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Awesome Fan Great Products3/18/2021 9:28:46 AM

Overall Review: Bought an extra one to go with my Be Quiet tower giving me 3 fans total wow now my 3700X runs extremely cool during my music production sessions.

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Great Product3/18/2021 9:26:23 AM

Overall Review: I'm going to purchase another one of these just because I love the one that's in my PC and I'll be needing more storage for projects. Great Unit I've installed many of these already and have no regrets if anything happens with it I'll re-post here again

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Glad I bought it3/18/2021 9:23:11 AM

Overall Review: Great purchase and it's making my studio PC awesome! Very happy and I will repost if anything happens in the near future definitely worth the money.

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Works Great as expected3/18/2021 9:20:14 AM

Overall Review: Snapped right into my Tomahawk Max II board and took off at boot-up runs like a dream. I'm not overclocking anything on my rig to see what it's capable of running a music DAW in my studio. Buy the better memory you won't be disappointed. I re-post if anything happens.

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Great Product3/18/2021 9:15:41 AM

Overall Review: I've been running my new studio PC for a week non-stop and this power supply barely gets a workout. Now and then the fan will run for a little bit but all is well and it seems to stay quite cool. Great value for my first Studio PC I will re-post here if there is anything to add in the future.

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Great Tower!!!!3/18/2021 9:10:54 AM

Overall Review: This Tower is made for the builder that wants control over the build period. I can't believe all of the very nice appointments this tower has for the price. The Unit came with 2 Fans and I purchased an extra 120mm for more airflow if I needed it. Wow-what a deal. Update 3/18/21 been running my new setup for a week with no problems in the studio at all wow, I can't believe the value of this tower what an absolutely awesome tower I will use the be quiet brand for all of my future builds they are just that awesome!!!!!

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