Good Luck12/14/2012 10:24:33 PM

Pros: Cheapish. Not a bad power supply if you're lucky enough to get a unit that works.

Cons: I bought one during the black Friday sale of 2012. It worked for about half a week, then the fans would just run wildly every time I turned on the computer. I RMAd it and got it got the replacement. It does the same thing. The system in which I've implemented it was able to run fairly well on a 380W psu without any issues. After the first RMA made me miss the rebate that was the whole incentive to buy this PSU in the first place, then paying $20 to ship it to Newegg, and now getting a non-functional unit as a replacement, I cannot recommend this power supply at all.

Overall Review: You'll probably be luckier than me, but this was my experience.

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Does What It Needs to Do4/23/2011 11:36:54 PM

Pros: Holds 32 CDs. Quite handy for a DJ who burns many cds and doesn't want to carry too large a booklet.

Cons: The CDs can be a bit challenging to put in properly and the zipper flap thing is a bit weird.

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Best Purchase of 20081/2/2009 8:48:52 AM

Pros: Some Benchmarks I took: Crysis Very high: 24(nvidia 8800gt gets about 9) fps Counterstrike Source(everything maxed including AA and Anisotropic): In the Video Stress Test: 237fps (all at 1680x 1050) This card is more than enough for current games. It will run Bioshock, Tf2, L4d, Fallout 3, and UT3 Very Well. Fan is quiet for the most part.

Cons: A bit bulky in my dell 530 but does fit. Fan is a little loud when you start up your computer.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a higher end card and cant decide what to buy, buy this card and you will not be disappointed. This took my cheap little quadcore dell 530 and made it a great gaming pc.

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What I needed to run a 48701/2/2009 8:40:12 AM

Pros: All the power you need for an ati 4870. Good solution to a psu w/o enough pci connections.

Cons: To get it to run in my Dell 530 I had to buy a sata to molex adapter. BECAUSE this dedicated powersupply requires a molex power connection to turn on. This is what I bought: SATA 15-Pin Power to 4-Pin Molex Adapter. Now works in my dell 530.

Overall Review: Should have a manual turn on switch.

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