Leave solar to homes8/13/2020 12:29:29 PM

Pros: The mouse has a good feel, well made.

Cons: The solar failed in light use within 12 hrs and haven't been able to get restarted. If I understand this correctly batteries are sent for the mouse and the keyboard which appear to require a back battery, wasn't required. the solar app further information link is nowhere to find. This is complete unacceptable

Overall Review: if you want a mouse you can get one at a decent price. but when a set has one component operating properly. Waste your time and money. Keep solar on homes

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Compatibility but slow speeds2/9/2019 11:18:24 PM

Pros: As per description, These drive are compatable with DOS and up to Linux

Cons: Included software was trial only and it installed unneeded applications. The drive itself is dependable but has slow write times.

Overall Review: Recommended

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Good Investment11/7/2018 7:20:19 AM

Pros: Plug and play as my motherboard and O/S saw it, works as advertised

Cons: Just one concern, A beginner should have looked to Silicon Power's website for detailed instructions and additional software. It isn't a deal breaker but worth noting.

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Cheap Upgrade to the dying AM3+ Motherboards, Money well spent.8/5/2018 11:31:53 AM

Pros: Low cost upgrade from a Phenom II X6,

Cons: none noted

Overall Review: With my transition to Linux planned I wanted keep the upgrades affordable yet functional. While previous CPU was doing a fine job this is the time to upgrade if only for the price point

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TX-27/9/2014 9:10:39 PM

Pros: While there are many great thermal grease compounds that do a fantastic job. The Tuniq TX-2 is non-conductive and non-capacitive. It requires no curing and doesn't harden. It has a seven year life span after applied. It cleans easily with rubbing alcohol. Application is easy.

Cons: No real complaints as it is my goto product

Overall Review: There are many good choices so do your home work online and get a primer on how thermal paste selection can make or break the success of your build

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ASRock6/7/2013 11:48:22 PM

Pros: This motherboard allows you to use AM3 with expansion to later CPU's SATA III and USB 3.0 are great complements to this package. At 80 Dollars. This is a go to choice as it provides a wide range of options. After exhaustive research, I found this to be a great replacement to my MSI

Cons: I am a bit concerned about the temps as they are slightly higher than the MSI one. I'll keep a close eye on them. I am employing a Hyper 212-EVO for a T1090 Phenom X6. Stabilizes the temps.

Overall Review: 1.While I don't overclock, I would recommend the Hyper 212-EVO. I never cared for the stock heatsink. 2.This is a nice upgrade and allows for future expansion while keep older CPU and Memory (DDR3) This would allow a user to transition into newer parts as time and money permit

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Got Memory Today11/8/2012 7:59:49 PM

Pros: After installing memory, I was impressed with the performance gain

Cons: One stick is DOA and my faith in the Muskin line is questioned.

Overall Review: Up to this moment, Muskin has had a flawless operational record. I will have to start an RMA process tommorrow due to the failure of one stick. The sad part is that I had to wait about a week and now there is additional money and shipping time to correct what could've been avoided with better quality control

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good while it worked6/19/2012 10:27:34 AM

Pros: worked great

Cons: flash drive failed on 6/1/12 and is no longer recognized by windows 7 64. Flimsy workmanship. Up until this time, I have had great faith in Patriot products (mostly PC memory) I am disappointed because when it is said and done, I will pay more to RMA than to just purchase another one from a more reputable company

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, I'm sorry to hear that you had some issues with your flash drive. If you need any further assistance, or would like to proceed with a warranty replacement, please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail. Thank you for choosing Patriot Memory! Best Regards, Benjamin Patriot Memory Customer Care Support@Patriotmem.com
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Avoid at all cost10/22/2011 11:49:40 PM

Pros: 1. controls 5 fans 2. shows rpm's 3 shows temps

Cons: Instructions were non-exsistant and referred you to website for them. Connections are delicate and problematic. After battery installation (correctly) unit failed to keep settings. After three weeks, unit failed altogether. Because I didn't purchase this at new egg and, I am at a loss. Because I employed cable management, I will have to remove it to remove the device to replace. This is my first and last product from this company

Overall Review: any thoughts from this company would be welcomed

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Manufacturer Response:
We apologize if we have inconvenient you with the performance of our Sentry LX. We would like for you to email us service@nzxt.com or contact us directly so we can discuss and figure out the core of the problem. We hope to hear form you soon.
Linux Users Beware2/15/2011 5:30:31 AM

Pros: As a windows user, this board will provide but that is where the support ends.

Cons: It's better to research these boards and their intended use before purchasing. At this writing, there appears to be an issue with the GMA 3150 graphics and linux. After a rather exhaustive search, I haven't located much specifics. MeeGo 2.1 will install however access to CD is lacking due to the design of this O/S to install on a netbook. It's rumored that Ubuntu 11.04 will resolve this issue but it is still in alpha stages

Overall Review: This is my first purchase of Zotac products and the overall experience has been bittersweet. Between the RMA, finding a suitable linux operating system and the spotty technical support, I am thoroughly convinced to turn to more reputable vendors.

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