6/9/2013 12:50:32 PM

Pros: Simple Low-Cost Quiet Key Typing

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you're looking to buy this to use for a gaming PC, look elsewhere... If you're looking to buy it for an office or internet browsing PC, this is the PERFECT keyboard.

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Great Simple Desktop for Office2/29/2012 8:06:55 PM

Pros: Bought this computer to replace a 10 year old computer in my church's office. This was perfect for the price. It's amazingly simple and was up and running with my default programs in 30 mins. After an hour I had 5 users set up and ready to go. Definitely considered buying one for my own use. Package arrived snug and secure. Lots of clear plastic protective tape on it, so there were no scratches. Pretty impressed for my needs.

Cons: HDMI port vs DVI, and since most monitors run DVI this was a little inconvenient. However for my purposes not a huge issue.

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Amazing Monitor2/29/2012 8:01:37 PM

Pros: Bought one of these for my church to go with a new desktop, and was blown away by the sleek design. A lot of monitors seem to have a lot of ports. This was simple and did what I needed it to do. Basically it has a VGA, DVI, and power plug socket on the back, that's it. Nothing fancy, but the money is in the design and the screen. I bought this at $110, and would definitely pay $150 now for it. I wish I had bought two for myself to set up dual monitors. Great stand, and it's sturdy.

Cons: No HDMI, but I wouldn't call that a con, because I didn't really need the HDMI.

Overall Review: RoyalGoal

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Great Way to Save a HD2/29/2012 7:58:17 PM

Pros: My sister's laptop HD "crashed" or so said Geek-Squad at Best Buy... They gave her back "defective" drive, and I erased everything on it and threw it in this great case. At first it wiggled around in the case, then I realized I had inserted the tray upside down, now it fits snug, and it's a great portable 320GB jump drive for me. It's perfect for salvaging a laptop drive, and for transferring large amounts of files/folders to fix people's computers.

Cons: None really.

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Data-Life Saver1/7/2012 9:00:05 AM

Pros: 1). Small but effective. 2). Has three different connections 3). USB is permanently connected to box so you can't lose it.

Cons: The connection for a laptop drive (since the laptop drive is thin) tends to wiggle, but I just stood the drive on end, and had this connection on top, and it worked just fine. Not much you can do about it when you're recovering data from a small laptop drive. Not an issue with my 3.5" HDD

Overall Review: Geek Squad at Best Buy couldn't recover the data on a "faulty" hard drive, so it was replaced, they gave me back the hard drive because it was "useless" and gave me a new one. Not only did I recover my documents just fine for only $17, but I also have an extra 320 GB WD hard drive that I can have as an external addition!!! This is perfect for anyone who's hard drive has "crashed" you can still recover the mission critical documents/music/pictures as long as the hard drive spins.

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