Good for the sale price7/19/2017 3:29:25 PM

Pros: - Good clarity on the lenses. Seem high quality, but time will tell how long until they start scratching, as all glasses do, even with microfiber cloths. - Lens color is good, although I was looking more for a brown color. I like that it makes cloudy days feel more "sunny" outside. I have a pair of Nike sunglasses that have more brownish orange lens that I like A LOT, but they were only available in white frames and I hate that look. I don't wear those in public if I can help it, lol. - Polarization seems as good as it can be for plastic lenses. Definitely doesn't beat Costa's glass lenses. Have not tried these on the water yet though. Did work well after a rain and the wet roads with the sun.

Cons: - For 22 bucks, not much. At full price, not even close to worth it. My only complaint, sort of, is that they are pretty tight on my head, and I wear a size small baseball hat. Could be good for activities as they won't just slip off the face.

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Possibly good, with some updates and know how6/7/2016 11:44:19 AM

Pros: -Nice looking laptop (when not covered in fingerprints)<br>-Good performance to price ratio<br>-Better than average keyboard<br>-8GB of DDR4 ram as a single stick. Match timings to an additional 8GB stick for cheap 16GB upgrade (voids warranty)<br>-USB-C and mini DP connector

Cons: -Driver issues.<br>-Slightly better than standard TN display. Colors are good compared to cheap TN panels. But this still suffers from poor <br>viewing angles.<br>-Firmware/BIOS issues<br>-Massive fingerprint magnet. I didn't think it would be as bad as others have said, but it is atrocious.<br>-Driver issues!<br>-No backlit keyboard, most others in this price range have this.<br>-NOISY fan at idle. MSI really needed to include a custom fan utility here. 3300 rpm at idle is ridiculous. On turbo (6000+ rpm!!) mode you really could use it as a hair dryer.<br>-Ugrades void warranty. Seriously MSI, this is an enthusiasts rig, let us do upgrades!<br>-Driver issues!!<br>-DRIVER ISSUES!!! -**EDIT** Dropping another egg after 1 week of use. Laptop has started to make an electrical clicking and whining noise now, coming from the CPU/GPU area. It sounds like coil/capacitor whine, not sure how long it will last or if I should just RMA it...

Overall Review: So yeah, driver issues. The included geforce drivers are too out of date to update using the utility. When trying to update from the downloaded new drivers, I kept getting BSOD's about driver power state problems. Eventually that took after totally wiping existing nvidia drivers and reinstalling a couple times.<br>While I was at it, I decided to update the intel display drivers too. Same problems, I kept getting BSOD's, but eventually that took as well.<br>Then the WiFi... out of the box it would disconnect and the wireless adapter would disappear from the system completely! So after attempting to wipe and reinstall those drivers... can you guess?? BSOD's!!!!<br><br>After all that was resolved I finally installed Diablo III and tried it out. Decent performance on medium settings, but would still occasionally lag. Sometimes big enough that you could be in trouble if you were in hot water. (molten!)<br><br>Lastly, the display would not come back on after putting it to sleep. The only way to remedy this was a hard reboot.<br>After updating the BIOS from .10F to .111, this hasn't happened, but time will tell.<br><br>Overall this is a good performing laptop if you're willing to do some work!!

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What are ppl doing to this drive??11/22/2015 10:49:31 AM

Pros: Good speed, quiet, cool, and long life. I will continue to by these DT01 drives as long as I can.

Cons: None for me.

Overall Review: I have 4 of these DT01- series drives. 3x 2TB drives and one 3TB drive. My main 2TB drive has over 7000 hours on it and is used heavily for ripping/encoding movies. The other 2TB is connected to my DTV receiver and is heavily used every single day, it also has over 5000 hours of spin-up time. The 3rd one is in a media center computer and working well hosting all my movies on my network. I will admit that it's not a great drive for DTV as it really needs a WD purple drive. But the amount of lag to play recordings is only a couple seconds slower. My 3TB drive doesn't have a ton of hours. It's used in an external enclosure for all my movie and important file backup.

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Could not get to 24006/19/2015 9:24:35 AM

Pros: Nice heat spreaders. Stable at 2200Mhz

Cons: Using with a i5-4690k cpu, and gigabyte GA-Z77x-UD5H (v1.0), bios F14. Couldn't get it to 2400 MHZ. Tried many different settings. That motherboard shows this ram model number to be compatible and vice versa.

Overall Review: Even manually setting the timings and bumping the voltage to 1.7, and 1.75, I couldn't get it to run at 2400. 2200 is the best I get at 10-12-12-31 @ 1.65v. I was hoping to go from 2133 to 2400 to speed up my video encode times. But I think I will just downclock this to 2133 and have 16GB of ram instead.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Dear Customer We will be glad to help with this issue. If you are attempting 2 kits of this RAM for 16GB, the rated specifications are no longer guaranteed. For guaranteed results, only use a single kit of RAM in each computer. With a single 8GB DDR3-2400 kit, enable XMP and the system should run smoothly at full speed. By adding a second kit for 16GB, XMP can no longer be used. You will need to attempt manual settings. Also, full slots of DDR3-2400 can be stressful for the CPU memory controller, so additional tweaks to the CPU System Agent Voltage may be necessary. If you would like help with this, please don't hesitate to let us know. The G.Skill support team is readily available to help and provide the necessary tips you need for the system to run fast and stable. Once complete, you can expect maximum performance for video encoding. Thank you GSKILL SUPPORT Quality and customer service are our top priorities. Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email: G.Skill Forum:
Great Drive3/18/2013 9:11:09 AM

Pros: Fast for HDD. Consistently benchmarks at or above 170MBs read/write. Quiet. Unless its doing crazy seeks, its pretty darn quiet.

Cons: Runs slightly warm. Constantly idling it sits around 93 deg F. But its in a case with no HDD airflow, so that's not horrible.

Overall Review: Got for 90. Wouldn't pay more than that. Hopefully Thailand flooding prices will disappear soon.

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Decent case, bad power supply.2/17/2012 9:08:55 AM

Pros: Its nice and compact and the design looks really nice.

Cons: Interior layout. With an Asus board, the main power connector ends up beneath the DVD drive bay. The ram slots are also very close to being underneath which means I had to fit that bundle of wires between the DVD drive and the ram, and its actually leaning the ram slightly because of it. Front power light is insanely bright, it projects a blue image all the way across the living room, so I taped a small piece of foil on the button. It is literally like looking into one of those old school blue led flashlights, its that bright. Power supply. It made a slight ticking noise from the get go but didn't bother me much, now after 6 months it full on screams at me, now I have to replace the fan. The noise is horrific.

Overall Review: The case itself is OK, but may be troublesome depending on motherboard layout, check the pictures of your setup before buying. If your RAM or power connector are located on the edge that's towards the front of the case, I wouldn't recommend the case. Looks like most people have had luck on the power supply, but I can't say I have. Its your risk. Unfortunately all these risks come associated with ITX cases.

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Decent5/19/2011 6:05:38 PM

Pros: -Good adjustable base. I like all the positions you can move it in. -IPS panel itself is pretty good, I feel it would reproduce colors better well with a better back-light. -Acceptably thin bezel, works well for my dual monitor setup. -Built in power supply, I hate external bricks, even if it makes the frame thinner.

Cons: Compared to my Acer CCFL back-lit TN monitor that is set up as the second monitor, the colors don't seem natural enough. The blues are too blue as I believe this to be the fault of the LED's. I think they should have used a more neutral or slightly warm LED. Adjusting individual colors/gamma helps a little bit with that problem, but then it throws the color balance and contrasts off. I've tweaked with the settings a fair amount but still can't get the pictures to look as natural as the Acer. Both are hooked up to digital ports (HDMI/DVI) No matter what I do, I cannot get the white saturation and black contrasts to acceptable levels using calibration images with this monitor, it just won't do it. Anything below a black level of 5 is virtually invisible compared to the Acer display.

Overall Review: This panel with a CCFL back-light would have been better. I may return this and go with the Viewsonic instead... I recently purchased the LG TN-panel LED back-lit monitor and it was much, much worse than this one. Spend the extra ~40 bucks and get this one. Unless anyone else has any calibration suggestions, I can't give this more than a mild recommendation.

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Disappointed5/11/2011 6:19:33 PM

Pros: Aesthetically pleasing, beautiful looking monitor.

Cons: Everything with the picture. I just cant get it right either. I have an acer ccfl that cost less that I purchased 2 years ago and produces a much better color gamut. This one is just awful. Ive spent a couple hours just trying to get the colors to look even close and it never does.

Overall Review: Wish I would have spent the extra 80 bucks to buy an IPS display...

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FANTASTIC5/10/2011 11:37:26 PM

Pros: -Satisfyingly Fast! -Turbo boost: from 1.6GHz at idle or low demand to 3.3GHz when I stress it. Makes Win 7 buttery smooth even with it's iGPU. I like that it immediately adjusts freq. on the fly with no user input. -Runs cool even at full load with stock HSF. Around 40 degrees is the highest I saw. -Low profile HSF

Cons: Minor items not worth egg deduction, but still worth noting: -I'm not fond of the new stock HSF attaching design. Doesn't seem as a solid of a connection as previous designs. -No hyperthreading. Would have been a nice feature. -Price vs. AMD, but you also get what you pay for.

Overall Review: I've always been an AMD fan since the beginning due to price vs performance. But my few recent builds Ive been using Intel, and I always feel like the Intel chips have been more reliable. I've had a few bad AMD machines the last few years while my Intel computers are still running strong. I feel like Intel really knows what they're doing since the release of the core 2 quads, and more importantly the "i" series. Deep down I wish I could be an AMD fan again, but I think they're starting to lag behind the competition. **Paired this with an ASUS mini-itx H61 board, 8GB of 10666 DDR3 G.Skill ram, and a 200 watt mini-ITX case. Runs like a dream!

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Great little board5/10/2011 11:10:05 PM

Pros: -Using with an i5-2400S, it automatically adjusts CPU speed from 1.6GHz at idle/low consumption to about 3.3GHz under much higher load. Board seems to handle it just fine. -USB 3.0 is always a plus. -Flexible display options (HDMI, DVI, VGA). Currently using as a dual monitor workstation. Very happy with performance. -Everything just seems to work. (eg. not having any problems with front audio/USB or any other hardware) -New BIOS looks nice and is easy to understand

Cons: -New BIOS interface did not work well with a wireless mouse I was using. Not sure if it was just because it was wireless or not. The cursor kept jogging to top right of the screen. -Price is a tad high, but Id still say reasonable considering size/features. -ATX power connector is in a bit of a bad spot, at least in the case I was using. My relatively short DVD drive still pushes the wires against the RAM. I was eventually able to get it to just barely touch, but still, could possibly be in a better location

Overall Review: No one else has written a review yet so I thought I would. All in all, so far it seems like a worthwhile investment. The whole build went really well, and the computer runs like a dream. This board is going to have a lot of run-time as a business workstation, so time will tell how durable it truly is. Build: i5-2400S 8GB G.SKILL Ripjaws F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL IN-WIN BP655.200BL Black Mini-ITX Desktop Case WD Caviar Green WD7500AARS 750GB LG DVD Burner GH24NS70 Win 7 Pro x64

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JUNK1/29/2009 11:34:56 AM

Pros: Works most of the time. Fair amount of features.

Cons: V.2 is terrible, I don't know why linksys is so anti-3rd party firmware, its not a large percentage of people who use other firmware. Plus, this router is SO buggy, it freezes all the time, and always needs to be reset. And its not just this one, I've tried switching it out.

Overall Review: Avoid this one and many of the new linksys routers from what i hear... I'm sorry that i didn't get my money back for this one.

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Not Bad at All1/27/2009 11:03:35 AM

Pros: Great Value! Couldn't really ask for a better picture for the price. Luckily I didn't have any dead pixels. Monitor looks great too, I like the glossy trim with the touch buttons, which I haven't had any problems with like ppl are saying. Maybe because they're not as tactical as actual buttons.

Cons: This monitor DOES have some light bleed at the edges and the blacks aren't anything to rave about. But hey, I wouldn't expect anything better at this price level. SLOW VIDEO SWITCHING RESPONSE!! It's very annoying actually. Especially when I'm playing a game such as Warcraft and i want to switch back and forth into windows quick, well, it takes a good 5-6 seconds or so for it to display anything. I'm guessing its from switching resolutions.

Overall Review: Overall though, it was well worth the price. It will suit me just fine until viable OLED screens become mainstream!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
SO SOLID12/15/2008 9:52:01 PM

Pros: Has everything you could really want in a sub 200 dollar board! Loads of SATA ports!! Everything installed as easy as it could go. I haven't had any issues with it so far, i just hope it goes that way for at least a few years! Havent tried OC'ing yet, but everyone says it goes well.

Cons: None at the price. If i want to be picky I guess I could say it would have been nice to have DDR3 support, but with being the price it is, its not much of an issue.

Overall Review: My stable setup... This MOBO GsKill 1066 ram. 2x 2Gb PC Power Cooling 610 watt psu VelociRaptor HDD GForce 9600 GT (for now) INTEL Q9550 HOPE THIS HELPS!

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Solid Board7/24/2007 10:47:40 PM

Pros: Seems really stable with the set up i have. using an X2 3800+, a gig of Corsair XMS ram and a Gigabyte video card. Turning on quick boot gets you from power on, to windows loading screen in spprox 4-5 seconds, fastest ive seen yet.

Cons: Not much experience with it so far, but from what i can tell its a stable board with no apparent glitches. My only gripe, which pulled me to a 4 star rating, was the ATX POWER CONNECTOR, in a smaller tower, it gets in the way of HDD's, they should have put it closer to the CPU socket IMO...

Overall Review: The heat pipe was a good idea, im running this with a fanless video card, auto fan-speed adjusting antec PS, stock AMD HS&fan, and one rear 120mm fan using the optimal setting in the bios, this makes one of the quietest pc's i've built. The HDD is the loudest component, even at idle!

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Great Pad9/28/2006 10:46:33 PM

Pros: Never had any jitters with my Mx500. Works alot better than the bare wood desk or a few other "optical" advertized pads ive used. Mice glide real smooth on the soft cloth surface.

Cons: None so far. Ive used this for more than a year now and no peeling. A bit of "fringing" on the edge where my hand always rubs, but i would expect that with anything. I think my mouse is more worn than this pad.

Overall Review: Best pad Ive used so far, atleast in my experience.

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Solid Case - Bad PSU4/22/2006 8:13:02 PM

Pros: Case is well built with a sleek design, no major problems with the case. 120mm fan is nice, its not a very noisy unit.

Cons: Mine came with a bad PSU, all the +5v and 3.3v rails were dead. The +12v rails were the only ones working. Front USB ports are a little too sunk in, usb cables dont seat in all the way.

Overall Review: The dead PSU was kind of a bummer, but luckily the power supply was only supposed to be the "icing" on the cake and not a neccesity. SO if your banking on using the powersupply with this case, look for another case or PSU to go along with it.

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Solid Case2/12/2006 5:02:21 PM

Pros: Solid Construction, 120mm fan included, nice non-flashy design, 3 individual HDD lights, adjustable cpu fan duct.

Cons: Tight fit with standard ATX boards, somewhat low-end power supply, but otherwise nothing critical.

Overall Review: Good solid case, no major flaws. Case has good airflow and is quite silent. The included 350 watt power supply is of decent quality, its one of the lower end antec ones. The power turns on all rails when you flip the power switch for a breif second, putting power to anything connected for that moment. I have noticed that many lower end power supplies do this.

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awesome value9/22/2005 1:52:21 AM

Comments: i bought this at my local RS actually, (got my employee discount). although newegg also has this at an outstanding price. but i have to say, this is one of the best looking tv's for the price. yeah, some of the 5000 dollar plasmas look better, but hey, who has 5000+ dollars to spend on a tv? this thing works great as a pc monitor, i only wish i could go higher than 1280x960. but the colors are more vivid, the whites are more pure, and darks are darker than my sony 17" pc monitor. its great for viewing photos. And it works wonders for playing FPS's, i play call of duty with it all the time, it just looks amazing. plus, it has led's on the back of the tv so you can see when your trying to hook up the cables, thats probably the most innovative feature ive ever seen! The only downsides is that it has trouble re-sizing, if you say, switch from windows to a game your playing, the picture can run off the edge when it tries resizing resolutions. the easiest way to solve this is to just turn the monitor off and then on again. The remote control is a bit plain as well, maybe thats a good thing though...

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10/27/2004 10:29:55 PM

Comments: great little player!! (emphasis on little) i like the plug and play feature, no more proprietary software like my minidisc player! i think the only better advice i could give to this player is battery life, this one does have about 10 hrs or so compared to the 50 hr life on my 1AA minidisc player. The controls aren't that hard either. It looks more difficult than it really is, unless you have really large fingers. I figured it out right away. and i would advise to making a &quot;playlist&quot; as well. for its size though, its 5 star player! i would buy it again if i had to.

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