Meh...6/23/2017 12:57:34 PM

Pros: The price I paid was very reasonable though it does seem to fluctuate. It doesn't take up a whole lot of desktop real estate with a slightly more than 8 inch diameter base.

Cons: Dead or slightly dead pixel. It might be a combination of dead and stuck at the same time. Whatever it is, it is an annoying bright lime green spot in the lower right side of the screen. During POST or whenever a true black screen is displayed, the spot is bright flourescent green. Whenever another color is needed, it is a slightly dimmed gray color that is hardly noticeable.

Overall Review: I can live with the dim gray spot but the bright green is quite noticeable and very annoying. It makes me very happy that I decided to go with a competitor's 144 Hz gaming monitor instead of the Ben-Q equivalent.

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Half decent case11/5/2016 11:59:12 AM

Pros: Nicely laid out with good options with the drive cage modularity allowing you plenty of extra room where you need it. Plenty of room inside and it is nice to see a case that still has front drive bays for reservoirs and CD/DVD drives.

Cons: The filters are lousy, at least what few filters that were included with the case. None of them slide out either. They are some kind of weird material that needs to be scrunched up and slid under the tabs that hold them in place. There are no filters at all for the front intake fans. This case should be bundled with a DataVac. I had been led to believe that InWin manufactured a world class PC case only to be thoroughly disappointed. I thought this would be an upgrade from my Cooler Master Stryker but I was dead wrong.

Overall Review: "Filters? We don't need no stinking filters". I have no idea how or what I am going to do to try and keep dust out of my case and off of my beautiful EK waterblocks and out of my radiators. Whenever I think about it all that comes to mind is the "Dust Bowl" in the Midwest during the 1930's. The layout and modularity of drive cages is the half decent part. The lack of filtration is the other half and I don't know how to describe my disappointment in how lazy the engineers were after designing such a magnificent product. I honestly don't see any way to fix such a gaff either. Now go hide your face in shame, InWin.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi George, Thank you for your feedback on our GR One Black chassis. We are very sorry for the inconvenient experience you have had and want to do our best to assist you. We will be sure to pass along your recommendations to our R & D team. Please feel free to contact directly our email at as we will do our best to assist you. Thank you for choosing In Win. Best Regards, In Win Development Inc.
Stunning case...9/8/2016 12:44:56 PM

Pros: This thing has plenty of room inside to pretty much do whatever your heart desires. Clean and well thought out with lighted fans including a fan controller and a nice shield to hide the cables to your motherboard. The 'basement' keeps everything hidden for an extra clean look. Tempered glass side panels have a nice hefty feel to them and are really sturdy as is the rest of the case. No complaints about the materials used or the workmanship.

Cons: Had an issue with a few stripped screws from being overtightened at the factory. Their Customer Support Team was right on top of it though and had replacement parts on their way within hours.

Overall Review: Great Customer Support. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this case to anyone due to the great response time by their staff. I wish there was someplace to hide some extra lighting inside the case but anything is going to be exposed to view through the glass side panel no matter where you put it. I wish the tint wasn't so dark on the glass covering your hardware while the glass on the other side could be a shade darker but that's just me.

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Works like a champ7/13/2016 4:34:10 AM

Pros: This is one strong good looking vacuum cleaner. Plenty of attachments and not a single scratch, dent or flaw to be found anywhere. I would highly recommend this to a friend as it is a great value for the price. It doesn't get any better than this.

Cons: The roller seemed to be stuck at first causing the belt to smoke. This was easily fixed by my niece and it is now working perfectly.

Overall Review: I bought this for my sister as a birthday gift and she was the one who complained about the belt smoking because the roller wouldn't spin. I'm just glad her daughter fixed it for her. I don't know what she found but maybe there are times you should read the manual included with your purchase. They put those in the box for a reason.

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Disappointed once again...6/30/2016 12:22:35 PM

Pros: Just like my last Corsair RAM purchase the base frequency is only 1333 MHz instead of the industry standard 1600 MHz. It does have some nice 'tight' XMP timings. These RAM modules will only run at 1800 MHz and I have no way to bump it to 1866 MHz. The XMP settings are correct and my BIOS does support 1866 MHz but refuses to get these to run at advertised speed. RAM from another manufacturer loads its XMP profile and will run at 1866 so I know it isn't my motherboard or G3258 CPU.

Cons: As stated above, the base frquency is only 1333 MHz and will only run at 1800 MHz with XMP enabled.

Overall Review: I believe in second chances but this is my last to use Corsair RAM for my system memory. The results are satisfactory as an upgrade in my nephew's PC but there is no plausible explanation or excuse for the discrepancy in the advertised XMP speed and the actual speed I am getting. 1800 MHz is verified in both BIOS screen and using CPU-Z.

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Nifty little must have gadget...6/22/2016 10:18:32 AM

Pros: Makes life a whole lot easier especially if you have your SSDs stacked in one of those dual-SSD trays. These make cable management a piece of cake and I can't imagine life without them.

Cons: No cons here, Worked perfectly doing exactly what I wanted them for.

Overall Review: The best idea for proper cable management I have seen in a long time. Things look so much cleaner without having my SATA power cables doubled back on themselves and twisted around like they usually are no matter whose PSU you are using.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Works like a charm1/28/2016 10:49:16 AM

Pros: It looks and feels nice. Highly customizable and looks great sitting next to my white Cooler Master Stryker case. The 'Sniper' button is in a much better location than my previous M65 mouse making it easy to reach. The switches are firm and reliable.

Cons: The new software detected my K70 keyboard and tried to hook into my audio drivers causing them to crash. I needed to uncheck all of the boxes for audio and video playback control. K70 still retains all functionality without using this software for control.

Overall Review: I liked my original M65 mouse and I like this one even better especially with the new location of the Sniper button. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice hefty workhorse of a gaming mouse.

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Simply amazing!12/26/2015 9:59:36 AM

Pros: This is probably the best thought out design I have ever seen in any of my iPhone cases. It went together easily and the built in screen protector is a nice touch.

Cons: No instructions on how to initially separate the halves but I figured it out and got it done right the first time without breaking or scratching anything. If you can't solve this puzzle on your own you don't deserve an iPhone or a case to put it in.

Overall Review: The built in screen protector is a great idea. It sure beats trying to get all of the dust from my screen and then applying a separate piece of plastic and then spending a lot of time trying to use a little plastic squeegee to remove the air bubbles. I would recommend this to anyone over all other choices.

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Looks and feels great12/21/2015 10:02:54 AM

Pros: It looks nice and you can't go wrong with the price

Cons: None at this time.

Overall Review: It's fairly large especially for my skinny little wrists but I am not disappointed with the quality.

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Fixed my problem11/13/2015 7:47:03 AM

Pros: Fit right in no problems.

Cons: None

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Very capable by itself but...4/28/2015 6:21:19 AM

Pros: Runs any game at max settings. This is my second board for dual SLI.

Cons: Clocks don't match making SLI unusable with board's clocks synced. I have to enter different timings when using Afterburner. Even at stock clocks I have problems and TDR errors.

Overall Review: My first board boosts above and beyond while second board just meets advertised boost speed. I am curious to what MSI will do for me or what kind of arguement they will come up with. I shouldn't have to downclock one of my boards to use SLI.

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Rock solid...4/24/2015 5:51:54 AM

Pros: So far so good. It booted right up and has run flawlessly with 1866 Sniper RAM. XMP profile was recognized and entered without issue.

Cons: I/O plate is the cheapest, chintziest looking piece of junk I have ever seen in my life. It is just plain metal with stamped labels. No black finish, no nothing except for a plate.

Overall Review: I have worked in engineering firms where the sample I/O plates looked better. No overclock on the G3258 I have installed but CPU temps are low and the board feels solid and well built.

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Works like a new one...4/18/2015 6:47:03 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. The felt bag is a nice touch. The cables were brand new and the PSU didn't have a scratch on it.

Cons: None at the moment.

Overall Review: Worth the extra savings. Gives me power to spare for a Z97 PC Mate from MSI and an Intel G3258. Video board is a EVGA GTX0680 s/c and I have 4 Cougar case fans.

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Still going strong4/11/2015 7:28:08 AM

Pros: Still no problems after 1 yr.

Cons: Small and easy to lose or misplace.

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Mushkin. We appreciate your feedback and support!
Lots of storage space4/11/2015 7:26:35 AM

Pros: Good drive with plenty of storage.

Cons: Transfer rate is only around 80 MB/s. This can be annoying when your System Drive and smaller storage drives are all SSD transfering in excess of 500 MB/s.

Overall Review: I have never had any problems with Seagate drives. I look forward to this HDD lasting in excess of 6 yrs like the other 500 GB Barracuda drives I own.

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Works perfectly4/11/2015 7:14:03 AM

Pros: Just what I needed to create and store a System Image for my laptop that doesn't have an expansion bay for another drive. Either a HDD or SSD fits snuggly without rattling around. Fits in my pocket to transfer large files to any remote location.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I should get some more for storing and transferring files to other PCs that don't have a docking port like my CM Stryker case.

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Works as advertised4/11/2015 7:07:27 AM

Pros: Very nicely designed with a coiled grounding cord to keep it from getting snagged on anything.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Just what I needed at just the right price.

Did you find this review helpful? 
Defective4/11/2015 7:03:37 AM

Pros: Looks nice. Price is right for an interim replacement while my Z97 Gaming 7 is out for RMA.

Cons: Won't turn off. No matter what I try this motherboard won't power down. ASRock has already admitted it is a defective mainboard. My case lights and fans stay lit and keep spinning until I turn off the switch on my PSU.

Overall Review: RMA was approved within minutes. ASRock support responded to my request for assistance within minutes. In more than 6 yrs of assembling my own PCs I have never seen a problem like this. There are no bent pins in the socket.

2 out of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued ASRock Customer We sincerely apologize that you having difficulty with mainboard. ASRock mainboards are fully tested to assure the quality. Unfortunately, due to nature of electronic product, it can happen. Please update replacement mainboard is working fine. If you have any technical questions or warranty issues in the future, please contact us at We will assist you shortly Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email:
Only 1333 MHz default4/7/2015 8:29:04 AM

Pros: Looks nice. Runs at 2400 MHz XMP nicely.

Cons: I thought this would be a nice upgrade from 4x4GB GSkill RipjawsX 2133 MHz but my benchmark scores dropped. It might be due to the sloppier timing.

Overall Review: I went from 1600 MHz default 4 sticks to 1333 MHz default 4 sticks and it was only an upgrade on paper.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Zuhl3156, We have no way of determining why your performance is reduced without information regarding what platform are you running on, what was the specs on your previous memory kit? We recomend that you contact our Technical Support Team so that we can help you troubleshoot the issue. Here's the Tech Support contact information: Submit a ticket: Corsair Support Email: Corsair Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346 Thank you, Corsair Roland
Fast and reliable9/19/2014 1:12:13 PM

Pros: I only use it to store my System Image so I can only say that the Write speeds are very good cutting down the time to backup my entire OS from 1+ hours to under 10 minutes.

Cons: None after almost 1 year of ownership. Purchased in October of 2013 and working like a champ every day since installation.

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Worth every penny7/3/2014 3:15:13 PM

Pros: It's an extra dark black which really makes this board stand out from the others. The lighted circuit trace around the audio amp is a nice touch. DeBug LED reads out CPU temps once system is booted. All error codes are in the manual. Enters correct XMP values automatically when selected. Overclocks easily and has my Devil's Canyon i7-4790k running stable at 4.6 GHz @ 1.260 volts with manually entered settings.

Cons: The BIOS needs one or two adjustments to get a DC to boost to 4.4 GHz. It won't detect your CPU's default clock rates and enter them automatically. The MSI logo on the South Bridge is lighted too but you won't be able to see it or the lighted audio amp if you have CrossFire or SLI video boards.

Overall Review: I had a MSI Z77A-G45 Gaming with a 2600k and it was a solid performing motherboard for me. I'm glad I spent the extra money this time and got the better board with the DeBug LED module. It makes things nice. I won't hesitate to recommend MSI over any other brand out there.

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Works good for me5/4/2014 11:31:52 AM

Pros: Nice blue color. Quiet. Move a decent amount of air.

Cons: Forget about any rebate. I haven't even got an acknowledgement that they received my rebate form. You thought getting a rebate from that California company was bad? This Texas company has no redeeming qualities.

Overall Review: Just count on paying full price. You'll never see a rebate or hear from anyone except the SPAMMERS that the rebate company is selling your email address and other personal information to. This is truly a new low for what used to be a good company to buy hardware from. R.I.P. Cooler Master. The CM that we all knew and loved is no more. Fading into obscurity.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Total waste of money3/8/2014 2:09:19 PM

Pros: None that I have witnessed other than low price.

Cons: Pictures quality is poor and color always looks faded. Paper doesn't feed. Every time I want to print a document, I have to run over to the printer and apply pressure to the blank paper or the feed roller won't pick it up. After it's finished printing, it kicks the paper out of the tray and if I need to print another document I have to sprint from my PC to the printer to get the paper to feed. I am too old for this. If you're not too old for this then don't waste your life playing tag running back and forth from your PC and this junk.

Overall Review: Save your money. This is pure junk. I have the original box and packing material but I doubt it's worth requesting an RMA for it. I'd rather take the money I'd have to spend on shipping and apply it toward a new printer and that is exactly what I am doing here.

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Fast, reliable2/27/2014 6:51:54 AM

Pros: Working fine for me for a month now. Exceeds specs in ATTO where I am getting 555 Read / 540 Write. Not so good with iops in AS-SSD where I only score 86,000.

Cons: No mounting screws. I have seen rediculous complaints about drives without mounting trays and even complaints about drives without included SATA cables. Seriously? Since when do drives come with SATA cables? Mounting screws are mandatory! This is the first SSD or HDD that I have ever purchased that had no mounting screws included with it. Luckily I had other drives to scavenge screws from.

Overall Review: I'm still miffed about no mounting screws.

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Risky business10/15/2013 3:23:23 PM

Pros: Worked well for a few months.

Cons: Constantly dropping out with Code 43 in Device Manager. Hoses are not securely attached to radiator.

Overall Review: I finally decided to RMA and the replacement arrived this morning. I spent a few hours removing the old unit and prepping for the new install. Everything went smoothly until I went to install the pump and saw moisture in the bag. One hose was a few millimeters from coming off the radiator. I pushed it back on and internal pressure pushed it off entirely with a nice loud POP. Water everywhere! I am so glad this didn't happen after installation when my PC was on. Express X-ship RMA is useless when I receive garbage for a replacement. Now I can't even get another replacement until my origial defective unit is shipped to Corsair and processed. I am back to air cooling and more than likely stay there. I am not the first owner this happened to. Do some research first. Then buy something else.

5 out of 6 people found this review helpful. Did you?