Exactly as Expected5/21/2012 3:38:36 PM

Pros: Saw the bad reviews and was skeptical. I have it in a full tower case and I still had to remove the fan from the side of the case. I knew this heatsink would be big and I was willing to modify the heatsink some to make it fit. You can be brave when you have a friend who is a machinist. Ended up only having to remove side case fan and sliding the cpu fan up a little on the heatsink to clear my memory.

Cons: Had to lower the minimum fan speed alarm in my bios. My fan speed was too slow and my mobo would not let my computer boot. Was turning like 550 rpms.

Overall Review: After the adjustments and the bios fine tuning there have been no hiccups for just over a month. I need to break down and clean it right now, but I am too lazy and my cpu temps never break 45C. I have this sitting on the amd fx 8120 overclocked to 4.0 ghz. Highest temp recorded was 44.6C and the cpu was running at ~90% load for an extended period. I was running a full virus scan, SWTOR, and WoW simultaneosly. My fps did drop to ~30. That temperature was recent and could probably use cleaning. Overall, I love this heatsink. I didn't have a problem making an adjustment to make this baby fit. Cutting a fin or two on the side of a heatsink is not going to turn it to a pile of junk. Your talking you might be losing what 3% of your surface area to gain an eggcellent (haha I said it) heatsink. (Might also void a warranty but idk)

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DVD Burner2/15/2012 7:24:26 AM

Pros: -Just a basic DVD burner. -Ran like a champ for loading the OS. -Watched maybe 2 movies with it and no problems. -Looks good. -I think it was $19 with free shipping when I bought it. (Can't beat that) -It doesn't come with any wires, but if your replacing or putting in a new installation you should have the wires already. -Comes bubblewrapped and clear packing taped. (no box)

Cons: It's not free?

Overall Review: Great dvd/cd burner. Oh yeah I think the shipping got it here on the third day. First time I have ever had something show up on time from newegg. Normally arrives in 2 days.

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