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Beautiful, sleek, simple and intelligent.11/13/2014 7:37:41 PM

Pros: Heavy well built case design. Has sleek, very modern looks. Cable management is not what you would find on a typical corsair but is a change for the better. The wire bezel for interior wire management is a great idea and simply looks amazing. Lower deck for psu and wiring is a nice touch, no more building one out of lexan, this case has you covered! HDD's are also stored under the lower cover with ventilation for cooling. Painted in a nice solid gloss white, very thick coats of paint too! Pretty compact size for a mid tower, mainly from the lack of 5.35 bays. Have your basic modern case features, usb 3.0, headphone mic jacks in front, tool less hardware, built in MB stand offs, great cooling and customization cooling options.

Cons: Lack of 5.25 bay drives, but if your buying this case you already know that. The simple modern looks of the case may not be for everyone, not a aggressive case by any means. SDD mounts are not hidden, in fact are actually put on display, this could be ok for some who enjoy seeing them but it would had been nice to add more cages in the lower dedicated for hiding the drives.

Overall Review: I bought this case for my next pc build which is intended for my girlfriend, when it arrived I was overwhelmed by the quality and striking good looks of this case for the price it cost. I currently own a Corsair C70 in white, the Corsair thumps this case by all means with its add features but I honestly became jealous thinking about her case being nicer than mine. The steel is thick and heavy, quality material no doubt. The interior is sleek and well organised with features you find on much more expensive cases. The white paint is a perfect gloss, while the black a perfect matte finish. The lack of a 5.25 bay was a pretty cool design to me since I never use my optic drive anyways, it makes for a much easier build and a better finish product allowing the entire front to be a cooling intake for a radiator.

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Amazing graphics and price!11/11/2014 8:19:09 PM

Pros: This card has unbelievable graphic potential for the price. Should be any builders new pick for their current pc build. Low power consumption and requirements. Quiet performance under most conditions and pretty good cooling. Looks are sleek and simple and look great with any blue black mb pattern. Came with a free back plate but the offer is either expired or will soon, hopefully they will start producing this model with the back plate pre installed or for a decent price for future buyers.

Cons: Fan shielding has a cheap feel to it, but it will be face down in a pc case so who cares. I have experience some coil whine but only under extreme fps condition (usually 200+ fps), also this can be avoid if a max fps setting is used. Heat sink and some wiring is exposed on the side, would had like to see a thicker shield to cover at lease the wires for the fan link but this is simply a cosmetic problem which only applies to the OCD window builders. Some isses with Nvidia drivers on a few games but I think this isnt specific to just this card.

Overall Review: Buy this card if it fits your budget! Currently ranked as the third highest scoring card on passmark, followed by the gtx 780 ti and number one being the gtx 980 of course. With a good overclock my card has surpassed both of those cards! Even if I had the budget for the gtx 980 I would still buy the 970... i would just buy two 970's!!!! I have heard some bad reviews stating awful coil whine, and bad cooling due to a misaligned heatsink tube but let me just give some corrections on those "problems". Coil whine will not casue any damage to your gpu, it's mostely caused by a lack of glue on the components or too high fps. If your fps are low and you still get bad coil whine then yes, contact evga and they will help resolve the problem. As for the cooling issues due to a misaligned heatsink, well that's how its suppose to be, the heasink was used from a different model gpu which had a bigger chipset so one of the cooling tubes sets right on the edge of the chip. since the tube is attached to the heatsink block it this provided thermal transfer for cooling. My current clocks are an addition +152mhz for the gpu +686mhz for the memory 110% power target and +37mv on voltage and I have not seen anything past 80°C. I also adjust the fan curve to allow for a steeper profile after 50°. Be sure you have good air flow in general for this card and you won't have any problem. Im running 7 fans with a 240mm cpu cooler that create a pressurized air flow style (5 fans as intake, 2 for exhaust)

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Good features for good price8/25/2011 10:22:00 AM

Pros: Low price tool-less design good cooling eye pleasing design and cooler scheme "some" cable management quiet fans

Cons: molex fan design is outdated in my mind Some of the tool-less mounts where broken

Overall Review: This is an amazing case for the price. The roomy interior and tool less design makes DIY a breeze!!! The led front fan is a nice touch and the blue exhaust fans and vented pci slots give it a unique look. The pro out weigh the cons easily. Besides the defected tool less mounting hardware (which doesn't really make or break the deal since I could contact raidmax for replacement ones) the molex plug only fans is the only major dislike I had with this case due to the fact that I could not set fan speed via my mb and also cable management. The all black case design is very nice but with one issue... it really doesn't provide a good grounding point for anti-static wrist bands or mats, I would recommended finding an unseen area and lightly sanding it to a bare finish to make sure a good ground can be created or use a extended bolt as a grounding rod

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