Unfinished Product11/24/2019 9:23:55 AM

Pros: Powerful, so much so that you can use it for household cleaning; i used this to displace a huge quantity of dust from the housings of my bedroom ceiling fan and my bathroom ventilation fan AC-powered, so no batteries to replace, never gets cold as does compressed air canister (e.g. disposable air duster) Heavy-gauge power cable Compact, easy to use and store

Cons: Some of the compressor nozzle fittings were not drilled for a hole to aid their retention on the compressor nozzle depressor ball, so i gotta drill some holes Compressor body gets warm and is coincidentally devoid of ventilation holes; doesn't take an engineer to figure out that a few ventilation holes would be beneficial

Overall Review: Very useful and im gonna keep mine Compressor motor is noisy, so you’ll wanna use this with ear plugs; i excluded this from “Cons” because noise = power = usefulness = satisfied user MESSAGE TO OEM - buy a drill press and actually use it

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Almost perfect for HTPC7/3/2014 9:48:16 PM

Pros: * Low TDP makes it ideal for HTPC * Low Low Must-Sell Price! * 8000-series graphics

Cons: * !!NOISY!! cooling fan * Weak as a CPU * "Locked" overclocking capabilities

Overall Review: "Almost" perfect because the CPU cooler is so loud. I am now shopping for a quieter CPU cooler which will effectively offset the low price of this APU. Makes me pity those who bought >$100 APU's only to find themselves shopping for the same.

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Compatible w/ APU7/3/2014 9:41:42 PM

Pros: * See review title * low profile should work with lots of cramped HTPC case interiors and huge CPU coolers which impinge on RAM space

Cons: * cost per GB; competing RAM is cheaper

Overall Review: I chose this one because (1) I have an Asus F2A85-M PRO which is supposedly really picky about which RAM will work with it and (2) because I have an AMD APU A4-6300 for which I wanted (virtually) guaranteed RAM compatibility. It seems I made the right choice as this RAM has worked flawlessly so far.

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Beware the SATA Ports7/3/2014 9:35:32 PM

Pros: Feature-laden DisplayPort Sooooo many A/V ports

Cons: SATA port orientation Did not come with Asus quick connector for case power button-to-motherboard wiring Only 7000-series AMD graphics

Overall Review: 6 of the 7 SATA ports are oriented perpendicularly to the mobo which conflicted with one of the non-removable HDD cages built into my case. Take note of the SATA ports on this mobo, what they will be adjacent to on your case- if you already have your case- and if there will be any conflict. Also consider buying the Asus quick connector facilitate wiring the mobo to your case power button.

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