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Great FPS/RPG.3/17/2010 9:18:24 AM

Pros: Overall this is a great game. It rewards exploration. The free roaming AI are considerably better than Stalker SOC, and CS. AI will loot bodies, making them feel more like human controlled players. The graphics are good on a high end machine. There are better looking games out there but they do not have the gameplay of this one. I would give this game a 90/100

Cons: In my opinion there are only a few things that could make this game better. 1. Coop with 1 or more players. 2. Not having to take a guide to the different areas. Just be able to walk there. 3. Destructible environments. 4. A few vehicles

Overall Review: This game ran perfectly with no crashes on Q6600 @ 3.2 -8gb RAM - GTX 285 OC - Vista 64 (1920x1200)

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Brilliant netbook.9/1/2009 11:26:48 PM

Pros: 1. Long battery life 9 hours watching movies using speakers. (Settings, WLAN off, Blutooth off. Battery settings max battery.) Using VLC media player everything runs smooth. 2. 1 GB Ram is perfect for this netbook, upgrading to 2GB even if its only $20 is not worth it in my opinion. 3. Able to play 720p video smoothly using VLC. Make sure that you turn the battery setting to Home/ Desktop. In max battery mode it will not play it smoothly or at all. 4. Very nice screen. A little light bleeding on the edges but only on completely black scenes. 5. Very sturdy. Fit and finish seems superior to other netbooks in this range. 6. Best keyboard of all the netbooks I've tried. 7. Strong wireless reception. 8. Older games work suprisingly well. Although the screen resolution presents a problem to some of them. Editing the games config file usually fixes it. 9. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE CHARGING CABLE. You need to push it all the way in. 2 Clicks not 1

Cons: 1. Trackpad takes some time getting used to. It does allow scrolling, (on the right side) but there is no marking, its just at the outside of the pad area. I still find myself missing it. 2. The case/sleeve should have a small pouch for accessories maybe.

Overall Review: This is the best laptop Ive ever owned. Sure its not a high end gaming laptop, however you can actually use this on the go. Its perfect, long battery life, and small so you will actually take it with you. I recommend using VOB2MPEG program for turning your movies into mpegs for use on this. VLC player works perfectly. GMABOOSTER allows you to boost the graphics without changing voltage and it does give a benefit in 3d games. Instead of an external dvd drive, use an internal with a gutted external Hard drive enclosure for cheap. It works better than networking the drive or using a usb stick IMO.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great military simulator7/16/2009 11:47:14 PM

Pros: 1. Open ended military simulator. 2. Great graphics, however you will need a good setup to play it. (It strains systems more than Crysis) 3. Heal teamates (patch up) drag or carry wounded comrades. 4. Involved community already has small mods available. 5. Play COOP through the campaign with up to 4 people. 6. Generate random scenarios, build full missions, or download community missions means lots of replayability. 7. Developers work hard to patch the game and listen to its consumers

Cons: 1. Steep learning curve for those not familiar with Armed Assault (ARMA) 2. There are still some performance issues with certain graphic card cpu combos. Please read BIS Forums. 3. Voices although a little better than Armed Assault (ARMA) are still pretty bad in some places. Download mod to fix AI radio spamming.

Overall Review: I have the european version of this game which was released by 505 but it is identical. This is a military simulator not really a game. It is difficult but rewarding if you learn and think tactically. Read about VBS 1 and VBS 2 which are actually used to train troops in different countries. This "game" is made by those developers. Playing Very high & high (AA, Postprocessing OFF) @ 1920 x 1200 on Vista 64 -- Q6600 @ 3.0 -- 8GB DDR2 -- XFX GTX 285 1GB Black Edition

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Solid Space Sim.4/5/2009 7:28:13 AM

Pros: 1. Menu's and overall controls are streamlined over X3 reunion 2. Best graphics of any space sim to date. 3. Rewarding if you spend enough time to learn. 4. Lots of space to explore, lots of missions.

Cons: 1. Players new to the X universe will have to spend awhile learning the controls, menus. 2. Some of the voice acting is really bad.

Overall Review: This is not a space combat sim, although it has combat in it. Its about trading, exploring, and fighting. You have to do all three. This is an open universe to explore. It doesn't hold your hand. So if you buy this expecting X-wing, wing commander, or Freespace, you will be disappointed. If you give it time however, it can be a great game. Runs maxed out @ 1920 x 1200 on : Q6600 (3.0Ghz) 8GB DDR2, 8800 GTX OC, Vista 64 bit.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year

Pros: This game is still a lot of fun even though it came out a few years ago. The fact that you have to actually flank the enemy and use tactics to kill are big plus. The graphics while not top notch now, still look good @ 1920 x 1200. The aiming system is good in that it is difficult and it requires you to use the iron sights. The guns do realistic damage. If you hit a german center mass or in the head he is dead. MOH and COD require you to shoot the guy more times than is neccessary. You characters speed is realistic. For all those that came from MOH, COD and Unreal games it will seem slow. Thats because it was made more for realism.

Cons: 1. Can't lean or go prone. 2. Sometimes there are barriers that really don't look like they should block you. It is fairly linear. 3. People that complain that all you do is flank, and that its hard to shoot. Clearly they haven't shot a rifle, because you can't be a deadeye like in COD or MOH. Those games are really fake, and you are the hero. Flanking and using teamwork is essential in actual combat.

Overall Review: For this price delivered its a steal. There is a cheat you can get that will allow you to play on authentic right from the beginning, and I highly recommend it. All in all I think that if you haven't played this game you should check it out.

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Great Atmosphere. A perfect rpg/shooter.3/1/2009 11:34:03 PM

Pros: Remarkable atmosphere. The graphics in this are top notch with everything turned up. It feels like a FPS but with great rpg elements. Think Deus Ex (not number two) Builds upon the world developed in the first Stalker.

Cons: It was shorter than I expected. I had a couple problems when I ran it on my laptop, but I was able to beat it anyways. The voice acting could use some improvement in some areas.

Overall Review: Played perfect @ 1920 x 1200 high and some medium settings on (XP 32 -Q6600 @ 3.0 - 4gb DDR2 1066 - 8800 GTX OC) Had a couple problems on laptop. @ 1440 x 900 (XP32 - T5650 - 2GB - GO7900GTX 256) Overall it ran fine with a mix of settings.

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GREAT COOP GAMEPLAY1/21/2009 9:52:25 AM

Pros: Lots of action, graphics are good, and the ability to play COOP through the actual story with a friend online or via lan. Owning both games GTA IV and Saints Row 2, I would have to say that saints row 2 is the better buy. In a game like this, I like action, not meaningless missions.

Cons: As a reviewer stated below the physics are fake. However this is a game that is about non realistic fun (you are a bullet sponge, as in all GTA games too) So the physics do not take away from the game at all for me anyways.

Overall Review: The reviewer that posted technical knock-out needs to realize that an 8500 GT is NOT A GAMING GRAPHICS CARD. Its for playing games made in 2004. It is the same as a 6600 GT AGP card. So I don't believe his technical expertise is as high as he says it is. This game runs @ 1920x1200 w/o antialiasing on a XP 32 machine - Q6600 -4GB DDR2 800 - 150GB Raptor - 8800 GTX OC. No stutters or slowdowns.

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NOTHING LIKE THE FIRST TWO!12/30/2008 2:23:56 PM

Pros: 1. Story 2. Sounds are great with a few exceptions 3. Graphics are good, but not as good as they should be for 2008

Cons: 1. Should be able to "heal" by ducking in authentic 2. Iron sights do not work when dug in, so you have no idea at all what you are shooting at (in authentic) 3. Too much one man army gameplay. 4. Your AI squad can't kill enemies. 5. Why is it a survival horror in some parts. 6. Who the flop cares about Franky 7. They turned this franchise into a cross between Call of Duty and MOH: Airborne, but only using the worst parts of each. 8. You can't order your tank around like in the first one, you drive it, use the main gun, and the machine gun all by yourself. Again this is something that you see in BF1942, or Call of Duty. 9. Enemy AI is worthless when you are in tank. They stand there and shoot your tank with a rifle, until you kill them. 10. Cutscenes are too long and too frequent

Overall Review: This third installment, is nothing like the first two. This franchise was original, and realistic. Now it has turned into a pile of mainstream junk. If I wanted to play Call of duty, or MOH one man army I would have bought those instead. Thanks a lot Ubisoft, once again, as with Far Cry you have ruined another title.

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Far Cry 2 Will Let You Down10/23/2008 10:07:26 PM

Pros: Far Cry 2 Has great potential to remove Crysis as the #1 Shooter for PC. Sadly it falls very short. The idea is great, free roaming campaign. For the Pro side it has (1.) Good graphics, however they are not as good as Crysis even though this is one whole year newer. (2.)No HUD for total immersion (see cons though) (3.)Healing system is new, as is repair your vehicles. (4.)A buddy system to save you in combat/ near death (5.) FIRE, that spreads on dry grass/ trees (6.) Day Night cycle is cool.

Cons: (1.) YOU CAN"T GO PRONE! (Sorry snipers) (2.) YOU CAN"T LEAN AT ALL AROUND CORNERS (3.) The blood looks like jelly donuts exploding, 4 gallons come out of 1 guy yet he isn't dead. If you shoot a dead body, why does the bullet hole go away in 2 secs? (4.)Ammo and other pickups light up? (ala console shooter) So much for immersion. (5.)It has xbox 360 achievements. (I find a diamond case, and know that I found 1 out of 221) Again why? So much for immersion. (6.)Enemy AI is weak, and dumb. Ai Driven vehicles will ram themselves into things. AI will run into your machine gun fire. AI also is too "aware" of your location. They shoot through corrugated metal at you, when they shouldn't know you are there. (7.)When enemy drives a jeep (the same kind as you) it is faster, and allows them to ram you. (8.)Enemy's respawn is brutal, you will clear the same checkpoint 5 times in one day. Its not even the enemy spawn though, the exploding barrels, and structures repair themselves!

Overall Review: Its sad that the Dev's spent so much time doing the gimmicky things. Animations for removing bullets from your body are cool, and so is repairing, but I'd give that all up for better character movement, and not having my hand held with glowing pickups. I had high hopes for this game, it is still a good game, but it is not "Great". I would give this game 80/100. Console people will say this is awesome and the best thing since sliced bread, but thats because they haven't played Crysis.

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G-Skill thanks again!1/22/2008 3:06:01 AM

Pros: Once again perfect product, this is the 5th set of this ram that I have purchased and all have arrived and worked flawlessly. For the price it is a terrific buy, they have a great looking heatsink on them aswell.

Cons: This was my fault for not doing research, an ECS Geforce7050M-M WILL NOT post with this version of G-Skill ram. I am sure that one of their other sets would work fine though.

Overall Review: I will continue to purchase G-Skill memory as they are easily as good as the so called Big names.

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Great Case1/22/2008 3:00:00 AM

Pros: This is a great case for the money. No problems during the build. All lights work, temp sensor works, power supply is fine for a general use computer.

Cons: It would be nice if this came with a fan to cool the harddrives. As other reviewers have said it is a lightweight case, and I guess it is kind of weak. But it is a computer case, and not a tank. I don't intend to take a bat to it, so I don't think that it will be a problem.

Overall Review: Apevia customer support was readily available when I had a question to ask. A+ for that, as other companies have been lacking in that department these days.

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Far Superior to Hanns-G in my opinion.1/22/2008 2:48:36 AM

Pros: This monitor can only be compared to the Hanns-G as they have the same panel specs. This is a great monitor for the money. Mine arrived with no dead/stuck pixels. The finish of this monitor is far superior to the Hanns-G 28". I was able to see both prior to purchasing, and the Viewsonic's layout is more logical. The buttons are on the front as opposed to the Hanns-G which are side mounted and ackward placed. The Viewsonic's OSD allows for more adjustments and better control, aswell as being easier to navigate. This monitor also has a great number of inputs than the Hanns-G, which would allow connecting multiple devices instead of having to unplug one all the time. I do not have the HDMI blue screen issue, it goes to sleep just fine. Color clarity and contrast are great for the money, and it is a terrific screen for watching 1080p movies. Gaming is great aswell, there is no ghosting or lag AT ALL. The unit feels sturdy on its stand, there is a cable clip to keep everything organized too

Cons: If there was a button on the front for cycling through the inputs instead of having to go into the OSD that would be a plus.

Overall Review: I highly recommend this monitor over the Hanns-G. You will not be disappointed. Comparing this to my friends 27" Dell, I believe you would have to be pretty picky to fault this monitor on color correction, or contrast. The Dell also shows ghosting aswell. For a gaming monitor, I can't think or a better bang for your buck. Specs: q6600, 4gb ram, 8800gtx OC, Raptor Dual boot XP home, Vista Home 64bit. Monitor works perfectly and goes into standby in both OS over HDMI.

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Great CPU10/8/2007 11:21:23 PM

Pros: Great CPU for the price. Fast runs XP well with 2gb ram. XP boots very fast, great for video encoding with low heat. Perfect for HTPC.

Cons: People that buy a processor for this price and think it is going to perform like one that costs 3 times the amount.

Overall Review: People need to do their research first.

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GREAT10/8/2007 11:10:56 PM

Pros: Quiet, looks good. I am actually surprised at how quiet it is. Dimensions are good, it isn't as long as other atx PSU's. I would deffinately buy from rosewill again.

Cons: It doesn't make me more powerful only my pc.

Overall Review: I'm PWAACKING!

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Perfect for Media Center10/8/2007 11:04:35 PM

Pros: Cheap, supports 64 x2, 2 x sata 2gb ram, no problems. Fits perfectly in media center. If you get a low profile right angle IDE cable, you will have no problems with any size graphics cards going over the IDE slot. Mine has a 7800 gs agp, fits perfectly. Detected GSKILL 2gb pc 6400 correctly out of the box.

Cons: People that do not research into what they need before they pull the trigger. Look at specs people. Why did you think it would have more than 1 IDE port, if it only said it had one!

Overall Review: 64 x2 4200+, 2gb Gskill, 7800 gs, 1 IDE DVD-rom, 1 IDE 320 HD, 1 sata 500 GB hd, no problems.

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Dimensions are listed incorrectly,10/8/2007 10:57:01 PM

Pros: Nice case simple, easy to set up and use. Good airflow. Fits full size atx power supply.

Cons: THE DIMENSIONS ARE LISTED INCORRECTLY. THIS CASE IS 16 and 1/4 inches deep (not including the thumbscrews) , not 15" as the listing suggests. I had to cut out the back of my cabinet to make it fit, and I did buy this because it was 15". But with the back of the case sticking out, airflow is better, oh well.

Overall Review: You can buy a replacement LCD for the front that is programmable. Make sure you get a ATX power supply that is not very deep so you dont have cabling problems. I have a Rosewill 400w with a 120mm fan and it is the perfect size.

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MOHA10/6/2007 7:03:27 AM

Pros: I have built 2,568,586,999 overpriced computers but that makes no difference because it is a game review. The game is short, it is fun to play for what it is. The graphics are good and the hero level high. If you are looking for any bit of realism whatsoever, look away. That said it is still fun for awhile.

Cons: Short. MP is not good with current version of game. Hopefully a patch will fix this.

Overall Review: Wait till price is under $30 thirty. I wish I did.

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Great For Linux MythTV9/14/2007 11:39:07 PM

Pros: This is a great TV tuner card. It has hardware encoding and will greatly reduce CPU use for encoding (I see -30%) on my system. I would recommend this over the PVR-350 for Linux MythTV builders. All three Major linux MythTV distro's recognize this card immediately. MythDora, MythBuntu, KnoppMyth tested all three no problems. BeyondTV will work with it aswell. Remote is very easy to set up.

Cons: Would be nice if it came with a S-Video cable.

Overall Review: MSI FX5200 and ChainTech AV-710 are awesome to finish out your MythTV build.

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