Cougar Armor Pro6/8/2020 10:46:27 AM

Pros: Comfortable Easy assembly Adjustable Good support Large wheels roll easily on carpet

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: The only 'issue' I have experienced so far is that the seat cushion is a bit on the firm side. For the first week my behind was starting to ache in the tailbone area. Correcting my posture did not seem to help. I have noticed that I am either adapting to it, or the cushion is softening slightly. This chair is extremely comfortable as long as you don't mind the sides of your legs being hugged by the seat. Personally, this is not an issue as I don't feel like I'm swimming in an over sized chair. The arm rests have required some adaptation. They are a bit further away than I am accustomed, and they are a bit short lengthwise. I have had to angle them outwards to provide a comfortable spot for my elbows. The wheelbase is a bit short as well. This isn't a problem until I drop something on the floor, which happens frequently, and then the chair begins to tip. Overall the price paid is worth it. My old chair's cushion wore out after about two months and I was sitting directly on the plywood (or particle board) cushion base. I used it for 4 years afterwards since a new chair was not in the budget. I am average height, and slightly stocky. ~5'8" and 215 pounds. Hopefully this review helps others in their decision. I will revise as necessary, in case of a catastrophic failure, or in about six months. I'm hoping this stands the test of time, unlike my last chair.

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