newegg always a goodegg2/19/2009 5:45:17 PM

Pros: First was DOA, wouldn't format or accept data (3 other name brand cards work fine with same device). Contacted newegg and was sent another via UPS Ground Next Day Saver ("Saver" indicates that newegg got a bulk shipping rate discount, and they usually ship 3 day UPS Ground Saver,- but they probably lost money on this transaction,- which is why I rate their Customer Service highest of all 'etail merchants, and have made purchases from them with confidence for several years). As for the product review; Kingston manufactures high quality products, and while I know that an occassional defect inevitably will slip past quality control, this was a first for me with Kingston products. The replacement newegg sent works flawlessly. Flash memory has become inexpensive in every format, but this Kingston 2GB SD card really is a good buy of high quality brand name product for a great price.

Cons: There really isn't anything negative to say, as this is a great product and another excellent experience with newegg.

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ASUS Aces in my book12/14/2007 3:10:32 PM

Pros: This is without doubt THE most quality and reliable SATA DVD writers in its class, bar none; ASUS comes up aces with this one. Not one other drive we have examined has utilized the same solid build thick ribbed press-formed design that this has on the cover housing of the spindle hub,- which affects stability against vibration and wear of the spindle hub ( no sloppiness and give of thin flat metal cover that cause chatter/vibration/premature wear and failure of other DVD writers,- especially those that write at extremely high RPMS necessary for 20X writing).

Cons: Absolutely none.

Overall Review: As a purchaser and builder for a small outfit building primarily high-end gaming systems, with a priority of highest quality over profitability,- I have to consider not only the initial cost of a product but also the durability/reliability of an item under longterm heavy usage,- i.e., will it require warranty replacement or follow-up tech servicing in the future,- resulting in higher end cost to my business? Newegg has often, as in this case, been competitive even over my wholesale sources, offering this retail boxed SATA drive for approx equivalent of my OEM purchase cost,- and their processing from ordering to shipment and delivery is often much quicker and easier than reseller/wholesaler transactions. Hard to say no to that.

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Fast, stable gaming processor12/5/2007 10:35:55 PM

Pros: With the introduction of the AMD Phenom quad cores, one might think this X2 is rendered obsolete,- and they would be mistaken; the X2 6400 is currently the best combination of speed and stability for gaming,- and (not having the as yet unresolved memory killing problems of the Intel 6801 MOBO's), and making the most efficient use of AM2 X2 memory bus,- so much so that if the 6400 had been built and released on the Brisbane core with new 65nm and still had 2MB L2 cache vs the (2x512MB Brisbane core uses),- it would have significantly outpaced AMD's new Phenom X4 processor in benchmarks (as it already does with 6400 X2's with 90nm process in some that favor gaming). Until gaming software programmers begin to take advantage of X4 cores, AMD made a wise choice not to offer a Brisbane Black Box of the 6400 X2,- though it would have been nice to have had such a beastie.

Cons: Not done on Brisbane with 65nm tech, which could have run slightly cooler and at lower voltage,- but not really an issue.

Overall Review: This is a great processor at an excellent pricepoint. I would still take proficient speed and stability of the X2 6400 with stable AM2 590 MOBO chipset over any comparable current Intel X2 with 680i chipset MOBO.

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Nice pricepoint introduction by AMD/Newgg11/26/2007 5:26:51 PM

Pros: As a registered Microsoft System Builder and AMD Reseller, anything I say is bound to be considered biased by some; however, I build systems with 'the other' brand product as well, and speak from experience, not unfair prejudices when reviewing. This processor fills a nice niche for anyone interested in building a forward looking system right now, and it has an edge over the Q6600 in that IT isn't murdering expensive memory in short order, as the 680i chipset been proven to be doing, and it is rock solid stable. It is built on the latest 65nm manufacturing process, has plenty of headroom for overclocking when married up with the AM2+ 7 series chipset MB,- while performing quite proficiently in its own right in the AM2 MB,- where it is unable to kick in the 'nitrous oxide' and really open her up. Comparing it to the Q6600, which is optimally matched with the 680i chipset (except for being a memory killer) is not only unfair,- it is unrealistic, apples and oranges,..uhem..680i ..lemons

Cons: I would be hard pressed to find any REAL fault with these processors OR the price they are offered at; sure, AMD could have waited and released the Phenom to coincide with the AM2+ MB's (and Newegg could have taken the same approach),- but THAT's the kind of thing the 'other' guys tend to structure their marketing around, which is why I AM somewhat biased toward AMD, at least in that regard.

Overall Review: The 'other' brand, having had some issues with the blazingly fast 680i chipset is not to be counted out,- to the contrary,- they just have to do some debugging of the memory bus interface, which is what the geeks who do that work get the big bucks for. Continual competition has kept the momentum going in the processor wars, and we all reap the benefit. Newegg, as always, shares the rewards with its customers, introducing the Phenom at a phenomenal pricepoint.

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Nuthin' But The Best11/14/2007 9:13:32 PM

Pros: Great processor, great price. This is the best gaming processor for your money, and will do anything else you could possibly expect from a high end CPU. Comes factory unlocked for overclocking even with MB's of limited BIOS tweaking capabilities.

Cons: None. This baby is suhweeet!! Concern for processors, memory or other static vulnerable components is that Neweggs' shipping department packs these items in WHITE styrofoam peanuts that arrive with these components having the styrofoam peanuts broken up and STATIC CLINGING all over their packaging plastic wrap,- which scores a 2 ona scale of 1-10, no matter how well the items are packed other than the incorrect styro peanuts: ANYONE who has knowledge of proper packing for shipping sensitive and electronics that are vulnerable to static KNOWS that ONLY the ANTI-STATIC PINK STYROFOAM PEANUTS. Newegg Quality Management needs to school their shipping guys.

Overall Review: To the novice below who said their were no docs stating this was CPU ONLY,- the specs CLEARLY state NO FAN, and even the Model ADX6400CZWOF (WOF=With Out Fan) indicates this for anyone experienced with AMD retail boxed processors; besides, a stock AMD fan on this would be absurd, even AMD realizes this and doesn't sell the 6400 Windsor with fan/heatsink (last retail with fan/heatsink was 6000). Buy Zalman's CNPS9700 from newegg,- and use the 'Super Thermal Grease' that comes with it,- or Arctic 5 Silver. AMD rocks, newegg rules, nubees stop writing unfair bad reviews. 'Nuf said.

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