After finding 3+ dead pixels I am not happy!12/7/2014 11:42:48 PM

Pros: The price is ok..

Cons: I have found 3+ dead/stuck pixels in the first 2 days of use.. So I am not happy with this monitor at all. At first when I started it up it was amazing but once I started doing Photo Editing I noticed one purple pixel, then another.. Then a hour after that another one! I thought these Panels where inspected before being sent out.

Overall Review: If you have the extra money then go with something else. I am now depressed that I have to deal with returning this monitor. My grandson is also very sad because he was going to get my old monitor.

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Still unbeatable in every single way!8/17/2014 9:36:07 PM

Pros: Now that I have owned this card for almost half a year. I will have to declare that it is the best of the best. I had done a good two month's of reading reviews, looking at benchmarks watching reviews and comparing the components used in this Gigabyte 290 OC Edition. That was after I had made sure AMD had the superior GPU. You want to build on a good foundation and that's what Gigabyte has done. With there Ultra Durable VGA and the high end 8 digital power phase along with two phases for the memory alone. High end is not about pretty lights on a GPU or glowing fans. Gigabyte knows this and didn't waste money putting lights and unneeded junk on there GPU. Instead Gigabyte made a true two slot 450 watt cooling system. And it works great. Wind Force 3 is amazingly silent yet my GPU never hits above 72c and that's the hottest I can get it. When playing Battlefield 4 64 man and at 1080p using DX11 my fps is a steady 87fps I can get more with mantle but I have no need to use it yet.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: My system specs, (for reference) Gigabyte Z87X-D3H-CF 8GB Kingston HyperX Blu Ram i5 4670k at 4Ghz (Summer OC normal is 4.4Ghz) Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 Kingston HyperX 3k 120GB SSD (OS/MMO that I'm playing at the time) Western Digital Black 1TB HDD (Games/Files/Ect) Gigabyte R9 290 OC Edition XFX XTR 750 Fully Modular PSU Antec 900 (front fans medium/top fan low/rear fan medium/side fan slot just has a dust filter) About 6 months ago I upgraded from a core 2 quad 4gb ddr2 and XFX AMD HD 6950 2GB I bought the GPU a month later and I'm happy I did. The 290 is one hell of a GPU.

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Great Cooling System!7/15/2014 1:27:53 AM

Pros: The Best Cooling system you can find on any GPU. Run's cool and you can't hear it even under load.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have the R9 290 OC Edition and it is great. This card does have some extra stream processors that will really make a difference at very high res.

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Amazing Performance from a HDD5/8/2014 1:56:57 AM

Pros: The WD Black series HDD's are in a class of there own as far as mechanical HDD's go. I do use a SSD for my OS and a couple of my top played game's. I now installed a few game's on this HDD and it is amazing to say the least, I have used the WD Raptor (Back when it first was released, I got a 37GB Raptor) and this HDD is faster and not nearly as loud and it stay's nice and cool under load. I know HDD's have come a long way since 2003 but I didn't know how much. From the testing I have done and the game's I have played, along with a quick video edit to see how this HDD would handle it has done nothing but amaze me. None or very low sound from the HDD as with my Antec 900, I don't notice anything that would be louder then the case fan's and they are set to low besides the rear case fan. I use a Cooler Master HyperX Evo CPU cooler and the fan on that isn't even noticeable. I guess I will post my system spec's ... ... ... |-i5 4670k / CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Evo |-Gigabyte Z87X-D3H MotherBoard F8 Bios |-Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB |-Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB OS \ Ect. |-1TB WD Black HDD \ Game's, Ect. |-XFX ATI HD 6950 2GB (280X soon) |-XFX XTR 750 Full Mod 80 Plus Gold (Beast I've Used) |-Antec 900

Cons: None I have yet to find.

Overall Review: I was running a very old Seagate 320GB and 500GB HDD's and Window's 7 would take a while to shut down sometimes. It is now instant just like startup. I do use a Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD for my OS and a few top played game's. But I will be moving all of my game's to the WD Black HDD. I can say without a doubt that it is 3-5x faster then my old HDD's from 2003 and 2007. I now run just my Kingston HyperX 3K (OS) and Western Digital Black 1TB HDD in my PC along with a external backup drive (Seagate Backup Plus 2TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive STDT2000100) and when I was running my old WD Raptor from 2003 along with a 320GB Seagate Barracuda from 2007 and 500GB Samsung HDD from 2005 in my PC it was just not good Imho only because none of them were Sata 3 6GBPS and they where all slow besides the 37GB WD Raptor but it ran much hotter and was pretty loud compared to running one SSD and one WD Black 1TB HDD. So my Case, being a heavy Antec 900 and a headache to install, uninstall HDD's due to the layout. I figured I should just stick with one nice little SSD and one HDD and like I said, I did my research and found that the new WD Black HDD's are the best for Mid/High end PC's so of course me not wanting to every have to add another HDD due to my case. I think I made the right choice. I will update this review if the WD Black happens to die on me as some review's here stated they only lasted a few day's and other's came DOA. I'm Happy it didn't come DOA for sure and since running WD diagnostics, this HDD passed with flying color's. So I doubt I will have any issue's with it. (Knock on Wood) I know I am righting a long review here but I'm exited about this HDD as it surprised me heavily, that it is so fast and not really any audibull noise from it that I can hear over my case fan's. File transfers are very fast, a few seconds for 8GB's of x264 HD video file's from my external USB 3.0 to the WD Black 1TB internal HDD. I guess one of the last thing's would be is this HDD is noticeably lighter compared to my older HDD's of any size. All I need now is the Gigabyte AMD 280X it's on my wishlist and if there are any gamer's out there not living day to day and paying for school with a good amount of money that would like to help me out. I would be thankful forever :D lol, I'm not that lucky though.

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Was great untill it blew up.5/3/2014 10:25:41 PM

Pros: Awesome Bored but...

Cons: I loved this bored but a cooler master PSU blew it up and the RAM on it. It really sucked. I was just looking at old reviews I had put on newegg and now that I am using newegg again I thought I would update my review. This bored was so cool but at the time I couldn't get a RMA because it was because of the cooler Master PSU that I had that was the cause of this MB going out, taking the ram with it.. Dead Cooler Master PSU, Dead awesome MB and dead $200 Ram.. It was about 700 in total dmg. I wish Newegg would see this or CoolerMaster, Asus, or someone in charge and see that I got cheated at the time. I still have the PSU, MB and Ram that died..

Overall Review: I am not trying to make a big thing as no one will see this review since this tech is long gone.. I just went and looked at the stuff I had working great and seen these reviews now that im using newegg again and kinda wish something could be done. I wish I would have tried to keep calling back to get the right person or something. But after 3 calls and emails I gave up. Now that I don't have the money I used to, it just makes me sad that nothing was done about this.

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It died on me.5/3/2014 10:11:08 PM

Pros: None

Cons: It died on me about a year after I got it and after trying to contact cooler master 3 time's I gave up. I still have it sitting in the box. The worst part is, it took out my Asus Republic of Gamers MB, and the Ram I had installed on the MB. So it pretty much took out 700 bucks worth of my gear. I also could never get the MB returned as back years ago Asus didn't seem to care much about it since I told them when I took it down to the PC repair shop I was told it died due to the PSU and then I was told by Asus that since it failed due to another component in my PC it couldn't be replaced.. Cooler Master has good CPU Coolers and Cases but I wouldn't trust there PSU's ever again. was never able to post this before, but now that I am using newegg again I figure I would let others know about my $700 blow up...

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Battl3fr0nt, We sincerely apologize for the trouble you had with our power supply. Would you be able to give us a call and dial extension 602 so we can get this situation rectified? The power supply carries a 5 year warranty. We would like to troubleshoot and recitfy the situation by replacing the power supply. Respectfully, Marvin R. CMUSA Customer Support. Phone: 1-888-624-5099 Live Chat: Ticket:
High End MB With a Mid Range Price4/10/2014 10:22:33 PM

Pros: After having this MB for some time now and replacing the stock CPU fan that came with my I5 4670k to a Cooler Master Hyper Evo. I am LOVING Haswell and if you check out some of the top OC websites you can get this CPU running at 4.4Ghz with temp's at around 65C under load. This MB does indeed allow you to OC with ease and is packed with features you would find on a MB that cost 2x as much. So if you're in the market for an upgrade. You can't go wrong with this MB. I'm not one to upgrade every time a new socket come's out, but Haswell is one great CPU and the haswell refresh will be coming out at the end of this year. So you are very well future proofing yourself if you NEED / Really Want to upgrade to the 1150 socket. It will be around for a while. On top of all that if you buy this MB you will be set for year's to come due to no video card's being able to bottleneck the i5, in fact video card's are now the bottleneck and will be for some time.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This MB will be all you need for year's to come. If you want to upgrade to something that will last. This MB is for you. PS, This is by far the best system I have ever built. Using this MB, i5 4670k, Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB RAM, Kingston HyperX 3K SSD 120GB "Boot Drive and two top played games" , XFX XTR 750 Full Mod PSU Gold Plus, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU Cooler, 2TB Seagate HDD, 320GB Seagate HDD, *Old* ATI HD 6950 2GB Video Card that now run's great. All inside my good old Antec 900.

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Best in the air cooling class4/7/2014 5:12:03 AM

Pros: I just did a full upgrade to my rig. I went from Core2Quad to an i5 4670k and the stock cooler isn't all that great if you want to do any kind of overclocking. I noticed my Haswell i5 running 15-16C cooler. It was hitting 66 with the stock CPU cooler. I now don't go over 51C and keep a average temp of 35-45C while under full load for about 6-8 hour's at a time. I must say Direct heat pipe cooling is a great way to keep thing's cool. I only applied a pea size amount of the thermal paste it came with. Maybe a little less then a Pea, really. But it ended up working out great and I can go to 4.2Ghz without passing 65C that was only a test though. As I run the CPU stock with turbo boost on and never go past 50C while running RIFT a game that is known to be one of the most highly CPU demanding game's there is. I was reading about haswell CPU's and how you don't want to go past 72C. So if you're a overclocker then I would say look no further because even if you are on a budget, this cooler will do wonders.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I seen a 15C drop and that can make all the difference. If you are planning to upgrade get this and you will not be sorry. You can look at other cooling methods but you will not find anything that will beat this for the price. You can also use the Push Pull Method and see another 5C or so drop in CPU heat.

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Great Hard Drive4/6/2014 3:04:21 AM

Pros: If you are looking for a fast HDD with allot of space then you can't go wrong with this product. USB 3.0 is great and the HDD itself has 64mb of cache. I have put allot of data on the drive and getting to the data is very quick. I have a 500GB USB 2.0 HDD but this one is much faster. So you will really notice the difference with USB 3.0

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: If you are looking for a fast,quite, reliable HDD. I would recommend this to you. For the price you are getting a great HDD. Video's and 24MP pictures load up from this HDD like it was connected via SATA in my PC.

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The best by far.4/4/2014 1:32:13 AM

Pros: Get this for you're OS and you're top played game's. This is the best SSD you can get for the money. Yes there are cheaper SSD's but this one is only a few buck's more and well worth it.

Cons: Not any so far.

Overall Review: I just did a upgrade from a Core2Quad to a i5 4670k and if you can afford it. Go with 120GB for you're OS and top played games and then get one or two more 240GB and get a nice 2TB USB 3.0 drive for backup and other large files. I plan on getting either one more so I don't have any HDD's in my case only SSD's. It make's you're case so much cooler and not as heavy. Along with SSD's being so crazy fast you could never go back to a normal HDD as you're OS/boot Drive.

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Very fast.4/4/2014 1:09:00 AM

Pros: I have not upgraded my PC for about 4 years. I was running the Core2Quad 9400 and last month I just could not take how slow it was. I knew it was time to upgrade. The i5 blew me off of my feet. I really had no idea that the i5 4670k was so much better then my old Core2Quad 9400 I got about 4 year's ago. I mean they were both Quad Core CPU's so what could make the HUGE difference? I have been looking into tech site's again and I'm getting back into it. I didn't think going to the i5 1150 socket would make that big of a difference. I'm happy I was wrong. If you are thinking about upgrading. Now is the time to do so as even the newest video card's cannot bottleneck a stock i5.

Cons: No con's so far.

Overall Review: I often play RIFT with my friend's and it is the most CPU hogging game I've ever played. Going from a Core2Quad to another quad core I was kind of wondering on how much better the game would run. It turned out to be the best thing I could have done. In big battle's I used to be able to count the frames per second and have no control over my character. I now can be in 60v60 conquest battle's and have no issues at all. It's great. The i5 4670k is the best CPU I have ever used and I still don't believe on what I've been missing out on this last 4 year's. The Motherboard I used was a GIGABYTE Z87X-D3H and Kingston HyperX Blu 2x4GB Ram. I also went with a Solid State Drive for my OS and my top played games. It was a Kingston HyperX 3K 120G and It is amazing how fast my boot time's are. I'm not to sure why people go for 16GB of ram. I have two monitors and run my game's on one and web,youtube,email,Team Speak 3,ect on the other and I never use more then 6GB. I remember back when I only had 4GB and it would always max out my Ram so I was worried 8GB wouldn't cut it. All I can say is if you are upgrading and don't have a SSD get one for you're OS and you're main game or game's you play. 120GB is more then enough for the OS,Software and two MMO's.

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Great card with a good Price..2/19/2011 12:44:33 AM

Pros: Run's cool and is not near as loud as my 4870 (the card I replaced this with) The best Price / Performance ratio on a video card there is right now... Easy Overclocking and the fact it has a dual bios so you will always have a backup to go to if you OC a little to far and cannot boot with the card.

Cons: This card is Huge but that really is not a con... I guess its the worst thing I can think of..

Overall Review: I have owned a lot of video cards in the last 7 years and I just had a 4870 for the last 2 years, I have been waiting for a solid jump in Performance and it was worth waiting for this card. I have not seen such a big boost going from 1 card to the next untill I got the HD 6950 2GB. I must say that going from the 4870 1GB to the 6950 2GB was the biggest jump in performance I have seen and it is a huge one. This video card will play any game that is out right now with maxed settings at crazy frames per second.. Just to know that the drivers are still young and newer game releases that will be using the technology in this card even more so then games do now, it really assures you, that you will not need to upgrade for a good while.

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Can't ask for more.3/19/2010 4:24:47 PM

Pros: I went from a Core 2 Duo E6420 to this and it made a huge difference. I have not had the need for Quad but when BF:BC:2 came out I kinda felt the need.. I Clocked this CPU up to 3.2ghz (very easy OC) I know I could get more but I dont have the need right now.. I really cannot believe how much stuff I can have running at once. I now tend to leave everything running in the back round when I game and I can alt tab out of any game with no probs no delay at all. I have wanted a Quad Core for a while and I will say its really nice to have one. It just shows that the i7 is really not much faster. I get more FPS in BC2 with the Q9400 then I do with my i7 box.. But then agian the i7 was not made for gaming its more for video encoding.

Cons: Nothing yet.

Overall Review: If your looking to upgrade from a C2D then this is a good choice, it will OC very easy on air and it runs cool.

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Best 680i Chipset Motherboard you can get!!!8/22/2007 8:28:23 AM

Pros: Advanced Bios allow's you to OC any CPU to the Max! I love this thing. If you wanna run the new Intel CPU's and Wanna be able to SLI this is the board for you. I love this Mobo and it is the more Future Proof bored you can buy.

Cons: Lol how can the best board have a con?

Overall Review: If you are not used to the Nvidia Bios it might take you some time to learn it but it is alot better then the Intel P35 and X38 Bios. Just buy the board you will not regret it at all!!

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If you want only the best!7/10/2007 5:56:12 AM

Pros: All the Power you will ever need in a gaming PC or File Server. Run's cool for what watt's it put's out. It will Fit in my Antec 900 gaming Case. There is a connector for everything you will ever need even CrossFire 2900's SLI 8800's ect,ect.. High Gloss Finsh make's it even look good! With 6 +12 volt rail's this thing will never let you down..

Cons: None

Overall Review: I love this thing I went from an Antec 480 watt to this and with my PC (Core 2 Duo,2GB DDR2 8000,8800,3HDD Asus P5D Deluxe,Lite On Opti Drive I plan on getting 1 more and maby another HDD) it power's the system perfect and I have Much power to spare for alot of other upgrade's Cooler Master has a very good rep and a Very good Product I recommend this to anyone that want's a good PSU that will last and not let you down and have all the Power you will need for any type of upgrade.

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