Best 144hz 1080p Panel11/26/2020 10:45:29 AM

Pros: -120hz on Console is easily felt even when playing games capped at 60fps, turning on blur reduction in FPS mode in Apex Legends you will literally experience zero blur during full auto shooting. The Red Dot of your cross hair remaining 100% visible the entire time as if your weren't even firing. -Black Equalizer absolutely destroys LG and Asus Black Booster mode. Shadows are virtually gone in FPS mode or a mode you custom make to your liking. -Even after adjusting shadows you can adjust vibrance which will add color back to any shadows you erased with black equalizer which makes enemies stand out way better without washing out your image.

Cons: -The on screen display could be better, but once you tweak all of your settings the screen will remember your profiles and auto switch if you are going back and forth between PC and Console so it isn't that bad.

Overall Review: This is the best IPS panel you can buy for Competitive Console gaming or PC gaming at 144hz hands down, it feels just like my BenQ TN panel but with better color and better shadow tweaking. I also have zero light bleed or IPS glow, absolutely zero. Comparing the motion handling to my LG850 1440p; the EX2510 is on a whole different spectrum of performance.

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