Feature wise and performance it seems good but....8/3/2015 11:35:07 AM

Pros: Ability to support various memory types. Ability to support Xeon processors as well as i7 Ability to address 128gb of memory M.2 Usb 3.1

Cons: The marvel network card I think was dropping connections, switched to Intel and haven't had anymore problems. Must fill out a form just to submit a support issue. (I should have checked that before purchasing.)

Overall Review: I purchased this board over the Asus because the ability to support up to 128gb of ram down the road. In the meantime I planned to install 64gb of crucial memory BLS8G4D240FSA Install of the board was the same as all, but after adding cpu, 4 sticks of memory in the recommended slots, computer would not post. Figured out the Dr. Debug code was a b7 not a 67. So went down to 1 dimm and got the board to post. Played with memory configurations and finally got the board to boot with memory in slots A1, D1, A2, D2. Machine has been stable for 6 days. However, I need the other memory so ordered 4 more 8gb crucial sticks exactly the same. First added the extra 4 sticks and board was back to a b7. Tried all the new dimms individually and board would boot. However none of the 8 dimms would work in A1, B1, C1, D1 slots as recommended by the manual. Spent about an hour chat and phone with Crucial. They offered to replace the memory but the flakiness to them seems like a faulty voltage regulator. Went online and filled out an RMA to have the board replaced. It didn't give an option to cross ship. This is a work PC and can't be down so attempted to chat to make sure the replacement was sent out, that was a 40 minute hold. So tried calling. Opted for a call back. Couldn't cross ship so they had to change to a refund and I had to purchase a new board. Note, I made it clear I would be fine with charging my credit card to cross ship the new board until my old board was received. They did refund for next day shipping, but all told this was a lot of wasted time. On nozamA, it's a couple of seconds. (I couldn't purchase from nozamA as they don't carry this board as of yet.) I'm hoping when the new board arrives all is sorted out. ) My review is more so about the experience so far versus soley the performance and capabilities of the board. With the way I have the 4 sticks of memory installed temporarily, with a PCIe M.2 driver, Intel 5920k process, windows 8.1 installed in 4 minutes. I develop, run VM’s and use this machine as a plex server and the speed difference coming from an i970 process is extremely good. I understand with electronics, you have these issues, my scores however do reflect that, no way to reach support directly with ASRock and the hassle with New Egg support. I purchased a premium membership as well. Support was probably satisfactory 5 years or so ago, but nozamA I guess has spoiled me and I expect the same from a company like NE. Having to wait on the phone and put on hold and constantly told you’re sorry doesn’t cut it. If the replacement board fixes the problems I would definitely choose it again based on performance, how easy the windows install was with the M.2 drive and the features it has. However, it I have any more problems with getting supported memory to work, then I will go back to an Asus. Oh yeah, go online and download the manual. The one that comes with the board is missing informa

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued ASRock Customer Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. We will be more than happy to assist you technical issue and replacement (under manufacturer warranty). Please contact us at 909-590-8308 or http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp Thank you ASRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email: http://www.ASRock.com/Support/tsd.asp
DOA8/19/2009 4:50:57 AM

Pros: Can't answer

Cons: Recieved, plugged into computer changed to Raid 5. The ensuing format errored out and then the device started blinking all red lights and shut down. After that it would not start back up. Ran for about 5 minutes. Taking off the front panel to make sure there wasn't a loose cable, noticed that the drives were all twisted and bunched together. So could be an issue of bad packaging as it's not padded enough to withstand shipping.

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Don't waste your money2/13/2009 6:20:16 AM

Pros: It's an ok drive so far.

Cons: Waste of money, I'm booting Vista x64 on a new machine no improved boot times or anything else I do. (Mostly software development.) The rating it's value for the money. Get a good 7200 drive with a good cache.

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Decent12/12/2008 3:12:46 PM

Pros: Decent chip but not worth upgrading if have at least Q6600 if not planning to OC. I just rec'd new Dell with this chip. Dell Vista Scores 5.9's and my old dell 9200 with the q6600, 5.9 on proc, 5.7 mem, 5.2 HDD. The install of the software on my Q6600 was faster than with this machine. (Fresh installs of Ultimate.) When finished, I ran the "Update my score" in Vista and the i7 finished 2 seconds ahead. I'm a developer and don't game on the PC so for everyday use, I would recommend if you want an upgrade go to the Q9550 or Q9650. If you're buying a new computer, nothing wrong with getting this chip if the price difference isn't that great, that way you have the latest chipset for the next round of chips.

Cons: Not really any cons, just not worth upgrading too if you have a decent quad proc now.

Overall Review: Don't get me wrong, not a bad proc but again unless you're buying to OC, everyday use don't think it's worth. Waiting for Tom's to add this to it's test so can see how it rates beside the Q9650. I'm sending the new computer back and sticking with the old Q6600 and will upgrade to the Q9550 or Q9650 when the prices drop a little more.

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