I did my homework. This is a leading edge monitor for it's size and resolution.6/20/2019 10:25:44 AM

Pros: -Excellent sRGB color spectrum. -Excellent default tuning, improved only with slight adjustments suggested by professional reviews of the product. -Minimal light bleed. My particular monitor didn't even have light bleed in the corners. -Evenly distributed backlighting. Barely perceptible difference only noticed in certain lighting conditions.

Cons: -Monitor defaulted to a resolution and refresh rate that caused pixel judder. Never seen that before. May have been a freesync issue. -Have noticed one pixel in top left corner gets confused sometimes during high framerates. This pixel usually ends up brighter and different color than the scene. I've only seen this while gaming. -Monitor menu is difficult and tedious to navigate through.

Overall Review: I went through and returned two different monitors before I found this one. This is one of two best-in-class monitors at the moment for 1440p. All other 1440p IPS monitors have major issues due to the supplier used. Particularly notable is that this monitor allows for freesync to be enabled even with framerates as low as 30fps; something even the defective competitors can't even do. Read the professional review for this monitor if you need more convincing. My experience is that this is the current 1440p monitor to buy. More money will not get you more than what this one is providing.

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