beats the 650d10/20/2013 2:20:32 AM

Pros: Big and roomy sturdy solid build plenty of 5.25 bays configurable drive bays(and plenty of them) "smoked" window. I could seriously go on and on.

Cons: personally, I'm not a fan of the white accents(slot covers, fans, HDD cages), but that's just me. I have noticed in some reviews that a few are upset that you can’t have a “thick” 360mm radiator. Well that doesn't bother me personally. Especially when you consider that you actually can have a thick 360mm radiator(or one in push/pull) so long as you don’t mind losing a 5.25 bay.

Overall Review: I've been planning out my "ultimate" (for me)build for awhile now, and one thing I knew I wanted was a custom water cooling loop, so I had to find the right case to fit. I really like the looks of the corsair cases, it’s just something about the minimalist look I guess. 900d way too big. 800d was borderline in size, but I just didn't care for the layout very much. The 650d was just about what I wanted in size and looks, so I've been waiting for a awhile to find a sale or a discount then I‘d grab one up. But…then I found this case and I ordered it almost immediately. On sight it blew the 650d out of the water. Sure it might not have all of the features the 650 has. You have to remove 6 screws to remove the bottom HDD cage instead of just a thumbscrew like the 650, is one thing that comes to mind. But how often are you going to move your HDD cage? Probably just once, so why pay more for that convenience you’ll hardly use? You have to use thumbscrews instead of those nifty latches to open the case? That sucks kinda, but you know, that’s a first world problem I can learn to live with. Anyway when you look at the watercooling options(rad sizes and layout) added to the price difference, plus the build quality overall, it was a no brainer IMO.

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good value3/15/2013 2:19:26 AM

Pros: excellent value for the price. easy to use manual. Most connectors are in fairly convenient locations.

Cons: I had a difficult time getting it setup, and was starting to think I had a bad board, memory or power supply. I would turn the power on, but get no post beep and no video. took out the memory and then got the correct beep code for no memory. On a hunch I dragged out an old style monitor with a serial cable, and hooked that up. and guess what? It worked. Long story short, it was working properly the whole time but for some reason it wouldn't/couldn't use HDMI until the OS and the drivers were loaded up. and now looking back through the "It was DOA" 1 star reviews on here, I wouldn't be shocked if that's what they were experiencing as well.

Overall Review: despite being a pain initially, it's been running smooth with no issues. I also really enjoy the BIOS layout. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another product from this company.

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