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Wanted more bulbs7/28/2013 6:09:22 AM

Pros: Brighter than I expected. All bulbs have the same color. Nice color light for living areas. Feels solid - well made.

Cons: Wanted 6 at sale price.

Overall Review: First light bulbs that I will likely pass on to my grand kids. I will likely buy more when they go on sale again. Even at the regular price they will save money over CFLs.

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Good overall11/21/2012 2:02:31 PM

Pros: Speed, good value.

Cons: Windows 8. I really Don't like this OS. My wife uses this machine and seems to be dealing with it. I warned her that a lot of windows 8 users like me feel the same way. When she has a problem I just tell her I can't help. It has been a long week.

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One Problem7/20/2012 5:05:46 PM

Pros: Solid feel Works perfectly Easy setup

Cons: Back up button is Too easy to push in error. OK my thumb is large. If your hands are big don't buy.

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Buy it before it's gone10/12/2010 2:42:41 PM

Pros: No hotplate to start a fire. Nice carafe design. Insulated glass lined carafe keep coffee hot longer than the steel thermal carafes that are usually found. No hotplate to boil off (destroy) the flavor.

Cons: Clock is just something to go wrong. I don't know anyone who uses the timer to start their coffee pot. Why would anyone want to leave coffee grounds in the open air overnight.

Overall Review: Over 30 years or more I have purchased several nearly identical models for myself and gifts. Usually the human interface breaks down after five+ years. I end up with extra carafes. I get a new one and put it under the Christmas tree. This unit if it runs true to form will be a good value. Because similar units are hard to find anymore I got different B&D unit - for twice the price. The first steel carafe was defective. The second one still leaks a little and you can't use it on the coffee table. My wife was happy to see the the "old" machine on the counter this morning.

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Buying another Pixxo8/21/2010 12:25:25 PM

Pros: Feels good in my large hand. Always worked. Works with XP and Vista. Turns itself off when not being used. Turns back on with mouse click. On/off switch useful for travel - does not turn on inside computer bag. My wife does not complain about it. I' getting her a red Pixxo for her laptop.

Cons: Needs to be stored in ziplock bag to keep receiver from getting lost in storage.

Overall Review: I have used this with Vista, XP, several laptops, and a desktop. It worked as well as any other mouse I have ever had. I've never loaded a driver for it. It just always worked.

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Heavy Weight4/7/2010 11:52:35 AM

Pros: Does everything a home / office printer should. This printer is nearly twice as heavy as many similar printers. Does more weight = stronger guts? I hope so.

Cons: Does not dust itself and other equipment around it.

Overall Review: I'm getting ready to pitch another clicking non working printer. I've still got $100 of HP ink. Never again. My computer was built with parts I got here. Should eggs come off for a problem? which nearly all? Neweggers don't have?

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10/31/2009 3:41:31 PM

Pros: It works OK for me.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Too many to list

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Feels good10/21/2009 7:49:48 PM

Pros: The S805 just feels good in your hand. It is heavy in a good way. Smooth like a stone from a creek. Works OK

Cons: No activity LED

Overall Review: This drive is a work of art. I would recommend it as a gift to anyone who appreciates high quality tools.

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Good enough for me.4/27/2009 9:53:52 AM

Pros: Everything seems to work except when I make an error. Hard to make errors. Very simple, quick, and easy to build a working computer with this board. Fast to boot up

Cons: When first turned on the initial "system temperature" is a few degrees lower than the room temperature. Picky picky picky.

Overall Review: This was my first build in 8 years. It was so simple next to the "old days." My retired (6 year old) computer was purchased for less than I could buy the parts and software for. I had upgraded memory a few times and had a good video card. Intel no longer made compatible processors. My new machine is faster. I could have lived with slow a little longer but there was no upgrade path. With this motherboard it may take many years to run out of upgrades or even find out what it will do. BE X3 720 onboard video 4 GB G.Skill DDR 2 800 5-5-5-15 XP 1 WD hd Antec 380 w 80+ Some may think this is lower than needed but it runs this system with no problems.

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Good value4/10/2009 12:33:09 AM

Pros: Solid construction Low profile for ATX case No sharp edges - I felt every edge. Easy to work on

Cons: LCD display - I hate it. It is busy without telling much. It gives temperature on only one point in the case. The lights on the optical drive can't be seen. The design could have been done better so that power supply warmed air would all discharge out of the case.

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No problem so far4/9/2009 1:41:00 PM

Pros: It works - very fast

Cons: Something better will come along

Overall Review: This was simple to build and all the parts worked perfectly. PS - Earthwatt 380 w CPU - AMD Phenom X3 720 Memory - G.Skill F2-6400CL5D-4GBPQ R HD - WD SATA2 WD3200AAJS

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Nothing fancy3/26/2009 8:21:49 PM

Pros: Quiet Runs cool Blue LED Good value My computer says 592GB

Cons: Will not provide white noise to drown out mice whispering. Can't be used as space heater. LED too small for a night light. No ooooo'z or ahaaaa'z when I tell the price. My computer says 592GB

Overall Review: A stand to hold it would be nice so that it would take up less space. The LED would be more useful at the other end - wire end where it is will normally face away from you. This thing is plain. If the Amish had computers this would be their external hard drive of choice.

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