I don't know what you're talking about.7/21/2010 5:17:46 AM

Pros: Fast. Runs with an AMD system. Stays cool and stable.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: These sticks are just fine. I have no idea why people are having problems. I put these in with no issues, and I now have them running at 7-7-7-16 @1.66 Volts. Memtest passes with flying colors, just like OCZ RAM always does. Phenom II X4 955BE ASUS M4A79XTD EVO 2 x 2GB DDR3 OCZ 1333

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Well, originally, I was ticked off...1/6/2010 5:58:47 PM

Pros: I picked up my first set in October, and they would not work at anything above 800, no matter what. Then, one of the sticks just went POOF and that was that. It was too late to RMA them with Newegg, so I contacted Mushkin support. What a great experience. Sean was just fantastic and they replaced the RAM right away. I put the new ones in and presto! They don't work at 1066. Turns out it's my stupid motherboard's fault. Almost nothing runs at 1066 on it, except for junky, low budget RAM I would never buy. I now have them running at 972 @ 2.0V and they are so stable it's incredible! I can OC the machine and I don't run out of headroom like I did with the DDR2-800 I had before. So I accidentally get better performance out of my system when I thought I had made a mistake buying the new RAM in the first place. Sweet.

Cons: None any more.

Overall Review: I'm about to replace the motherboard with something better, and I'm going to pick up another two sticks of this fine RAM, and another pair for the wife's machine. It's that good.

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Well, okay, I give up1/3/2010 9:30:02 AM

Pros: Nicely built, 790GX chipset is pretty nice...

Cons: Where to start... This board is about 8 months old. I had problems from the start in getting it to recognize my USB devices, and give temp readings. Foxconn finally released a BIOS with the temp fix, so now I can see how hot things are. Lately, my drives have started to randomly "unhook" themselves from the OS, the SMART data bus has failed, so no SMART data from the HDD's, and the temp sensor chip has failed completely. I only get a static temp from bootup on all three temp sensors. It never changes as the machine warms up. If I want to get an idea of what my CPU temp is, I have to reboot. The only temp I get now is the CPU core. Oh, and the fan speeds are all over the place. I also can't get any HDMI port in my machine to work. Not the one on the A7DA-S, or the one on my new graphics card. It also won't run 1066 RAM at any voltage or timing setup that I tried. It was Mushkin RAM and guaranteed to run at 1066, but it's not on Foxconn's QVL so...

Overall Review: I did get it to run with my new Phenom II 920 with no problems, but over the past few months, more and more problems are creeping into this thing. I have reflashed the BIOS with the latest version, to hopefully fix the problems, but no go. And reflashing voids your warranty, so I had to void my warranty to try to get my hardware to work properly? I'm not even gonna RMA this thing. I'm just going to replace it with something else and throw it away. My experience with Foxconn support was less than acceptable. I'm not going to return a broken board to them, only to have them tell me it's "supposed to work that way", like they did with the temp issue everybody complains about that they finally were forced to fix. I really had high hopes for this board. The reviews were stellar. I thought I made a good choice. Guess not.

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Well, then again...3/21/2009 7:31:19 PM

Pros: Still nicely built and well laid out. Good features.

Cons: The features are nice if they work. After using this board for three weeks, I still like it, but I'm getting a little aggravated by little things not working just right, or how they're described in the manual. I can't get any USB ports other than the ones on the back panel to work. I have proper connectors for the extra USB ports and they just will not work. There is no documentation regarding the use of an AC'97 audio connector if that's what your case has. It IS possible, but the normally accepted wiring conversion does not work. The RAID setup is a nightmare. The machine lets you set up an array, then goes into the RAID boot screen and hangs for hours. You can't even get back to BIOS unless you disconnect your drives and let the RAID ROM fail it's bootup. Bottom line is that some of the functions detailed in the manual do not work as described - especially the RAID setup.

Overall Review: There's a serious temperature reading problem with some Athlons (Mine's a 7750 BE). The BIOS CPU temp is an unchanging 40 degrees C, no matter how you stress the CPU. Foxconn says this is normal, and they don't plan to fix it because they say it's AMD's problem. The fact is, there is no temperature monitoring software that I can find that will give an accurate temp. I finally found some information that will help. Using Speedfan, or something similar, look at your core temp which will be about 9 to 11 degrees (idling) with a stock speed 7750 (2.7 GHz). AMD's advice is to add 21 degrees to that number, and I confirmed this with an infrared thermometer. The board uses a new temp sensor and every temp that is read from it is reported wrong. Foxconn will not address this problem. I wouldn't suggest OC'ing unless you have some independent method of temp measurement and are very careful. I still like the board overall, but these stupid little issues are starting to get to me.

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Update3/21/2009 7:06:49 PM

Pros: Still loving this one! Finally got Hybrid Crossfire to work and got a Vista Aero score of 4.1 and a gaming graphics score of 4.8.

Cons: Very poor technical information provided with the card. The manual is terrible and the driver disk is terribly outdated.

Overall Review: To get the XFire to work, you need to download the newest Catalyst drivers from ATI not ASUS. Version 9.3 works like a charm. This is one excellent performing card for less than 50 bucks CDN.

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Hmmm3/6/2009 8:43:55 AM

Pros: Small and cheap.

Cons: I understood from the description and the package that it came with a power connector. It didn't, forcing me to scrounge for one. Rather annoying.

Overall Review: I didn't have the loose connector problems that some have had, but I haven't tried it out yet as I'm still getting set up. Remember that it WON'T speed up an ATA drive, it only makes it work on a SATA interface. Still cheaper than replacing the old ATA one though.

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Not bad3/6/2009 8:35:59 AM

Pros: Nice and small, no fan to make noise, effortless setup. It's got a Vista score of 3.5 on Aero, and 4.0 on gaming graphics. Good enough for what I do, plus it has an HDMI output and hardware decoder built in.

Cons: I can't figure out how to get the Hybrid Graphics to work yet, and it isn't in the manual or in the setup programs, so -1 egg for that. It's really only -0.5 eggs, but I can't choose that. LOL. The graphics still look gorgeous, and unless you're playing some serious games, they're still good enough for casual gaming.

Overall Review: A manual with a bit more detail into how the settings actually work might be nice. I'm used to Nvidia, and ATI's control center is a bit unwieldy. Maybe a few more technical details...

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Wow3/6/2009 8:27:39 AM

Pros: Nicely built, supports overclocking with the 790GX chipset and ACC, MOSFET cooler. Supports hybrid graphics. Plenty of USB connectors inside. HDMI onboard. Extremely easy setup and a great manual.

Cons: Getting it into a mid-size tower case was brutal, but it is an ATX board, so yeah. Make sure you put the SATA connectors on first if you have a big drive tower. If you have a big CPU cooler, you might want to put the first stick of RAM in before you put the cooler on and put the board in the case. Unless you have really small hands, it's a pretty tight fit. I'm having trouble figuring out the Hybrid Crossfire settings. They don't seem to be in the BIOS or driver settings, or manual for that matter, but I haven't really worked hard at this yet. Also the drivers on the CD aren't as new as they could be, so you might want to download newer ones from Foxconn. But these are really just little things and don't take away any eggs for me.

Overall Review: I set this up with an Athlon 7750 BE, Radeon 3450, 4 GB OCZ RAM (No problems there. Some people were complaining that OCZ RAM didn't work right, I dunno.) and Vista Home Prem 64. I haven't even OC'd this thing yet and it just screams. I have an Intel 3GHz system I use at work, and no way it keeps up with this thing. I'm not a big gamer and even the onboard graphics are good enough for what I do. I can't wait to get the Hybrid Graphics working, though. I can't say enough about Newegg. This is my second purchase from them and the service has been great. Even after having a verification problem with my credit card address, they contacted me right away and they were still able to ship before the rebate deadline ran out. Fantastic.

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