Great8/4/2011 12:18:25 PM

Pros: No issues like others have stated, just keeps on working. Great cost for the space. Primarily used for movie playback on a WD Media player plus, via USB and a dock. No trouble.

Cons: the FAEX 1.5 gets a little hotter than I'd like. The FAEX 2TB drive is completely the opposite... stone cold. Both have been reliable... so far.

Overall Review: Have had WD drives die but not in the Black series. 5 years is a great no questions asked warranty from WD. Have used the warranty and they are fast in replacing their products. Currently running 16-FAEX 1.5 drives in a video raid at work. Stable for over 6 months. I believe in batch problems with these manufactured products. See some bad discs show up in reviews close together by date and you might get a dead drive shipped. read a string of good reviews, you might get into the good batch. It's always a cr*p shoot.... They are warranted for this kind of issue and Newegg always has come through whenever there has been an issue! Fear not!

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Works just fine!4/15/2011 9:45:19 AM

Pros: 2- USB ports a plus! Running WD Black 1.0TB, and 1.5TB drives in docking stations tied to the WD TV PLUS. On screen interface not as good as some but is alright. for less than $100 I think it's very worth the money and plan to add more of these in the house! The up-conversion to 1080 looks terrific, very impressed. Running this device video output on my Panasonic Plasma looks better than I thought it could. A sweet deal to not have to go look for the disc on the shelf, but instead scroll through the menu to find your favorite movie, wish I'd done this sooner!!! Although there are getting to be more of these type of devices out there, this one has overall had great reviews and ultimately why I purchased WDTV+ Go for it!

Cons: Having more files on your drives slows down the booting/ reading process, but that's about the worst of it.

Overall Review: HDMI does not pass through Dolby Digital or DTS, but the optional optical connector does. I have an AppleTV for streaming wirelessly so I have not connected this WDTV+ to the ethernet connection yet. I am using it locally only.

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Yowza... Nice Camera!7/18/2008 1:09:26 PM

Pros: Battery life excellent, video recording in 640x480 avi great, menu controls very good, quality of stills in highest resolution setting fantastic, lag time - none in 90% of what you'll do,(it's busy after recording video... so what) exposure +/- settings very accurate, sound quality very good as an audio/memo recorder or video recorder. Really a terrific product. I use it on the trail mountain biking with speedy access, and superb results!

Cons: does not have a 'raw image' format feature. don't use the zoom control in video recording unless you want blurry video. Video designed to be used in wide angle only, can't see why this is an issue, but it is. still camera first, A/V camera 'bonus'

Overall Review: The wider lens is noticeably wider than most other point and shoot models. Holding the camera at arms length, shooting a self portrait (guessing on framing), it is possible to get a medium shot (top of head, to waist) with the widest angle setting (@6 ft tall). Use the macro setting with the zoom set at its widest angle to get optimum results. Really an all around terrific point and shoot camera!

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Most reliable drive I've had12/25/2006 11:46:04 PM

Pros: This is my second one of these, and they run flawlessly for me using high quality media. At full speed, they are a little noisy,(sounds like wind). Have yet to have a single disc write failure with this model(200 plus run so far). 16x burn time at about 3:20 is nice! I am running both in Mac's and have always preferred these Pioneers over other brands for the Mac. Have had great luck with NEC in the PC.

Cons: Thankfully Newegg will RMA these. The 110D was a return to Pioneer for service only. That took 5 months to get something back from Pioneer.

Overall Review: Newegg is by far THE BEST!!! I have never been treated better by an on-line company than I have with Newegg. Don't waiver, shop here!

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Junk!12/25/2006 11:31:39 PM

Pros: Macally makes great products in my opinion.... except for this garbage.

Cons: There just seems to be no good way to wrap the ipod for protection from scratches. Additionally, there are many terrific cases available, but there are WAY too many conflicts between cradle chargers and cases that won't fit into the cradle with the case. So the thin cover seems to be a desirable solution, but still no one has come up with a good one of these yet.... I have yet to find it.

Overall Review: They can put a "clear bra" on a car to protect from rocks being flung at it, but need to make an ipod protector from the same material, that can flex and wrap without edges that catch. Come on consumer products developers get it together!

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Super Sized11/25/2006 9:34:00 AM

Pros: Been waiting for the iPod to become big enough to hold most of my music...This is great! This is my first iPod so not able to compare to previous models. Have tested the video output 320x240, and the new 640x480 size. For a mp4 compressed to this level, and then played back out to a TV monitor, not bad for what it is. Any standard mini "4"pin that normally comes with a camcorder will work, may have to swap red, white, yellow connections to get correct connection. Very nice product

Cons: I have yet been able to shuffle a playlist only. Probably user error.

Overall Review: With this much space, and the great battery life, you will be able to watch many movies or tv episodes on the longer flights without re-charging! Apple products are terrific!

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Nice space11/24/2006 10:38:18 AM

Pros: Large enough space for most transfers. High quality design! the metal looks great and retains quite a lot of strength. (My last plastic thumb drive snapped in half with very light use.)

Cons: The power consumption is fairly high. This flash device will work in a Mac keyboard port with limited results. Small short transfers in the keyboard port are fine, but longer transfers can simply quit mid-way. However, it works fine in the front port of the G5 Tower. Activity light is an ugly Orange!

Overall Review: Comes with a very nice extension cable if you need to get USB to the front of your computer.

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Nice!11/24/2006 10:26:00 AM

Pros: Terrific sized charger for the AC adapter! Product feels of quality. Nice to be able to charge in the house, or car, without using the computer! The prongs on the AC adapter fold flat.

Cons: All is white. The LED on the car adapter is green when idle, and turns orange when charging the iPod....the LED is really too bright.

Overall Review: The car charger length could be shorter. This is not a knock to Griffen products, just to the industry overall. Why do the car chargers need to be SO BIG. It's time to come up with another connection type. How about USB built into the dashboard for 5-volt devices instead of converting externally? Newegg is the best in service and delivery of product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Better than the Apple originals!11/24/2006 10:13:51 AM

Pros: I have never had great luck with earbuds. Most will not fit "in" my ear canal, and sound quality is lost in a poor fit. These Griffin thumps are more like wearing earplugs, and less like earbuds. They come with 3 different size soft rubber tips, and DO NOT hurt my ears, a first for this type of sound delivery device! I am using the medium/middle size tips, and they are sounding great. I work in sound/video for a living, and these sound as good as any earbuds I have ever heard. These do NOT fall out of my ears, and really are comfortable.

Cons: Black in color.

Overall Review: If you never liked earbuds in the past, try these for the comfort, fit, sound, and the price is reasonable. I was surprised to actually enjoy wearing these.

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Great Drive!7/24/2006 10:44:25 PM

Pros: I have had NO trouble with the 320 SE from Western Digital! I have 3 of these to use for basic 1394A firewire current project storage, and I can't complain at all. I have two of these in a single unit, double drive bay and they stay nice and cool!

Cons: Great for ATA, but not the fastest drive out there.

Overall Review: No DOA drives yet from WD, and this is going on 6 years!

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For my Wife's Mac Mini7/3/2006 10:24:43 PM

Pros: Very sharp, no dead pixels, fast, and the color is accurate.

Cons: The base is floppy and cheap feeling, but where is the monitor going once adjusted? No place.

Overall Review: I am used to looking at the 19" Dell 1905FP's side by side on a G5, and had I known about the quality of the Rosewill 912E prior to purchasing the Dells, I would have seriously considered the Rosewill! Good Product.

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Buyer Beware of Pioneer Return/Repair4/20/2006 10:22:08 PM

Pros: Pioneer drives when working are terrific in my opinion. Been happy with the products over the years, and have owned each and every ATAPI model that Pioneer has developed. Never has the product let me down, until now.

Cons: Pioneer customer service. Terrible Newegg customer service. Terrific

Overall Review: Please note that Pioneer will take your broken drive and keep it in their posession as long as they can, (I don't understand why, because they will not communicate with the customer) I bought the DVR-110D from Newegg in Feburary 2006, the drive failed in week one, got an RMA from Pioneer and shipped it back to them. They have had my drive since March 7th. Someday I might get a replacement, but who knows, they won't communicate with the customer. I am a firm believer in the Pioneer drive for quality and long life, just purchase the drive that Newegg will warrant or you will just be frustrated as I am.

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