Awesome9/26/2008 2:01:31 PM

Pros: Great drive. Very stable and fast with transferring files. I bought it for its space and reliability. I am using it with a Rosewill SATA add on card so I only will get the 1.5 transfer rate. This is my main data drive now. No more IDE hard drives !!! Seagate always F.T.W.

Cons: Price

Overall Review: Yes the price is kinda high but it's higher because of it's reliability.

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Good, but...7/3/2008 8:36:49 PM

Pros: Good look & sound. I LOVE the case it comes with and the different sets of covers for the headphones. Cord is a good length. I like the volume control on the cord, but I haven't used it much.

Cons: I am one of the few who like the CX300 type cord. I like how the headphones can just lay on your shoulders. The CX300's are almost just as good for over 50$ cheaper. I can't tell that much of a difference.

Overall Review: I wish these one had the other style cord (A-symmetrical). I just had a pair of the CX300's but I was careless lost them. I was going to re-buy them, but then I saw these. I think I'm going to return these and save $$ and get the CX300's again.

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Awesome3/15/2008 8:02:56 PM

Pros: These are awesome. I listen to them at work and I will never ever go back to normal headphones. Sennheiser are a very reliable brand. I have 4 pairs of headphones including these and I feel I don't even need the others anymore after getting these. Also, I run with them. I ran the LA marathon with them, no problems! I use them when I go to sleep.

Cons: Yes the cord does make a bit of scratchy noise, but not a big deal. Also, the symmetrical cord is kinda weird. I sometimes like it, but sometimes it's a pain.

Overall Review: Buy these and you won't regret it.

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