Great smart doorbell without need for recurring cloud subscription. App brings rating down6/8/2019 1:03:42 AM

Pros: Can record to sd card and compatible NVRs. No subscription to cloud needed. Fairly easy to install and wire to existing door bell Variety of brackets/mounting options Notification comes in as a "call" instead of a pop-up when doorbell rang. Image sufficiently clear in daylight to identify people/faces. Ability to have audio warning notification when person walks within range of doorbell.

Cons: App for Android is glitchy at times Lack of faceplate color choices Relatively large compared to competitor smart door bells Fish eye view if all images to get wide angle Some blurring if objects move too quickly in low light Not all notifications ding on the phone (Android Pie) App spontaneously logs you out at times and will require another log in

Overall Review: Installation was straightforward and connected to WiFi right away. Downloaded app and noticed interface was similar to the EZ-Viz app I use for my indoor cameras. Turns out EZ-Viz sells the same product rebranded as the DB-1. Connected the doorbell by scanning QR code. Appeared to work fine until firmware updated. After firmware update (which cannot be reversed), got playback failed errors for a few days when trying to replay incidents on the app but able to receive notifications along with still image. Issue confirmed to be hardware (doorbell) when connecting doorbell to the Ez-Viz app. Playback issue has spontaneously resolved itself so we'll see how long this lasts. It should be noted that video is safely stored on SD card so footage can be reviewed by pulling SD card and going to a PC. The inability to playback in app appears to be an app issue and not a hardware issue. Fix the app and resolve the glitches and you can have a great product.

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Unlucky Me9/24/2015 1:57:46 PM

Pros: Promising product

Cons: Quality not all worked out. Well-intentioned customer service disjointed and poorly executed

Overall Review: Purchase product. Had difficulties with one of two bulbs. Made repeated attempts for support. Made repeated attempts for replacement. Received replacement. Still had issues. Made repeated attempts for RMA. Received RMA. Made repeated attempts for return label. Received Return label. Item sent back. Item received by seller per tracking number on return label. Made repeated attempts for refund. Finally got refund and went with competitor product. Happy with competitor product. Even happier that I finally received refund and finally done with this product and company. The one unit that worked actually worked well consistently. There were no problems with installation as one definitely worked. I just never got a pair that worked even after replacement. Though manufacturing duds do occur from time to time, I expected better QC and would not expect to get a unit that powers on initially and then flickers out within minutes. Don't get me wrong. Company was nice when they did respond, went through all the protocols and procedures in an attempt to resolve problems. Had multiple people helping with various issues along the way. Seemingly had no communication with each other at the company as nobody had any idea what others were doing for me. Everybody starts somewhere and most successful companies today started with product and service flops in the early years. May try product again years from now to allow a chance for company to grow and refine their products and services. Definitely will not try again anytime soon.

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It works8/13/2015 2:07:35 AM

Pros: Double Din Bluetooth stereo for cheap

Cons: Mediocre audio quality. Does not ring car speakers on incoming call. Does not have indicator in display to show Bluetooth connection status with phone.

Overall Review: Bought this to replace failing Bluetooth stereo. Purchased on Shell shocker deal so OK radio for the price. Just don't expect too much and don't pay too much and you will be fine with this unit. It works but can miss incoming calls while driving since you have to listen for your phone's ringtone. However, it will mute radio and display "BT Phone" on incoming call though. Will also mute radio if paired phone unlocked and output the audio through car speakers even if no intention of making call or using BT audio. Can be very annoying if passenger plays games, etc. Definitely not good for convertibles or any car with noisy interior on the freeway. Microphone and Bluetooth call quality so so. Still better than my old failing unit though. Can easily earn another egg or so if these problems fixed

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