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Happy with this product1/3/2021 7:43:22 PM

Pros: - Good camera - Motion tracking/alerts work well - Has sound alarm on camera that can be set to mute/medium (a beep)/intense - Has on board storage capabilities - Has cloud storage capability (more on this in cons) - Mobility of the camera is pretty good, but trying to control it via app doesn't work so well

Cons: - Difficult to setup initially, mostly because LaView has multiple apps and I think the user guide says to download one that didn't work for me - Limited to local storage on microsd card or cloud storage 7-day trial then paid subscription for their cloud service. With my Kasa camera, once the trial ends, you can still see the previous 12 hours of recordings, but with this one, you can't see any, so it becomes fairly useless after 7 days unless you use microsd cards in each camera or pay for their cloud service.

Overall Review: I have 4 cloud services that I pay for already with terabytes worth of storage open. Please just let me store my files where I want them. I understand the business decision behind this, but it cripples the products value. The camera istself works great, but not having the ability to view any recordings unless I pay for your proprietary cloud service makes this camera much less valuable than other options. The app to use is LaView One. You can watch up to 4 cameras at the same time and configure settings for each one here.

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Don't buy this8/15/2020 5:58:56 PM

Pros: Looks nice. Tells the time.

Cons: Constantly disconnects from the app. You will need to restart your phone every time you want it to connect to the app and it won't stay connected very long. The measurements are not very accurate. I have several other reliable fitness bands to compare with and even the heart rate is often very far off. Who knows about the other metrics, since they don't explain how they even measure these things. Once the battery dies, the time won't be right until you reconnect it to your phone, so it's not even very useful if you just want to use it as a watch, which is what I was hoping to do since it actually has a nicer look than most fitness bands out there. There's only one button on the watch, so you change menus or screens by pressing and select by long pressing. This means that even when you select a watch face you like, chances are that it will change without you noticing and it's not something that can be changed back quickly. Most of the features are useless since it doesn't stay connected to your phone.

Overall Review: I like the way it looks and it has some interesting features, but it's mostly useless because it doesn't stay connected to your phone. It can't even be used reliable as just a regular watch.

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Return will cost half as much as the watch. Total waste of money7/22/2020 11:45:35 PM

Overall Review: Band broke immediately. Bluetooth cuts out constantly, requiring me to restart phone. Returning this will cost about half as much as buying it. Don't buy

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Haven't used it1/5/2020 7:40:19 AM

Pros: Looks cool. Could work well (idk, haven't used it). Comes with USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to USB cables as well as screwdriver, screw and thermal pad for heat transfer to the heat spreader.

Cons: Shipping takes forever. Ordered 12/2, label was created 12/6 (4 days to print a label), then the order showed up about 2 weeks later. I had almost forgotten I had ordered this and have no use for it now. I haven't had a chance to test it to see if it works, since my nvme drives have been formatted and installed in my systems several weeks before this arrived.

Overall Review: Product seems good (if it works as advertised) and build quality seems adequate. I would not order this if you are waiting on it to transfer data to an nvme drive. There are other ways that are simple and won't have you waiting three weeks. I will update this review if I happen to test it in the future.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. We are so sorry about the delay on the shipping way due to the peak season. Could you please tell us if we can do something for you? My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
Needs extra cables2/3/2018 1:21:39 PM

Pros: Cool idea. Haven't been able to test it yet because you need to buy extra cables.

Cons: - Requires a 24-pin extension to work. It has a male out, so extra cords you have from other modular PSUs won't work. You will need to purchase a 24 pin male to female extension that you otherwise would probably never use. - You also need to buy the cables for CPUs.

Overall Review: I bought this in a bundle with 2xPSUs instead of purchasing a larger power supply. It does not come with the cables that you need to plug into your motherboard. They're male to female, which don't come with power supplies and you only use as extensions. This thing is useless without the required extension cables. I would have been okay if they were female out, since I have a ton of extra cables from modular PSUs. Newegg should have definitely included the required cables in the bundle if anything.

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Great Monitor7/9/2016 4:40:22 PM

Pros: Screen looks incredibly clear and colors look great. Flat screen flush with the extremely thin bezel makes these monitors look really fancy. Put together with my 4 monitor mount, these things look great. Plenty of adjustments and modes allow you to adjust to your viewing needs. Very thin and high tech looking. Mountable.

Cons: Power cable is incredibly short (maybe 3-4 feet tops) and the plug is a large box that takes up a minimum of two slots on a power strip/surge protector. With my monitors mounted, I had to either buy two extension cords with 2 plug outlets each or an 8 outlet surge protector/power strip just to plug in 4 plugs. Probably the worst designed power cable in the history of power cables.

Overall Review: All 4 monitors work without any issues and look great. Keep in mind that the power cables are short and take up the space of 2-3 outlets when you plug them in. Also, they only have 1 hdmi and 1 vga connection.

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Looks good and performed well9/15/2015 7:45:08 AM

Pros: This PSU looks great and feels like well-built product. The fully modular cables are nice and there are plenty included, along with a bag to store extras. It runs almost completely silent and only uses the fan when necessary. 7-year warranty was reassuring.

Cons: Stopped working just after 3 months. I've just submitted an RMA request to EVGA, so hopefully they honor their warranty. The included cables are very firm due to the protective covering, so it's hard to use multiple connections from the same cable unless everything is spaced out at the same length as the cable.

Overall Review: Overall, this PSU seemed to perform well while it worked. My computer had been freezing/crashing much more frequently after installation, but I assumed it was software related. When it failed after 3 months and I swapped in my old PSU, I haven't had any of these crashes since. I purchased this product for its reliability as it has a 7-year warranty and good power ratings, but overall it has underperformed compared to my old PSU, which cost a fraction of the price. Hopefully EVGA honors their warranty and replaces the product. I like this PSU very much and would love to have one that worked.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Broderrick B, I do apologize for the troubles you are having with your EVGA 1050 GS power supply. I can assure you that we are here to assist and support you as best we can. If you haven't already done so, then I would encourage you to contact our 24 hour Technical Support team by phone 1.888.881.3842 and pressing option 1 or by email: so that we can assist you. Sincerely, EVGA Customer Support
Good Card1/8/2014 3:09:57 PM

Pros: Great card for a reasonable price. I got this on sale almost a year ago and it has performed exceptionally ever since. I have used it with a GeForce GT 520, but I doubt that card's doing much, if anything. Generally running two monitors, but occasionally a TV as well. Runs all my games in their highest settings in 1920x1080 resolution while running the second monitor at 1280x1024 around 60 fps or more. The only time I get less than that, it's not related to the video card. 7.9/7.9 on both graphics components of Windows Experience Index.

Cons: One of the green lights stays on sometimes after I shut down my computer. I've never looked into it, but it hasn't caused me any problems.

Overall Review: I'm not sure why some reviews are saying this card can't handle games at high settings because I've never had any issues. The only time I get drops in my fps is when a poorly programmed third-party application tries to hog all the resources.

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Decent1/3/2013 8:06:15 PM

Pros: It was the only product on newegg that allowed me to use the 20-pin internal USB 3.0 adapter to connect the front USB ports on my case. It also has two extra USB 3.0 connects on the back.

Cons: It works most of the time, but if I'm transferring data from a USB drive or external HDD, the front ports stop working altogether and won't turn back on until the computer is restarted. I haven't used the back ports much as I haven't needed them, but I realized today that one of those stopped working as well.

Overall Review: I didn't look into it enough to determine the cause of the malfunction, but be sure to test this thing immediately. Mine works most of the time and it still allows the use of my front USB 3.0 ports, given I'm charging something or transferring small amounts of data (maybe >2Gb).

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Solid Knife1/3/2013 7:59:15 PM

Pros: Solid construction and it feels sturdy. The spring assist is really strong and useful. Window breaker and belt cutter are a bonus. Pretty sharp too.

Cons: One of the tiny screws on the back fell off literally the day after I opened it. It was one of the three that hold the belt clip in place, so now it wiggles a bit. I couldn't screw in the screw that fell out, so I tightened the other screws and it doesn't bother me now.

Overall Review: I bought two of these. Great bargain here.

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Good speakers - Bad shipping9/5/2012 3:42:03 PM

Pros: Speakers sound great so far. Bought this pair on sale along with pioneer center channel speaker and 5.1 receiver. Easy setup, look great, more bass capability than expected.

Cons: Poor packaging resulted in cosmetic damage.

Overall Review: One of the woofer grilles was dented in pretty bad and was pushing against the speaker. There was also an inch-long scratch underneath the first woofer, but it's hardly noticeable. I fixed the grille myself by pulling it out and pushing it back out. Still doesn't look perfect. The box was nearly open by the time it showed up at my house. Top had only tape on sides holding it closed and the box wash pretty crushed. With the speakers facing up and nothing protecting them, this resulted in the dented grille and scratch.

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Works Great7/3/2012 11:41:42 PM

Pros: Works as advertised. Good length.

Cons: None

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