Solid x299 board7/27/2017 12:00:48 AM

Pros: - Just works. 100% stable with overclocked i7 7740x, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 C15 w/ XMP profile, and GTX 1080 - Fit my old LGA 2011 Waterblock - OC Genies makes Overclocking effortless (took my i7 7740x to 4.8 by pushing a button) - Bios has CPU temp and other stats front-and-center, which is helpful for quickly realizing you installed your cooler wrong after your first boot. LED on the mobo also shows temp. - Decent LEDs - Lots of USB 3 ports. More than enough for my Oculus Rift, two sensors, bunch of peripherals. - Software works

Cons: - It took me a second to realize I had to punch 4 holes through a membrane for my water block's screws - It doesn't cook me breakfast in the morning.

Overall Review: - I got this mobo + an i7 7740x as a combo for a smoking $100 off! Awesome deal. - Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 C15 works perfectly for this, for those wondering what memory to buy

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Fantastic when they work4/26/2012 5:16:56 PM

Pros: -Fantastic effect that adds a definite "wow" to your gaming experience -Definitely adds to the immersion of your gameplay -Solid design -Active community of AmbX users, forum moderators, squaking about what games work well, what the work arounds are, and what games are just total failures. If you have trouble, you're not alone in dealing with it! -Decent developer interaction with the forums, periodic updates to the AmbX software. -You can easily hook up multiple lights and position them spatially wherever you want! I'm toying with getting another pair for behind me. Surround lighting.... mmmmm.

Cons: -Very few games are actually instrumented by the game's developers to use the lights. You're mostly stuck using AmbX's automagical ability to light up any 3D game. This doesn't always work for some games and you'll be outta luck. -The turn-around time for AmbX developers getting AmbX working with new games can be very poor. -There are a lot of cables. -Setting up a new game is annoying. You have to run the game with AmbX running, then exit the game, then enable it in AmbX, then start it back up. -Price could be lower

Overall Review: If you have the cash, it will blow your mind and you will love it. I never noticed a latency issue - it feels instant to me. Games that work gloriously: -Eve Online (amazing amazing amazing effects for this very atmospheric game) -MW2 -Anno 1440 I've heard that SLI and AmbX can be iffy together, but I haven't tried it. I would guess that Nvidia 3D might also be iffy with it.

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one stick bad, one stick good12/3/2010 7:26:43 PM

Pros: -1 of the DIMMs seems to work -mushkin support was responsive

Cons: -1 of the DIMMs didn't work

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