cheapest ever12/30/2012 10:56:44 AM

Pros: This is the worst pc case i have ever bought......guess u get what u pay for... Spend little bit more to get something else...

Cons: Cheap aluminum, fan and plastic screw.... Not even worth $10

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12/6/2012 10:39:12 AM

Pros: So far so good for now...speed at 2133. Timing 9 10 10 26 seem to be stable.

Cons: Anything over 2133...BSOD...

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N/A11/20/2012 11:07:00 AM

Pros: Never heard of this TEAM company b4...decide to give it a try but not as expected. 1 ram is DOA....should stick with corsair or gskill.

Cons: 3 out of 4 rams work.....1 DOA

Overall Review: QA needs to do a better job make sure product is fuctional

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1/26/2010 12:56:15 AM

Pros: You get what you paid for. Want something better !! spent more $....

Cons: Most people has issue about signal drop,,,,they don't lie. Even using wire (cat6) I still drop to 100 Mbps, which is suppose to be 1Gbps. Unplug the cable and plug back in again you'll get 1Gbps for couple hrs. Wireless show between 72 - 200Mbps, I don't even go far signal drop already. Signal getting weak most the time, only show 3-4 bars. I'm a student live in 1bed room,,,now you get the idea how far from my laptop to the router.

Overall Review: will keep this router for now,,,,hope next firmware will fix the problem.

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