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Great System4/15/2021 12:36:14 PM

Pros: -Transfer accounts from Lite-Easy hook up-Mobile

Cons: -Nothing so far

Overall Review: This is a great investment. My daughter had the Lite because we had trouble getting the Switch. I found this one, and it was the Animal Crossing version. She loves the system, and the Animal Crossing details. Seller shipped it fast, and everything is exactly as it should be. Very pleased with this.

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Awesomeness1/26/2021 5:26:30 AM

Pros: -Large pad -RGB is very nice -Print is great

Cons: -None so far

Overall Review: I would say if you like anime/Miku, this is a great XL mouse pad. The print is very well done, and pad is nice and thick. Sticks to the desk very well. The lighting is really good. Easy to use and change colors. Very pleased with this item, and the seller.

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Very good for the money1/22/2021 11:48:46 AM

Pros: -Solid Build -RGB at a good price -Good response

Cons: Minor con here, so... -Lighting doesn't get as bright as I would like. Or maybe mine is a little defective. Got mine turned all the way up, and just doesn't seem bright enough to me.

Overall Review: My old keyboard got murdered by me. I spilled a lot, and I mean a lot, of Code Red in it, and after drying, it never worked the same again. It was a Logitech G910. Loved it. So, I ordered this, and so far it is pretty great. The build is very solid, and sturdy. The light control is super easy. Mouse is very responsive. They are both what you would expect from an entry gaming mouse and keyboard. Even though they are not top of the hill, both still perform very well so far in everything. I have had no issues while playing Cyberpunk 2077. Response time is spot on. I would recommend this to someone that is either building their first PC, and is trying to save a little coin. Or, someone that just wants to get something to use for the time being, like myself. Or if you just want a really good keyboard and mouse for the money. Overall, I would say get this for whatever reason you want to get it. I'm not disappointed in the purchase at all. Just gave it 4 eggs for the lighting not being as bright as I want it to be, but it isn't dark by any means. I also have LED lighting around my desk and large gaming pad, so that might be the other problem with the lighting on the keyboard.

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No box10/9/2020 7:31:15 AM

Pros: It is pretty accurate, I guess.

Cons: No box. It was shoved into a Styrofoam box, but no collectible box. The item was packing in tight, so some of the features are bent.

Overall Review: So, this was pretty expensive for getting something not in original packaging, and not exactly accurate. Pretty upset as this was a gift for my daughter. Was expecting to get a nice box she can display in her case with her other figures of Hatsune Miku. The figure itself is very small as well. The previous ones I purchased form other sources were about 7 inches tall, and very well made. At the same price. This is about 5 inches, maybe. And looks almost accurate to the picture. If you are a fan collecting these items, I would stay away from this one. Not worth the money if you ask me.

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Great, except.....8/24/2020 5:58:21 AM

Pros: Looks good. Solid build. Picture is amazing?

Cons: A line of dead pixels running horizontally across the center of the screen.

Overall Review: I got this in finally, and was amazed to see the packaging was not damaged. Plus, the box with the monitor is very well done. Very secure inside there. Everything separated. I got it hooked up about two weeks ago, but never had a chance to play on it. Last weekend I was playing Death Stranding on it, and noticed a line in the middle of the screen. Thought it was the game. Went to The Division 2, same line. Barely noticeable at times, depending on the screen, but definitely there. Other than the line of dead pixels, the monitor is awesome. Plays Death Stranding maxed out with not issues. Smooth transitions, no tearing, or lag that I can see. Just the dead pixels. Will reach out to Gigabyte to see what can be done. I hate giving up the monitor for a few weeks though. I'm sure that will be the case. Sucks to get punished for someone else's mistake though. Update, the line of dead pixels has grown. I though that when I added my RTX2070 Super it might help, but not in the least. I use my VR for most of the stuff now anyway, so I haven't been looking at the monitor, but I went to play The Walking Dead the other day, and the line in the screen had stretched almost all the way across. I also noticed that there is a whole lot of ghosting. When playing high resolution games, with HDR, there is so much ghosting that you almost want to throw up. Probably need to take this monitor down to a 2 egg rating. Really not very good for the money I spent on it.

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Pretty good8/24/2020 5:40:47 AM

Pros: -Easy to set up -Lots of games and apps -Tracks very well -Steam compatible -Great controllers

Cons: -The speakers in the band (But Not A Total Loss)

Overall Review: If there was a way to do a 4.5 Egg, that's what I would have done. I don't feel it should lose a whole Egg because of the speakers, but that is a bit of an issue. I put my Bose headphones on to listen to the games/ambient sounds. The speakers aren't totally terrible, they just could be better. I didn't have any trouble hearing what was going on, and the directional sound was on par. It just isn't real loud, and no real bass. Other than that, setup is super easy once drivers are installed. The headset does accommodate eye glasses easily. They do want to grip as you take it off, but fit well with no smashing of the frames. That is a plus for me. I have some pretty thick framed Oakley prescription glasses, and they went into the headset well. My daughters Ray Bans were just as easy. The band itself is comfortable. I may have gone a different way with it since the speakers are built into the band. But still comfortable. Pads are thick, and feel good even after an hour or so. Make sure you get the placement correct, or things get fuzzy fast. The IPD range is very small. I played for about 2.5 hours after setting it up, and the tracking was really good. I had heard about moving your hand behind your head, and it loses tracking. Well, I tested that. It tracked my controller. I was firing my weapon behind, and it still fired, and hit, like it was supposed to. So, I had no trouble with the headset not tracking the controllers behind my head. The screen is pretty nice. Everything definitely looked to be in HD to me, even with me only running it on a GTX1060 Ti. Upgrading to a RTX2070Super as soon as it arrives. I did not see much of a screen door effect. There was a little from time to time, but nothing that would make it really stand out. Except when my glasses were off. For some reason my astigmatism could see the screen door without glasses on. Weird. Looking to put a recoil in for the cord so it stays up and out of the way. Or just pick up a good omnidirectional treadmill. All together, I think this is a prime headset, and is really worth the money. I was looking at this and the Cosmos Elite, and went with the Oculus. I was not disappointed in my choice at all. For half the cost of the Cosmos, I definitely got my money's worth. Superb headset with only a couple of short comings. Which in no way make it terrible like some would say. If you are looking to join the VR crowd, and not able to drop a thousand dollars on a headset, this is a very good pick. Even if you can drop that money on a headset, don't rule this one out. I could have had either one, but went with the Rift S. Money Well Spent. Update - Just to update after a couple of weeks of use. The speakers aren't that bad at all, but I still use my surround sound for listening. As noted, I wear glasses, and I would highly recommend getting the lens protectors for your lenses. You cannot replace the lenses in the headset, and the glasses may rub against them causing them to get scratched. So invest in the protectors. Batteries do not last in these controllers. You might want to get some rechargeable ones. I have had this set for two weeks, and have already gone through 6 batteries. I only use it on the weekend as I work all week long. Maybe some light used in the middle of the week. Only been playing Beat Saber, Lone Echo, and a couple of the Steam apps like The Lab. Whomever said the batteries last a long time was clearly not using the controllers very much. I already had a rechargeable set for my Xbone, but purchased another for this.

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Great for the money8/12/2020 7:46:17 AM

Pros: Works great. Easy install. Not very expensive. Is as described. Arrived quickly.

Cons: Not sure there are any at this point. It works as it should.

Overall Review: I bought this to get away from my HDMI. HDMI works fine and all, but DP cable seems to drop a bunch of lag. My experience from this cable has been pleasant so far. I am expecting a new monitor in soon, and we will really put it to the test. But if you have a DP port on your card, and monitor, I suggest you get one of these cables. Works much better than my HDMI did. There is less ghosting when playing. I was getting a little with my old cable, but since I installed this DP cable, it dropped considerably. Last piece of the puzzle is my new monitor. I will review that as soon as it arrives.If you play games, it seems like the best choice for delivering smooth game play is the DP cable.

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Works Fantastic8/6/2020 12:10:19 PM

Pros: -Works well with Ryzen CPU

Cons: -None

Overall Review: I bought this because I needed a RAM upgrade. I had bought some regular GSkill, and it kept giving me the blue screen. So I picked this up to see if there was any difference. Yep, works like a charm, and the RGB is pretty slick. Already synced it to my lighting on my MB. So now my MB, RAM, and liquid cooler, all flow together.

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Good Keyboard and mouse combo7/6/2020 4:43:03 AM

Pros: -one dongle -good response -nice design

Cons: None so far on the product itself

Overall Review: This keyboard and mouse are great. I'm using them to play games on my 65" curved screen Samsung TV. Sometimes you just want to play on a large screen. So I have my PC hooked up to it. The response time is great, and I have had no issues with the keyboard or mouse. My only issue is that after it shipped from Newegg, it sat it a UPS sorting facility for 6 days. I finally had to complain before it miraculously started moving again.

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Pretty Darn Good7/1/2020 5:37:55 AM

Pros: Quieter than my CPU fan was. Arrived fast, and in tact. RGB is bright, and colorful. Keeps my CPU around 30 degrees C when under normal load.

Cons: Direction are a little shoddy. Not very good at all, and leaves a little out. Doesn't come with the mount for AMD processors. It has the brackets for the mount, just not the mount. My motherboard had one, but I lost it after assembling my PC since I did not need it for the heat sink that came with the Ryzen 7, 8 core. So had to buy another one before I could install.

Overall Review: This runs great, is quiet, and keeps my CPU cool. I unfortunately had to go with a single fan install to allow it to fit. I misjudged the size of the radiator. It still works fine, and keeps everything cool under a heavy load. I just moved the other fan to a system fan area, and have it blowing right on the CPU to help cooling. I also have two other system fans evacuating the heat, so it all works well together. So yes, if you run into a space issue for this cooler, you can go with the one fan set up. It will work. Maybe not as good as it could, but I haven't had an issue yet. Been running it for a week, and the CPU has stayed very cool. Even the MB has stayed a little bit cooler.

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So far, so good.5/12/2020 6:12:12 AM

Pros: Nothing really. It works like it should. The internet comes on, the WiFi works fine.

Cons: None so far. The Modem/Router is working like it should.

Overall Review: This product does what it should. It supplies you the internet you pay for, and the WiFi works well. I have not had any signal issues so far. It was refurbished, so I get the protection plan for it, but I get that for any electronics. You just never know if they are going to go out. It is the luck of the draw really when it comes to any electronics. Sometimes you get a good one, sometimes bad. So always cover them just in case you get a lemon. Makes it easier to get a replacement, or your money back. Even brand new items can be defective from the factory. Always go with the extra protection instead of just factory warranty. Sometimes those factory warranties don't cover the defect. Sad but true. In summation, Good product, works well, no complaints so far.

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Good buy for the money4/1/2020 8:42:39 AM

Pros: -Easy to assemble. -Low Price. -All hardware included. -Pretty comfortable.

Cons: -Relatively Small chair -Arms are short

Overall Review: This is a pretty comfortable chair. After seeing the price, I wasn't sure what I was getting, but decided to grab it since it was on sale. I assembled it pretty fast, all the hardware was present. After getting it put together I noticed that it is much smaller than my old worn out chair. Not a huge problem, but still. The chair itself is very comfortable. For as thin as the pad is, it is surprisingly soft. The way the back of it arches in, then back out, takes getting used to. So, there are some trivial things I didn't like about it, but all in all it is a pretty nice PC chair for the money. It does raise up and down just fine. So the hydraulics on it are good. It rocks back ond forth fine as well. Will also lock in place. I gave it 4 eggs, but for the money, you really can't beat it.

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Doesnt work1/1/2020 8:55:11 AM

Pros: None

Cons: All

Overall Review: Bought this item for my daughters new guitar for Christmas. When plugged in, it doesn't work at all. Plug into another pedal, and works fine. Ibanez guitar, and Marshall amp. Not to mention what I got is clearly a used product. Not new. I was under the impression it was new. Very disappointed.

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Not sure about shipping method...7/23/2019 1:29:29 PM

Pros: Price Great picture This TV was well worth the money, and is amazing. Lots of bells and whistles. What you would expect from a Samsung flagship.

Cons: AIT has to be the worst shipping company in the nation. Package was severely damaged. Unboxed, and fortunately the TV seems unharmed.

Overall Review: Use another shipping company if you have the means. If it is getting shipped through AIT, pass on the purchase. You may not get lucky like I did. Well, lucky so far.

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What The???????3/9/2007 10:01:01 AM

Pros: Cheap Card. O.K. Grafix.

Cons: Drivers are outdated. The disc has no XP signed drivers. Try to find drivers that will work. Not. MSI website not helpful.

Overall Review: I like the card but the service I got was not great. Drivers for the card are lame. I play BF2142 and this card just loses picture while playing.

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