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Cooler Master COSMOS C700M with ARGB Lighting, Aluminum Panels, a Riser Cable, and Curved Tempered Glass
Cooler Master COSMOS C700M with ARGB Lighting, Aluminum Panels, a Riser Cable, and Curved Tempered Glass

Pros: First, if you are looking to buy this case, understand that it is a Premium Case and as such this review is based off of that premise, I will not bash the case because of "price" and "there are cheaper cases that have better airflow and its sad that people wont understand why their cpu is burning", hate this kind of bashing for products in general that stem from the price tag of an item that the manufacture clearly stated that its their premium package. - The case is bigger than big, saw multiple review videos, new it was big, its bigger in person which is great because you can really customize it however you want including adding a custom water loop, its awesome. - Its beautiful, which I know is subjective, but all of my friends have described the case as beautiful, the curved tempered glass adds a lot to the looks of the case which some may think that its just to make it look fancy but it genuinely catches the eye and it also feels nice when opening the case. - The case is heavy and the metal gives it a great feel, it doesn't feel cheap at all which is a great thing when your buying a premium item, no one wants something in this area that feels like its made of cheap plastic or like it cant even hold its own weight. - Lighting is great and looping it with the rest of the lighting that you add yourself (fans, gpu, whatever else) makes it stand out even more than it already does, again, the only limit you have with this case is your imagination. - Cable management with this case is a breeze, the straps in the back make the cables look nice and its easy to hide everything. - Riser Cable plus bracket that comes with the case so that you can show case your gpu is fantastic. - Airflow isn't an issue and you can direct fan air in whichever direction you want really since you can position your motherboard and gpu in any direction you want and plus, you have more than enough space to have a custom water loop which is what I'm going to do next. - There is so much more to say because of how drastically you can mod this case but I suppose these are my favorite points that come to mind.

Cons: Nothing really, case came without a single scratch or dent.

Overall Review: If your looking to build a show case pc or just really want a premium case that will stick out, this case will do that, don't listen to the haters who cry that its too expensive and say it should bring other things because of the price point, ect. life is too short and if your looking to buy this case, price should not be a concern cause its kind of a case that you want to go all out on, not a case where your looking to save money by using the stock cpu cooler that came in the box...