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Cool as can be...3/22/2007 10:15:03 AM

Pros: This cooler is awesome! It is keeping my Opty 185 at a wonderful 32C at idle and a balmy 46C at a heavy load... This is large enough to keep my RAM and pretty much my entire micro board super cool. With 4 different probe sites on my board I keep a close watch on it and this cooler has been wonderful, highly recommended! Oh, and installation was a snap, one of the easiest heatsinks I have ever installed.

Cons: Um, it wasn't free? Other than that none!

Overall Review: This heatsink is probably your best bet for an air-cooled system. If this does not cut it for you then you probably need to upgrade to water cooled. And get rid of your ribbon cables and your mess of power wires, use some zip-ties for your power wires and get some round-IDE cables or go SATA to increase airflow in your case. Remember convection principles: intake at the front/base of the case and output at the top/rear of the case; this way you will have a wonderful current of fresh, clean and cool air circulating around your case and significantly extending the life of your system that you just dropped a lot of coin on...

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