Review of 2012 R211/25/2014 10:30:54 PM

Pros: I do own this software and I have installed widely on client's servers. I do a lot of contract server and Exchange work. The good is that it does install easily and it's pretty much bulletproof. No problems, doesn't blue screen out. Has version 2 of the Hyper-V servers and that's good.

Cons: OK, so the bad. It's Windows 8.1. Don't need the Metro interface to manage servers. I install Classic Shell the very first thing to get back to a start button and control panel. You just have to get to the nuts and bolts to configure servers. Ain't no way around it. Next, Powershell. I do a lot of things through the GUI simply because I have clients with 50 users, not 5000. Got 10000 users, sure let's do Powershell for mass creation and editing but leave the full GUI in for those small organizations that have 20 users. I learned command-line on DOS and CP/M so it's not bad for me to do Powershell but Powershell has way too many commands and switches to remember all of them. If I'm in a hurry, I'd rather do the GUI. I can click very fast.

Overall Review: AND HOWABOUT THOSE GOOFY COLORS???? BABY BLUE AND DARK GRAY FOR A DESKTOP? WHO DESIGNED THAT, SOME THREE YEAR OLD? The industry spent many years developing superb interfaces on 3D graphics cards. Make it pretty to look at not some baby's bedroom!

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Great Monitors12/12/2011 12:37:12 PM

Pros: Great 1900x1200 monitors, I have a bunch of older 245BW monitors at clients going strong but these are the replacements now. Running three in widescreen. Glad they are back in production.

Cons: First manufactured in 2008 so no Displayport... but not really needed. Get the Accell adapter for Eyefinity if you need it . Also be aware this IS a TN pane but then again it's not $600. For 90 percent of us these are great. Sure is better than a 1994 Viewsonic 17 inch CRT (still got one).

Overall Review: These are super duper for most everyone. I'm not going to spend $550 on a 24 inch IPS panel LCD.

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The Future is Here!11/13/2009 8:00:51 PM

Pros: I was waiting for the Intel X-25E or these to come in for a client for a critical server build and these came in first. Stupid fast. Sped up my client's accounting database by a factor of four versus a four hard drive RAID-5 previously installed. I max out their gigabit network transfer now instead of waiting on the server with a simple RAID-1 with these drives. Going to have to team the network connections to gain network speed since the server is soooo fast! Solid state drive SLC architecture is killer on the servers.

Cons: Waiting on the price to drop to dump all the mechanical hard drives in all the servers I manage, still a tad high. What, no terrabyte SSD yet? I need storage!

Overall Review: Clients love the SSD on the desktop and the servers. So quiet and I can remove some of the fans in PCs and servers. Big power saving over RAID-5 arrays. Not quite cheap enough yet or large enough yet to eliminate all the mechanical hard drives.

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The Future is here!10/16/2009 10:31:09 PM

Pros: I have been working with solid state devices since the old battery backup RAM drive days. I just purchased a few of these and some OCZ Vertex 60GB drives for clients. WOW! I will never go back to winchester hard drives for system drives. All of the drives are perfect and have either XP, Vista, or Windows 7 RC on them. My next setup is RAID 1 for some servers using Windows server 2003 and 2008 with the SLC drives. What heat savings! What energy savings! But most of all..FASSSSSSST! Can you say "I can boot to XP in 10 seconds on my i7!!!"

Cons: When can I get a 1TB drive for $200?

Overall Review: I'm looking forward to building a media PC with NO moving parts and is totally silent using a couple of 256GB drives in a RAID 0 and using less than 200 watts of power. Yippee! The next step then is to build a server using a SAS 600MB controller and 4 of the SLC drives in a RAID 5 a la the Tom's hardware review. I bet I can saturate the SAS bus and get close to 600MB read and write throughput!!!!! Wheeeee!

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Yippee!1/16/2008 7:32:27 PM

Pros: $75 for this? I immediately overclocked this to 266FSB giving 2.13Ghz at stock voltages and it's perfect. Excellent for basic office PC's. Yippee!

Cons: Great, now I have a bunch of 800MHz FSB P4 chips that are worthless.

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Keepin' it cool10/22/2007 11:17:42 PM

Pros: A most excellent addition to a Stacker case. I rebuilt some old Supermicro P4 servers with a Stacked case and two additional modules for a SCSI RAID 5 setup and the servers are super quiet and cool. Yippee!

Cons: You have to get the plastic rails attached just right...No biggee.

Overall Review: It's the old tower cases of the late 90's. Make sure you have the room for a Stacker case!

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It's fabulous!1/23/2007 7:55:44 PM

Pros: I build lots of gaming machines and video editing systems. This is the best case ever. Lots and lots of cooling for multiple hard drives. A typical video editing system runs six SATA drives in a RAID 5 array. I can keep the drives cool and quiet! Also, for gaming with SLI, the fans keep everything cool so you can overclock a lot. It's got wheels also!

Cons: Wish it came in red, blue, or white. You have to buy the extra 4-in-3 drive bays which Newegg doesn't carry. No biggie if you don't need more than two hard drives.

Overall Review: It's big beefy! My last system built weighed 60 lbs with six hard drives. Get a dolly!

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Good Processor for our FS2004 PCs1/31/2006 10:21:32 PM

Pros: Works just as expected, 43fps with AA and all the eye candy turned up to the max.

Cons: None for this particular application.

Overall Review: I run a flight department and we use Flight Simulator 2004 for actual flight training. New System: AMD 64 3800+ Venice ASUS A8N-SLI EVGA 7800GT. 2x512 Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PT WD4000KD. Coolmax 400W CXI-400B. Lite-on DVD-RW. Generic case, lots of fans. Two 21 inch Trinitron monitors. FSUIPC, FSWide to link to other networked FS2004 PC's. 3Com 100Mb 24 port switch. MS Server 2003. For this application, we needed horsepower as FS2004 is CPU-dependent. I can get 43 fps with no frame rate degradation at 1600x1200, trilinear filter, AA, and all the other eye candy turned up. A max of 43 fps is perfect for us as we don't have explosions and other frame rate robbing graphics. I set the frame rate slider on 35 and it never drops below that. Great for our application and we're ready for Flight Simulator X.

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