is nice) No errors when running the "Prime95" Torture Testing program! (this says it's good)

Cons: CAS 3 latency RAM ... probably dont really matter though in real world performance.

Overall Review: bottom line... you cant go wrong with this ram as crucial ram is one of the best out there and for it's price it's hard to beat and i bought multiple crucial ram chips since the year 1996 and they never failed on me to date... i still have 2x 256MB ram chips from roughly 5 years ago and there still working perfect in my older pc.

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great stable motherboard!3/22/2006 11:39:44 PM

Pros: STABLE. quite. (since it has no fans on the motherboard itself) Fast. great overclocking ability if you check around on reviews of this motherboard

Cons: only con i can say here is so far i cannot get the USB 2.0 to work on the motherboard... windows xp SP2 does not seem to detect it or soemthing, but it does work fine in usb 1.1 mode. for this reason i gave the motherboard a 4 out of 5 stars... otherwise i would have gave it a 5 out of 5.

Overall Review: bottom line if u want a great motherboard it's hard to beat ASUS brand since time and time again they prove to be "quality" products... just read around and im sure you will agree.

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