Great product for the price2/2/2021 12:24:08 AM

Pros: Delivers good audio for voice or music. Very comfortable: light weight and comes with 4 pairs of assorted-size silicone ear caps, for good fit. Fairly loud at maximum volume setting. Microphones deliver good sound quality. The charging base contains a 3500 mAh battery, for recharging earbuds on-the-go. The base also can charge a cell phone (or other USB device), so the base can serve as a power bank. Nice displays on the charging base: shows 5-bar charge status for each earbud, and 10-bar (plus numeric %) for the charging base battery. Each display flashes while charging. Nice controls (e.g. on/off, volume up/down) by tapping on the earbuds. I easily paired earbuds’ Bluetooth with computer and with cell phone. The charging base has a transparent, slightly darkened lid that allows viewing the charging display even when the lid is closed (a thoughtful feature), but nicely conceals the earbuds once the display turns off. Base can be charged with either USB micro or USB type C; supplied with USB micro charging cable. Shipped promptly, but then US Postal Service mis-routed (which USPS acknowledged in tracking information), causing a 10-day delay – not fault of Newegg nor NEK Tech, and a rare occurrence. Nice shipping packaging: easily opened; no blister pack. The user manual is in English and Japanese. Fortunately, the English is good – not the notoriously bad translation from Japanese that is so common.

Cons: The “cons” are generally minor. Weak for very deep bass – I tested with organ music, which is a real challenge. (I tried larger silicone earcups, but no improvement.) There is a slightly noticeable audio delay: slightly out-of-sync with video. This delay was noted in the 1/3/21 review by Emerald. However, this is not a flaw in the earbuds. Rather, it is a flaw in Bluetooth. (See So, expect a delay for any Bluetooth earbuds. These earbuds are Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest version -- this improves delay compared with older Bluetooth versions. Although the advertising says IPX7 Waterproof (may submerge in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes), the instruction manual says “Please do not put them in the water.” So, uncertain whether waterproof, and whether can use in the shower. There is no model number or brand displayed on the earbuds, charging base, or instruction manual. This may become a future nuisance, for example when seeking information or warranty support, or even referring a potential customer. I wish the earbuds were a little louder – at maximum volume, they are loud, but there is little reserve for situations where “very loud” is desired, or to crank up a quiet source. The microphones also could be a bit louder: Zoom teleconferencing said the microphones got up to only 65% of maximum when I shouted; and speaking in a normal voice yielded clear, but slightly quiet, audio. This is a minor problem, as the volume of the speakers and microphones are adequate. There is a small discrepancy: the advertising (text and pictures) indicate 3500 mAh capacity for the charging base, but the instruction manual says 4000 mAh. The good news is that the manual promises more, not less, than the advertising. Unsure which is correct. Instruction manual says to charge for 30 days before long-term storage. This seems excessive – perhaps meant to say 30 minutes.

Overall Review: I would recommend this product to a friend. Good quality (although no replacement for recording-studio-quality headphones). Delivers a lot for a modest price. Thoughtful design.

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Great webcam for the price. Functions as advertised.1/12/2021 10:22:16 PM

Pros: Excellent image quality, with wide field of view (Microsoft Camera reports video is 1080p 16:9 30fps, 60 Hz). Good microphone: more than adequate for voice (I never tried for music) in my room acoustics. No need to install any software (for me): upon plugging in, immediately worked with Microsoft Camera software that came pre-installed with Windows 10. Also worked with Zoom. Easily mounts, stably, on top of monitor, and includes ability manually to pivot up/down (pitch), right/left (yaw), and even roll (which tilts the image). 1/4-20 thread on bottom of mount allows mounting on any standard tripod. Two indicator lights show: (1) power to device (red LED) when plugged into USB port, and (2) camera active (green LED) when software is accessing camera. Cosmetics: black finish of webcam front is good match to my monitor bezels – keeps the webcam unobtrusive, and minimizes glare (which is why my monitor bezels are black). Shipped by Newegg, so good delivery time: < 2 weeks (during COVID-19), from order to arrival.

Cons: Cons: Only minor issues. Has no lens cover, which would help with privacy and to keep the lens clean. A lens cover has become a common feature of webcams. I easily remedied by bending a piece of index card to sit over the camera (and can either slide or entirely remove to uncover camera). No on/off switch. Same as most webcams. Microphone appears to be monophonic, not “Stereo” as advertised. I see only a single, small microphone hole – so, apparently not stereo. Microphone is live even when green indicator light is off. Could be a minor privacy issue – easily resolved by unplugging the webcam from USB port, for privacy. It would be nice to have a cropping feature, when such a wide-angle view is not desirable. This likely would be software, rather than camera hardware. A feature I don’t see in webcams, although I do see in security cameras. Lens zoom would be even better, but that’s asking too much for an inexpensive webcam.

Overall Review: A great product at a great price. Does everything I need. Good video and audio quality. Easy installation. I’d recommend to a friend

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Good product. Quick delivery. Too new for a 5* rating.12/20/2019 12:36:27 PM

Pros: The product is as advertised. Entirely blank drive -- no software included, which is fine with me. (Software can be downloaded from the website.) Passed WD disk tests with flying colors. No complaints, but I've not used yet (other than testing), so not yet ready to give a 5-star rating. Discounted price was very good. Product includes a power on/off switch, which many new disk drives do not. When first plugged in, power switch starts in the "on" state, which is desirable as it allows switching power on/off at a power strip.

Cons: Box seems slightly larger than Seagate boxes. Box sits with longest axis vertical -- I prefer the intermediate axis vertical, which gives better use of shelf space for multiple drives. These are minor issues.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this HDD -- very cost-effective. I wish the box could be oriented the same as Seagate drives (with longest axis horizontal, and medium axis vertical) -- better use of shelf space, and more compatible with my multiple Seagate drives. I give only 4-star rating because I haven't used long enough to be confident that the reliability deserves a 5-star rating.

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