The Best 5600XT7/4/2020 1:57:59 PM

Pros: + Incredible bang for the buck performance on 1080p! + Runs cool and quiet. + Uses wayyyy less power than my old RX 580. + The best performing 5600XT compared to other brands. + Runs anything I throw at it with ease.

Cons: - No RGB option for the Sapphire logo that lights up red. I don't think you can turn it off, either. This omission seems silly since they don't offer a Nitro version.

Overall Review: Before I upgraded to a B550 board I had constant problems with this card on my B350 board. Now, I believe my B350 board was having power delivery issues but they didn't manifest until I upgraded to this card from a RX 580. I could barely get Windows to open before it would instantly crash. I had to update to my latest BIOS update on the old B350 board before I could get Windows to run. Even after updating the BIOS I had 2-4 crashes a day without any error codes, which was odd. I'm just putting this here to let people know I had problems on B350, but absolutely none on B550. It could've just been my experience only. After I got my B550 board all my problems went away and now I can truly love this GPU for what it is. Sapphire is always my go-to brand for GPUs!

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Very Good7/4/2020 1:45:48 PM

Pros: + RAM works at stated speeds for the first time ever on Ryzen for me. + Two m.2 slots, one at PCI 4.0 and the other at 3.0! + Gigabyte is always timely with their BIOS updates, unlike others. + Build quality. + No chipset fan!

Cons: - My RGB strip plugged into the motherboard header isn't as bright as my old mobo. It's about half as bright. I'm not sure what is going on there. Obviously it doesn't affect function of the mobo so it's not a huge deal. I just find it curious. - There is noticeable static on the Line Out jack on the back of the mobo. It is the only one that receives the headphone amplification. If I change the volume there is a lot of static noise. It's less noticeable with speakers but very noticeable if using headphones. I removed an egg for this because it does affect functionality. I realize a lot of people that use USB headsets won't hear this problem but I wanted to put it out there. I'm just going to use that jack for my speakers and get a separate amp for headphones.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an old B350 board that I believe was giving me power delivery problems and constant crashes with my Ryzen 3600 and Radeon 5600 XT, amongst other things (looking at you RAM speeds). I haven't had a SINGLE crash with my Gigabyte board, which has been a huge relief for me! One random thing is that the BIOS is missing some of the fan settings that the mobo software has. If you download the Gigabyte software you can calibrate your fans to get their exact RPM ranges, which is very helpful. I would've rather had it in the BIOS so I didn't have to download software, but it's fine. I love silence when I'm not playing games. I think I would have liked more RGB (you can always turn it off) but I'm not going to dock eggs for that. Overall, it was a pleasant upgrade experience and I'm glad I bought it!

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Great Product7/4/2020 1:29:07 PM

Pros: + Works at stated speeds + Very affordable

Cons: - None

Overall Review: I wanted to replace my last spinny HDD with this to use as a backup drive. No reason to give it any less than 5 eggs because it does what it's supposed to do. No more spinning HDD noise!

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Solid Budget Monitor5/18/2019 3:32:26 PM

Pros: + Great viewing angles: all IPS monitors have good viewing angles, which is important if you're using a second monitor that isn't directly in front of you. + 75Hz refresh rate. + Freesync is available, but see Other for more info. + LG joystick button thingy: LG monitors use a joystick that controls the user menu and they are the best system of any monitor out there! I hate fumbling around with weird buttons under or behind the monitor. All monitors should use these things. + VESA mount, which I'm using with an aftermarket stand. + Comes with a 6ft HDMI cable.

Cons: - Colors: only 72% color gamut, which is the same as a TN panel, so the colors are a bit washed out. My other IPS panel has 99% color gamut and is noticeably better sitting next to this one. - Price: you can find better, bigger monitors for not much more than this one. Get it on sale.

Overall Review: I got this on sale so I could have a second monitor for browsing while I game on my main display. I needed a 75Hz one because Windows causes problems if you have two refresh rates on two different displays. There aren't very many 22" or smaller 75Hz displays out there so I got this one. I'm not using my second monitor for gaming, but I wanted to check out the Freesync range anyway. The range is weird because it starts at 52Hz up to 75Hz. I wouldn't recommend this as an ultra-budget Freesync gaming monitor if that's what you're after. Overall, good monitor, but not amazing. Get this only if it's exactly what you need.

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Fast Storage/Backup Drive1/30/2018 4:45:41 PM

Pros: + This drive is faster than a 10 year old 7200RPM HDD I was previously using. I'm only using it for storage and backup so I can't tell you how well it'd work as an OS drive. + Quiet. + Energy efficient. + 3TB! Almost enough space for me to move in.

Cons: - I'm leery of the 2 year warranty and the many failures listed. This seems to be a problem for all high TB+ capacity HDDs for whatever reason. I'll update if I have problems. - Just a bare drive. Don't expect any screws or anything else.

Overall Review: I've always used Western Digital for HDDs. I have a couple others that are 10 years old and still running. I hope this one lasts as long. Make sure to format it as GUID if you want to use all 3TB.

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Solid Value for RGB LEDs1/30/2018 4:28:33 PM

Pros: + Plenty bright enough, even with a tinted window. + Magnets work well. I read reviews saying the magnets are weak. I've had no problems with them, even when mounting them on the top of the case and going around corners. The end piece where the connectors come out has a magnet on it so corners aren't a problem. + LED strips are pretty flexible. + Comes with an adapter for ASUS Aura motherboards, and comes with an extension cable. No problems with synchronization for me.

Cons: - Yellows are green tinted, oranges are non existent. - Silicone is fragile. Be careful mounting the strips. If you're stuffing them between your case and fans you may tear up the material on edges and such. - Not addressable, meaning you only get one solid color for all the LEDs. - Are you OCD about cable management? Prepare to have visible cables unless you are a wizard.

Overall Review: Overall, these are a good value for getting into RGB lighting. If you don't want to pay higher costs for each component being RGB and just want your case to light up, these are a good way to go. There are some cons but for the entry level price these are great. Also, make sure your case has good enough spaces for the strips themselves and you should be good to go.

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Perfect Case for Me1/30/2018 11:13:50 AM

Pros: + Airflow, airflow, airflow. Praise Fractal Design for seemingly being the only case builder that cares about airflow! + Easily removeable dust filters everywhere. FYI: you CAN remove the front filter without taking the whole panel off. Remove the bottom filter, and then press the lip on the bottom of the front filter. It pops right out and gives you access to your front fans without dealing with the tethered front panel. + Aesthetics and build quality. Looks great and the whole thing is solid. + Cable management. Recessed area with Velcro, tie-downs everywhere, cutouts where there should be cutouts, and grommets. + Wide enough for tall CPU coolers. + Surprisingly quiet. Your fans can run slower when they aren't choked off by silly front panels. + The 2 120mm fans included are very good. I also use 2 140mm fans of the same type.

Cons: - I'd rather have an acrylic side panel with typical thumbscrews. Acrylic is lighter, easier to mount, has a smaller window area so you can hide cables on the edges easier, and I wouldn't worry about it ever shattering. Also, because of the way the glass mounts, hiding RGB LEDs along the side can get...tricky. You'll probably have part of the strip poking out. There's also not enough space in between the PSU shroud and the glass at the very bottom to run LEDs down there, but not a big deal. - Not for people running custom water loops, most likely. Your AIO options are limited at the top and will limit your GPU length at the front. I don't use water cooling, but I just thought I'd add it.

Overall Review: I was comparing this case with Fractal's Focus G series. I couldn't decide whether I wanted a CD/DVD drive or not. I decided to just leave a free SATA data and power cable sitting loose behind the metal side panel in case I ever need to use it. I also preferred the acrylic window on that case. However, the Meshify C has better quality and easier to remove dust filters, more hard drive mounting options, and better cable management, so I chose it. If you're looking for a compact ATX tower with superb airflow, get the Meshify C.

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Quiet Case Fan1/30/2018 10:42:40 AM

Pros: + Quiet, no motor noise. + Moves plenty of air behind a mesh front cover. + Cables are long and are sleeved nicely.

Cons: - I knocked an egg off because the screws that come with the fans are coated black, but that coating starts comes off when you screw them into the fan. The thicker coating on the threads also makes it much more difficult to put the screws in. I switched to some standard non-coated screws, and one of holes on the fans is stripped because of the thicker screws. If you have a black case and the fans are visible, the black screws would be fine, but if your fans are hidden behind mesh/cover/whatever, then I'd recommend using some non-coated screws you have lying around to save the hassle.

Overall Review: I have two of these in a Fractal Design Meshify C as front intakes. They are connected to an Asus B350-F motherboard, which can change the speed of a 3 pin voltage fan. Mine never reach 1000RPM, but even at that speed they are not horribly loud. Still, I'd recommend using these with a motherboard that can adjust their speed.

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The Best SATA III SSD1/30/2018 10:26:44 AM

Pros: + My speeds match Samsung's advertised speeds. + Plain black color. + Have I mentioned it's fast? + Samsung Magician software is nice, even if it's uneccessary to have.

Cons: - No mounting brackets or screws included.

Overall Review: I own both a 250GB and 500GB versions of this SSD. They cost a bit more than comparable SSDs but they also come with a 5 year warranty.

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The Best SATA III SSD1/30/2018 10:21:32 AM

Pros: + My speeds match Samsung's advertised speeds. + Plain black color + Have I mentioned it's fast? + Samsung Magician software is nice, even if it's not necessary to have.

Cons: - No mounting brackets or screws included.

Overall Review: I own both a 500GB and a 250GB version of this SSD and you can't go wrong with them. They may be a little higher in price than comparable SSDs but these also have a 5 year warranty.

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Hidden Gem1/30/2018 9:59:43 AM

Pros: + AM4 installation was incredibly easy. It uses the stock Ryzen backing plate and I didn't have to remove my motherboard to replace the stock heatsink. Scythe did a wonderful job here and every CPU cooler should use a similar mounting system. + The fan is definitely quiet and performs well for its RPM range. + Comes with decent thermal paste and a high quality magnetic screwdriver. + Only 154.5mm tall with no RAM interference. The heatsink itself is slightly offset (wider towards the top of most cases) so that it won't interfere with the dreaded first PCI slot.

Cons: - Fan only speeds up to 1200RPM. I know they did this for low noise, but it's a PWM fan! I'd prefer a higher RPM fan and let the user control the fan curve between silence or performance. - I wish the top of the heatsink had a black cover or was painted black. It's by no means ugly, though!

Overall Review: With CPU heatsinks you'll constantly hear about the 212 Evo, Cryorig, and anything Noctua, but the Scythe Mugen 5 is one you absolutely should consider. The Mugen 5 performs as well as heatsinks with a single 140mm fan while only using a super quiet 120mm fan, fits in just about any case, and has no RAM or PCI clearance issues. If you need a bit of extra cooling, Scythe sells the fan separately now for a dual fan setup. There are some professional reviews floating around out there, so check them out. If you somehow find this review, look for the Mugen 5 Rev B. It's the same thing.

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I'm a Fan11/26/2017 9:04:07 AM

Pros: + No bearing whine whatsoever, just the sound of air moving. + It's pretty close to silent up to 1000RPM, like most fans. + Excellent static pressure. + Comes with a splitter. + The rubber corners are of good quality. They weren't torn up by the CPU heatsink fan clip things. + All black, no LEDs.

Cons: - Price

Overall Review: I bought this to replace the stock fan on a Scythe Mugen 5 cooler (I reviewed that as well) because I wanted the extra airflow when necessary. A little expensive to go this route, but I use that stock fan as a case fan. I never tested the temps between the two fans, but this fan has better airflow and static pressure (and more noise) than that fan. If you're needing a fan to use on a heatsink, radiator, filters, or those cases with a solid panel on the front with tiny filters on the sides, you'll want a high static pressure fan like this one to power past those restrictions. I recommend this one because all you'll hear is air moving, instead of bearing noise.

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Quality PSU11/26/2017 8:01:15 AM

Pros: + Eco mode! (I will note that occasionally the fan will turn on to blow out the hot air that builds up, but this happens maybe every 15 minutes or so. I haven't timed it.) + Fan is quiet even if you don't use eco mode. + Fully modular and is compatible with aftermarket cables. + Cables are plenty long enough for my mid tower, and they're flexible enough. + Compact size.

Cons: - I notice some slight coil whine when loading some games. I don't hear it in games, though. - Not really a con but if your PSU shows in your case window, the text color is bronze, not orange like it appears in the photos on here. I'd prefer just plain white text, but that's pretty nit picky.

Overall Review: I bought this to replace an aging power supply that made the most horrible electrical buzzing sound when gaming. I thought that was just a thing PSUs did. It's nice to have something that is silent most of the time. 650W is more than enough for single GPU systems like mine, and I got a better deal on this one compared to 550W competitors. I've read professional reviews for other EVGA B3 PSUs, and they run at or close to 80 Plus Silver, so I feel like there is some added value there. I do recommend picking this up on sale if you can, but I feel that way about everything.

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Solid Middle Ground Between A320 and X3708/2/2017 1:22:19 PM

Pros: + Aesthetics! No garish color schemes, comes with a higher quality IO shield, and even some LEDs thrown in. + Audio is of a newer codec than most other B350 boards and comes with a headphone amp. + Lots of USB (including 2 USB 3.1) and SATA ports, and a couple Aura RGB headers. + Price! Save some bucks over X370 and still get most of the core features that you're looking for. + Easily overclocked my 1500x to 3.77ghz with a small bump in the offset voltage and the lowest level of LLC. vCore usually maxes out around 1.286v. I haven't tried going lower yet. It wasn't stable at this voltage at 3.8ghz and I haven't tried upping voltage yet for that, either. + My Team Dark T-Force RAM works at its intended specs despite not being on the QVL. Thanks, BIOS updates! + It comes with a freaking coaster! I never knew I needed a coaster with a motherboard before, but Asus has shown me the light.

Cons: - I wish it had one more fan header or that the AIO pump header had all the same options as the 3 chassis fan headers. You can still use a fan on it and create a fan curve, but without a graph. There are a couple other fan options missing for the AIO pump, since, duh, it's not meant to be a fan header. I have an old case with old mismatching fans so my situation may be somewhat unique. - Missing some BIOS power options and some other small details in the BIOS compared to X370. I was kinda hoping with a Strix branded product it'd have some of these, but oh well. Example: can only use auto or offset voltage, no manual. I don't mind offset since it works with P states, but others may want to set a static voltage.

Overall Review: I got this motherboard mainly for the aesthetics compared to black and red color schemes and for the price compared to X370. I also wanted to play around with light overclocking, so A320 was also out of the question. I can't tell you if I could get to 4.0 or 4.1ghz, but 3.8 and 3.9 is certainly going to be doable. I think this motherboard will have everything you need for the casual overclocker/gamer, but those hardcore types might want to shoot for X370. I have purchased Asus motherboards and video cards in the past and haven't had problems yet, so I'd definitely recommend their products, and this one, to anyone.

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HTPC Keyboard/Touchpad Priced Right1/21/2016 3:21:09 PM

Pros: - Two fingered scrolling feature is FANTASTIC. Using LMB plus scrollbar usually results in scrolling too fast. Using arrow keys or the scrollbar arrows usually results in scrolling too slow. Using two fingers on the touchpad to scroll is much more accurate and is probably the closest thing to having a built in scrollwheel on the keyboard. It's by far my favorite feature on the keyboard. - Despite being refurbished, the build quality is good (more on that below). - Range and battery life are great. No complaints. A range extender is included, but I don't use it. - I prefer the way the keys are setup on this one compared to old K400 model. I don't have the first gen model to compare, but reading reviews led me to getting this one. - Priced right.

Cons: - Cheap finish (more on that below). - No Caps lock light. - Batteries not included.

Overall Review: I'm glad Newegg offers the refurbished/recertified option because I would not pay MSRP for this keyboard brand new, despite the high rating I give it. While I think the build quality is solid, the finish is pretty cheap. What I mean is that it's not going to break on you while using it, but it feels like they used the lowest end materials possible. As for typing and using the touchpad, it's perfectly acceptable for HTPC use. Because the keyboard itself is slightly more cramped than normal, I wouldn't want to use it for writing term papers or any large amounts of office work. But for social media, general browsing, and streaming video content from your couch, it's perfect. To sum up, I've had absolutely no problems with this so far, and I don't expect I will. Unless you're super picky with warranties and break things all the time, get this one. The refurbished/recertified Logitech K400 Plus is priced right and a great buy!

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Overall a Great Gaming Mouse12/21/2015 8:59:38 AM

Pros: + Very accurate sensor. I don't have any problems with jitter. + Left and right click are perfect for me, with just the right amount of force to press. + Side buttons are also clicky and easy to reach. + I like the sniper button. Works as intended, or it makes a good push to talk button, or remap it to anything else. My thumb rests on it so I have no problem reaching it, and it doesn't affect my grip. + Capable of extremely fast movements across your mouse pad if you play those sorts of games. (I don't but I put it here anyway) + My whole setup is black and blue so I personally really like the black color and blue LEDs. + Can use 1, 2, 3, or all 4 CPI steps, and they can be changed in increments of 80 from 240 to 4000. + Software is simple and easy to use.

Cons: - My ring finger sits under the lip on the right side, so it's kind of an odd pressure point. I'd much rather rest it naturally, but it's not uncomfortable. - With the way I grip it, there's nowhere for my pinkie finger to go. I basically press it up against my ring finger and it just hangs there. If you claw it more than I do, then you may be able to use both fingers to grip the side. Both this and the first con are pretty minor, and are more of a result of me changing from a much smaller mouse to a much larger mouse. - The scroll button is a hard press. - I'd rather have the CPI buttons in the center behind the scroll wheel. I don't use them often, but still...

Overall Review: I got the G402 to replace my old CM Storm Spawn. Obviously, they are completely different mice, and I took a few days to get used to a larger mouse. I honestly wasn't sure if I liked it or not until I spent a few days gaming with it and I realized how much more I enjoyed using it. As I get older I was wanting a mouse that filled my hand better to reduce cramping, which this mouse does very well. I have a sort of palm/claw mixed grip, and my hand is about 180-190mm from finger tip to the base of my palm, for reference. Overall, this is a great gaming mouse that is accurate and pretty comfortable, which were the two most important factors I had.

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I know it's just a mouse pad, but...12/21/2015 8:14:21 AM

Pros: + Super smooth and fast surface + No problems with tracking accuracy + Perfect size for someone who doesn't need a mouse pad that takes up half their desk to play games + Pad does not shift around on my wood desk at all + Laser cut edges to prevent fraying

Cons: - I was going to make a joke about needing to update the mouse pad's firmware, but then I figured some people might think I was serious. So just pretend there's a joke here. Really, I don't have any cons.

Overall Review: I upgraded from a really cheap, awful, and old cloth mouse pad that I used for years because I decided to go for something gaming oriented. I can't tell you how well this compares to other gaming mouse pads (probably pretty well), but if you're using something you can buy in any store, I'm sure this is a decent upgrade. Some may say the pad is a little too small, but I don't play CSGO. I have no need for a massive mouse pad for use with a mouse at tiny CPI levels. The pricing on this pad is pretty competitive. I found most gaming mouse pads were either in this price range or MUCH more expensive. The quality seems to be top notch and I don't feel like I had to spend an arm and a leg on something labeled for specifically for gaming.

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Solid Affordable Monitor8/26/2015 10:27:10 AM

Pros: - Good colors for a TN panel once you adjust the saturation. I don't have any dead pixels. - I was surprised by the viewing angles. Being a 24" screen I thought they'd be poor, but they're surprisingly good, even better than my old 22" monitor that I never felt happy with the angles. - So much brighter than my old monitor as well. Had to turn down the brightness, which is a good thing. - Very low power consumption. - The design looks great, minus the removable garish stickers. The back of the monitor has a brushed metal sort of look (it's plastic). Kinda wish they would have used that all over, rather than glossy black. - Automatically switches your input source. If you turn off one PC, then turn on another, it will automatically switch to the new video source. - I like the buttons and found the menus easy to use.

Cons: - The neck isn't removable if you use VESA mounts. - There probably is some ghosting in gaming. It doesn't bother me and I don't really notice enough to care, but if you're a hardcore pro gamer or whatever, then you might want to look elsewhere. - If you sleep in the same room as your computer, and leave your monitor on standby, it blinks a bright blue LED off and on (solid red LED when 'off'). - The speakers are bad. You shouldn't buy a monitor for the speakers, and I don't use them.

Overall Review: I bought this monitor a few months ago to replace a 6 year old monitor that finally died on me. I didn't have a lot of money to spend, either. I do play a lot of games on it, but I'm certainly not a pro or super competitive or anything. If you're more of a casual gamer like myself, or if you just need to do basic PC work, then this monitor is a great choice. It's an even better choice if you manage to catch a good sale on it like I did!

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Good, Not Great.5/7/2012 7:30:00 AM

Pros: Graphics: They got a little bit of an update since ME2. The game doesn't look as good as say, Battlefield 3, but personally I'm glad. The game still looks very good and you won't need to run the highest end equipment to run it. Gameplay: The gameplay is fun as all the MEs have been. However, Bioware said this one would play more as a shooter, but it really doesn't feel that way. The last planet/mission DOES have the shooter feel, though. I wish they could have incorporated that kind of hectic feel for the entire game. The game is still fun to play though, and incorporates many kinds of playstyles. You can be a sniper, run and gun, etc, and you can either take your time with all sidequests or get right down to the final battle if you prefer. Voice acting: I prefer Fem Shep, and I find the voice acting from everyone is still as awesome as ever. For a video game the banter between characters is great.

Cons: Story: Why did the Reapers focus their invasion on Earth? Did Shepard's conversation with them in previous games make them that angry? Atmosphere: After the opening of the game I was excited that this game would have very dark and depressing feel to it with the galaxy being invaded and destroyed. Unfortunately, throughout the rest of the game you'd hardly know there is an invasion going on. Like other ME's, you simply run around gathering your team together for the final battle. Thanks Bioware, but we've already done that *twice* now in ME. Plot holes: There's quite a few things in this game that don't make sense when comparing ME3 to the whole series. Plot holes and the ending are why this game gets 3 stars from me. Ending: Oh, the ending. I don't need to go into details. It's NOT fitting of a 3 game trilogy. At least Bioware is working on extended cutscenes to fill in the gaps, but it won't be enough.

Overall Review: Overall, ME3 is a good game, but not great. I would have appreciated more of a feeling of IMPENDING DOOM that we had in the opening sequence, but the rest of the game falls short. Even though the entire galaxy is being annihilated, you, your squadmates, and other characters seem extremely upbeat for what is happening around them. You'll love the game play, as always, and the voice acting is superb (at least on Fem Shep). However, once you get to the end of the game you'll probably be disappointed by Bioware's "artistic vision" of how they decided to end a three game trilogy beloved by fans.

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Boom goes the dynamite.4/14/2012 10:04:12 PM

Pros: - 8GB USB 3.0 - Link activity light - It works

Cons: - No lanyard (but it does have holes for one, and I had an extra lying around)

Overall Review: I had a couple of 1GB flash drives lying around, but wanted something more substantial just in case. I doubt I'll ever need anywhere close to 8GB, but I had a gift card to use.

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I like cheese.4/14/2012 2:48:41 PM

Pros: Color: It's a deep blood red color, not a bright fruity red. Size: I really like the short, but wide shape (claw style). Size/Shape: I love the size/shape. My old Razer Diamondback was much longer and made my palm hurt while using it. I have no discomfort using claw grip with this mouse. The ring finger rest is perfect. You might want something different if you have large hands. Programmable: You can program all 7 buttons to your liking. Build: Some people say it feels cheap. It IS very light, but is very sturdy. The rubber grips are fantastic, and the plastic body itself feels high quality. As long as you don't rage throw your mouse against the wall, I can't imagine you breaking it.

Cons: Side buttons: Right now the side buttons can't be programmed to use as shift/control from the keyboard. They're supposedly working on it. Just remap those keys in game to compensate. Lift off Distance: If you play using 800 DPI, and are on v61 BETA firmware for the mouse, then it has high lift off distance. v32 is much better for LOD, but the tracking isn't as accurate.

Overall Review: This review was done with the v61 BETA firmware (can be found on mediafire). The newest non beta is v32 as of 4/14/2012. You have to find v32 on their website. Auto updating the firmware from the software desktop app itself will only take you to v28 in my experience. You'll also need to download an app from the CM site so you can check which version you have for sure (lame, I know). I never knew there was so much that went into the DPI settings, polling rate, sensitivity, etc, etc. I did a bunch of research and it still doesn't make too much sense to me. The current DPI stepping in V61 BETA is 800/1600/4000, even though it will read as 800/1800/3500 in the software app (I assume that will be fixed when the v61 BETA becomes the official new firmware release). You'll have to do some Google searching to find the best settings. A good thread is on and it is the ATTN: CMStorm Spawn Mouse Owners thread.

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Awesome2/18/2012 12:37:52 PM

Pros: - Cable length is plenty for me. I have the input switch shoved back in the back of my desk behind my monitor. The button switch also has good cable length so it's near my keyboard. - When both my laptop and PC are on, the switch is near instantaneous. If I want to use my laptop on my main monitor it takes me longer to switch from DVI to VGA on the monitor itself than it does for the Iogear switch to go to the mouse/keyboard. - I like the dedicated button switch. I've seen plenty of people complain about hotkey switching and the button works fine and doesn't really get in the way.

Cons: - The only con I can think of is that if I have one computer on and one on sleep, it will won't switch over to the other computer to wake it up. This really is NOT convenience issue for me as my desktop and laptop are both within arms reach. I just wanted others to know. This *could* be a Windows thing - I couldn't get it to work but not a big deal.

Overall Review: A friend of mine had this lying around so I didn't get this from Newegg. I'm using this to switch between a laptop and a desktop. I can't speak for the video part of the switch since I can use the laptop's monitor and because my PC monitor has a DVI and a VGA input already. I also didn't really need the audio that other switches offer so the fact that this one doesn't have one is of no consequence.

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Works9/17/2011 2:48:20 PM

Pros: - It works - Got it with a 10% coupon soooo, yay? - Windows detected all 4GB, no installation issues - Windows much snappier now

Cons: - Expensive for just 4GB of DDR2 RAM ($40! I could get 8GB of DDR3 for almost the same price...)

Overall Review: Bought this for someone with an old Vista 32bit Machine that was only running on 1GB of RAM previously. Obviously has made the system run much faster (I know "faster" is relative). Of course Vista 32bit recognizes only a little bit over 3GB of it, but I know that is the limit of the OS. So far so good. As always, super fast reliable shipping from Newegg!

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Perfect8/24/2011 4:44:11 PM

Pros: - Lightweight, not too bulky, pretty comfortable - Well built, very stable, won't need to worry about the plastic warping (as can happen on other lapdesks) - Allows use for anything ranging from netbooks/tablets to 17" laptops - Great for keeping heat off your legs - Don't need to worry about your bed blocking your vents and frying your laptop

Cons: - No color options except white. You can tell they designed this thing for the Apple crowd, but I'm more of a function over aesthetic person anyway - Kind of pricey since I didn't get free shipping :(

Overall Review: Overall, extremely happy with this. I looked at a certain auction website that sells lots of lapdesks but I was concerned about quality, and some reviews said cheaper lapdesks warp under weight/heat or have those annoying microbeads. This one has neither of those issues. For anyone wondering, here are the size dimensions: - White surface area of the lapdesk: 17" x 10 3/4" - Total dimensions with pad underneath: 18" x 11" - Height of the elevated part in the back: 2 3/4" Also, if you read other reviews on the internet, people will mention that their laptops slide on the surface. This is NOT the case if your laptop has rubber feet - it won't slide. ALSO, this lapdesk comes with 4 rubber pieces that you can put on the surface to keep anything from sliding.

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Weeee Fast!8/11/2011 11:33:34 AM

Pros: - Laptop boots up/shuts down in less than 20 seconds. - Scores a 7.7 on WEI - Almost no heat being put out! - (Obviously) silent compared to spinning HDD - Increased battery life over standard HDD (I get about 8 hours on 6 cell battery).

Cons: - I get 320 MB/s sequential read and 195 MB/s write on CrystalDisk Mark while I see others getting higher speeds. I'm sure that isn't much of a noticeable difference at all, but I noted it here anyway (2011 model HP Dv4 that is on Sata III).

Overall Review: Although I see the price has dropped by $25 since I bought it, I'm still very happy with the purchase. It has done everything I've wanted it to on my laptop at a cost that was quite a bit lower than many of the Sandforce controller SSDs. I admit my knowledge of SSDs is low, but after doing tons of research this has still surpassed my expectations.

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