No problems yet11/27/2019 10:13:18 PM

Pros: Runs good super fast.

Overall Review: No cons yet. been about maybe 6+ months running fallout, fps, and other big 100gb games on this and it runs like a champ.

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Good But Expensive11/27/2019 10:12:01 PM

Pros: Everything Runs as it should. No problems with this card.

Overall Review: been about a year and th gfx card runs very strong. I run the crud out this card and it hasnt shown me any problems.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Robert, Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the RTX 2080 VENTUS. If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
I bought it brand new for $50 at the time4/14/2019 4:30:57 AM

Pros: its a decent increase from a regular desktop gfx card in 2005-2008 computers. played minecraft at like 25-35 frames with low settings (2005 intel duo core 2.4gz) i abused this card in a hot room about 90 degrees all summer and it still runs. there are better cards now days but hell if you see this laying around hook it up to a computer

Cons: only bad thing about this is that its likely just a bit better than a 2005-2008 factory card.

Overall Review: This is the card that got me into computer. you can probably find one at the used parts store for like 5-10 bucks. it will make a good arcade machine project for your kids. maybe just do a retro arcade build with this thing. who knows.

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Damm Goood!11/1/2012 4:32:38 AM

Pros: Even Loudness Bass Clear Quality Portable USB cable Light $20 bucks well spent. I love the speakers!

Cons: Short AUX/3.5mm cord (Aux cord connecting to your MP3 player). Its about 4-5 inches give or take.

Overall Review: @People who Degrade the product: You are spending $20 so DONT EXPECT Bose speakers. Comments: If your looking at this, it most likely means you dont want to spend much and you just need a portable speaker(like me). Your either buying it as a gift, for yourself, etc. I have own this product for more then 8 months and counting. Tech: The quality is great if you have fully charged batteries or connect to your desktop/laptop. People who experience lost of sound quality means that the battery is extremely low or it has insufficient power to produce enough amps to the speakers. Its common knowledge that something will perform less effective when there is less energy running through the system. The speakers wills sound as good as Your music quality. Ive tested the speakers from a 86/128/256/320 kps music quality and it performed well The volume is great, the bass is great(im surprised), and its light. Fully charged batteries last me about 3-4 weeks with about 30-1hr of play, 4x a week. So far no malfunction! and still sounds like brand new. Projection is great as well. Your computer/mp3 player volume matters too. All stereos have a threshold and if you maximize your volume on both the Panda and your computer, your going to get a distorted sound. This is caused when your pushing volume past -1 or 0 db. So learn your range on your computer and the Panda. If you know how to equalize your MP3 player or Computer, you will have great quality for any song you listen to. I dropped it a few times and and its still in tact with a few scratches (due to rocks). i am 5'7 (about 4'11 chest height) so that should give you a good eye. Music Engineer & Electric Tech.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
Wow, not bad.10/6/2011 10:29:41 PM

Pros: -lightweight -fits in all inventory weather its from key 1-9. -use it to get coal, stones, and sandstone. -feels and handles like a champ -i use it more then a steel pick-axe -used it to build majority of my house. -great for breaking -usable against creepers and etc. -fashionable. -durable -overall dependable

Cons: -takes time to break dirt and sand. -wont crack obsidian -Not a con but i found it difficult to break spider webs with.

Overall Review: Great overall use. do not regret having one. one of the best 4 tools i use daily.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
College Students MUST BUY!1/1/2011 11:45:58 PM

Pros: -This is great for people on the go, place to be, with very little time to waste. -Cooks amazing, really tender!(just dont burn it or under cook it lol) -makes perfect steak with grill marks(grill marks are just a plus to the taste buds haha). -cuts cook time in half. -saves money from eating out so much -health wise, its better since its cooking the grease away into a pan. -My room mate is using it when i get home, so there has to be something good about for him to use it without telling me.

Cons: What you may find to be a con!... -did burn myself once, but common now, your gonna expect something that cooks ur food not going to be hot? thats too funny lol.(use a napkin or something to protect you from burn) -cord is short, but my room is small anyways, so its at my convenient; 1.5 ft(aprox.) -not fit for any family is its over 2 people in house hold. this thing is compact(pro).

Overall Review: my family does have a bigger family sized GF grill and its amazing. i use it when i am home and it does the same job as the one away from home. if your looking for a family sized one, look around more. i think this is a great addition if you like things fast and easy. simple plug and cook. been saving alot more money eating at home while eating hambergurs, steaks, philycheese steak sandwhich, shikihabobs, grilled tomato salsa, and so much more. i love o grill and with me, grilling is unlimited with the amount of stuff you can create.

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5/51/1/2011 11:23:26 PM

Pros: Had these for a few days only and i can tell you they are amazing. Sound quality is just superb for the price you pay. i got mines for a deal and a deal worth it. i compared it to my $15 skull candy and the bass enhancement on the MEE earbds are noticeable. After about 10-15 minutes with these ear bud, i had to turn down my music on the zune from a 10(mid volume) to a 5(low mid volume) and reset my equalizer so the bass wasnt so heavy. when i was listening to my music, i notice a sound in a one of the track that i had made and it was an extra sound from the beat layer which i didnt notice at all until i had these ear buds. Amazed me on how clear these ear buds can get. Of course, these kinds of ear buds are always a pleasing fit in the ears, even skull candies were too.

Cons: Not a con at all but to some it may be. The out jack that connects the ear buds to your mp3 player or phone, is shaped in an odd way. it may look ulgy for you, but for me i dont mind it at all. see the picture if your curious on how it looks.

Overall Review: i mention putting the volume on my zune down. the zune volume which volume ranges from 0-20; 0 being lowest/mute and 20 meaning the highest output. I normally listen to my music @ 10 so it doesnt kill my ears yet again enjoy the qualities any ear phones have to offer. I listen to all kinds of music from gangster rap, hiphop, indie, country, pop, metal, metalcore, emocore, postcore, dnb, tance, etc, for a good 2-3 hours a day when i am working so i do notice the difference in sound quality. And no i am not BASS HUNGRY, i prefer overall clarity of vocals and instrumentals, and these do work!.

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Amazing!12/25/2010 2:34:48 PM

Pros: WOw amazing for 15 bucks. this is a really good investment if your looking for a computer/dj ear phones these definitely does the job. These extremely cheap for someone who makes music, Dj's, and for your own entertainment. these ear phones are clear and crispy. you can hear the bass, vocals, synth, etc. Many people complain how there isnt enough bass; but they are just bass hungry. if you want a clear all around headphones. these are the ones to get!

Cons: None at all!

Overall Review: dj,producer, musical artist, to back up what i said. im happy with this and getting a set for my dad.

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Got it on sale12/18/2010 8:12:50 PM

Pros: Bought it for my brother and he loves it. it runs great and so far no prob. i guess the best part was the price and the 3 antenna seems to give it the ultimate reception for the wireless product. costumer service was GREAT! respond to questions within 6 hours, compared to some; that takes a few days. overall, its a great bargin.

Cons: had some difficulties setting up but got it running.

Overall Review: His computer is Running on windows XP. so check into other reviews before purchasing it because it seems like vista and windows 7 are having some difficulties.

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