Still a great device2/17/2018 11:12:13 PM

Pros: - The form factor and look is just so appealing - All of the good specs at a decent price now due to the SB2. Pressure sensitivity is still good as well :) - AC adapter is small and compact so even if you're going to be doing heavy lifting tasks all day, it's not a pain to bring around.

Cons: - You'll have to update the device to date (set aside a day and overnight most likely) - If you're using it for Photoshop/ digital art, make sure to brace yourself for all the little fixes you'll have to find. They're out there, and are relatively easy to come across with a quick google search, but just be prepped. - You may need little fixes for the general computer as well.

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Charges but not the best12/4/2017 7:40:03 AM

Pros: *Charges and works for the power modes the come installed with MSI software.

Cons: *The cord that's attached to the brick is short to the point where it dangles in the air when the laptop is on any average table height. I've experienced this height discrepancy on three different tables thus far. The power cord is longer, but honestly should have been shorter in exchange for a longer input cord as the power cord is usually closer to the ground. *Slight discrepancy in output power may have some disadvantages. *Big and fat. Close to the size of an actual average brick (like in a house), when a lot of the space inside is actually hollow..

Overall Review: Used as a replacement for Ghost Pro-606, and its the same 150W output but the charger states its 19V , 7.9A, which differ from the original MSI charger (I don't currently have it on me right now, but I believe its 19.5V and 7.7A) I feel this slight difference has some effect, as I've experienced a bit of screen tearing when a lot of action is going on, but the charger seems to be keeping up.

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