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Simple, hassle-free PWM fan control4/18/2018 10:55:26 PM

Pros: - Simple set and forget design - Compact size for easy placement - Expandable to control many fans

Cons: - Only one channel, so you'll need more than one if you want to have your intake fans at a different RPM than your exhaust fans for example. - Only one three way splitter included. Noctua fans come with splitters but I have Corsair fans.

Overall Review: I've been looking for a fan controller since my Gigabyte Z97X-UD5H-BK's fan control is garbage. There is no way to set custom curves in the UEFI, and after a while the fans start to ramp up and stay at a higher RPM than normal. I tried the fan controller that's built into the MasterCase Pro 5, but it's too loud even on the low setting. I tried multiple fan controllers, starting with the NZXT Sentry (from old build), then the Corsair Commander, and finally NZXT's Grid+ V2. The Sentry worked great, but I didn't want to sacrifice a 140mm fan in my MasterCase Pro 5. Both the Commander and the Grid+ were garbage. The Commander will run your fans at 100% when you wake your computer from sleep, and you have to go into Link and change the percentage or fan curve for them to operate at the correct speed. The Grid+ doesn't maintain the set speed or curve. This wouldn't be an issue for some fans, but I have five ML140 fans connected and they are LOUD at full RPM. Disgusted with the two software controlled options, and not wanting to spend over $100 on an Aquaero 6 LT (the only good software-based fan controller), I decided to try Noctua's fan controller. Needless to say it works great! I have five fans connected to it using two ModMyToys 4-way PWM fan splitters and the SATA power connection. Very satisfied and can't recommend highly enough! My only complaint is that I wish there was a three or four channel option to cut down on cable mess of more than one controller if you want more than one speed for multiple groups of fans.

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Good design, needs improvements to be great1/20/2018 7:03:48 PM

Pros: - Quick drive removal (after removing covers) - Independent power buttons

Cons: - Bay covers get caught on drives - Drives take quite a bit of force to eject - Wire insulation cracking

Overall Review: I tried several hot-swap caddies before I found this one; for my use case it is by far the best design. I use two of these bays several times a week to make images of customer hard drives before working on their PCs. If you will be using these caddies a lot, take the face off and remove the bay covers. Drives will get caught on them, making it hard to remove the drive. The 2.5" bay cover on one of my original caddies broke free from the mounting point on one side, which made it nearly impossible to remove the drive. While they don't look as good with the covers removed, it fixes my only major issue. One of my original two units was DOA (no power), but Newegg replaced it without any hassles. The replacement unit had an issue with the insulation cracking and exposing the wires for the 2.5" bay, but it works so I didn't bother sending it back for another one. My original unit doesn't have this issue, so it might be an isolated problem. Even with the various issues, I still think this is one of the best HDD caddies for people who swap drives a lot. Do yourself a favor and remove the bay covers, it makes a huge difference in the usability of these caddies.

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Triple displays non-functional, support non-existant7/15/2017 6:25:14 PM

Pros: -Two of the three display outputs work fine -VGA port for legacy monitors and projectors

Cons: -Only two of the three outputs will activate at once -Support is non-existent from ECS -Closer to Mini ITX than mATX in size -Stupid position for USB 3 header

Overall Review: I had reservations about purchasing a motherboard from a company with a questionable reputation, and it seems my fears were warranted. Even though this motherboard has three display outputs, only two of them can be used at once. In the BIOS there is an option for IGD Multi Monitor, but it set to disabled and is greyed out so it's impossible to turn on even on the latest BIOS revision. I tried using UltraMon to enable the third display output, but it would disable the second output when doing so. I contacted them twice in the past two weeks and have yet to receive a reply to either message. I purchased the MSI Z170A Gaming M7 and all three display outputs worked out of the box. I will have to use a DP to VGA converter but it's a small price to pay for a working product.

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Manufacturer Response:
We sincerely apologize for any miscommunication that you may have encountered and will look into your concerns. Unfortunately, the Intel H110 chipset only support a max of 2 displays. You can find the H110 chipset specifications at the link below. I or any of my team members here at technical support will be able to help you. Our hours are Mon-Fri 9am-6pm PST. Thank you, Andy Phone# 1-510-456-9836 Email:
External Link(s):
H110 chipset spceifications
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Cables don't fit Toshiba ZIF connectors7/28/2016 10:34:25 AM

Pros: Adapter board has the right connectors on it, looks well made.

Cons: The cables included with the adapter won't fit in the Toshiba ZIF slot on a 1.8" IDE hard drive out of a Panasonic camcorder. I even removed the blue plastic reinforcement piece on one of the cables and I still wasn't able to get the cable inserted.

Overall Review: Normally I would return this item, but it's not worth the hassle for the $6 I paid for it.

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