One of the best single cores out there11/28/2007 10:29:49 AM

Pros: At 1.55 volts this CPU can run stable at 3.18 GHz with temps never going above 52 C. At speeds over 3.1 GHz plus a 1MB L2 cache this is a great single core and is amazing for the price.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I would still recommend a Brisbane X2 3600+ or 4000+ if you have a motherboard that can overclock. Both the Brisbane 3600+ and Brisbane 4000+ can run stable over 3.1 GHz plus you can enjoy the performance of a dual core for only a few dollars more.

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Great Budget Motherboard9/20/2007 7:03:39 AM

Pros: Just plug and play this board had no problem recognizing all my hardware including my 5200+ and I was able to stably increase the FSB to 250

Cons: The 570 chipset only runs 8X in SLI mode...Even though this is a con the only video cards able to use utilize anything over 8X is the 8800 GTX and 8800 Ultra

Overall Review: This is a great motherboard for the price...Being about to increase the FSB to 250 allows for some room to overclock

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Stunning9/2/2007 4:23:44 AM

Pros: At 800 MHz I could hold a timing of 4-3-4-8-1T with on 2.2V but with a looser timing of 5-5-5-15 I could go up to 1230 MHz on 2.4V

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: This ram is great for both holding stock timing with low timings and overclocking

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
GREAT PRODUCT!!!6/17/2007 2:54:52 PM

Pros: The Sentry 1 Controller Panel looks great in my NZXT Zero Case. Everything works perfect and it is actually made out of metal. Unbelievable for under $25.

Cons: The only con that I have seen with this product is the clock is not AM/PM but is military time.

Overall Review: Watch out before setting the date and time make sure you remove the plastic tab in front of the battery. Without remove it you will loose all your settings when you turn off your PC.

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Great Price3/22/2007 5:54:47 AM

Pros: Great video card for the money can handle any of my games with settings set at Max...3dMark06=3382 and 3dMark05=6197

Cons: There are alot better video cards out but for the price with the mail in rebate this card was hard to beat

Overall Review: Current setup AMD X2 5200+ (CPU), BFG 7600 GT (GPU), BFG NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI (Motherboard), Mushkin HP-580AP (PS), XION Solaris XON-403 (Case), and 1 GB DDR2-533 (Ram)

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Price + Performance = Great Deal2/24/2007 7:00:38 PM

Pros: Runs cool and works great with my BFG BFGRANF590S Board

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Use Arctic Silver 5 with Heat sink to keep everything running cool

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
A LITTLE ON THE HIGH SIDE2/24/2007 6:52:59 PM

Pros: Just the right size if you only have 15mm and want to still move a lot of air

Cons: Price

Overall Review: Worked perfect for the front of my XION Solaris XON-403 case...This allowed me to install my 3 HDs all the way forward

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Sweat Power Supply2/24/2007 6:49:19 PM

Pros: Excellent performance with no fluctuation along any power rail. The main reason why I choose this power supply is because of the 12V rails that combine for high power needs (up to 38 amps)

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Has a nice green light that looks great in my XION Solaris XON-403 case.

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BEST DEAL OUT THERE2/24/2007 6:35:38 PM

Pros: The board is a steal!!! True 16X SLI mode, AM2 Socket, 4 ram slots that can handled up to DDR2 800. The board had a perfect layout for the XION Solaris XON-403 case.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: Worked perfectly with my AMD X2 5200+

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Great Case for the Price2/23/2007 11:53:30 PM

Pros: This is a great deal!!! With upgraded fans the case keeps cool and look nice with the green lights.

Cons: Some of the plastic and metals feel thin and cheap. But, the rebate makes up for any cheap feeling parts.

Overall Review: Holds all my stuff with room to spare (AMD X2 5200+, BFG Tech BFGRANF590S, mushkin HP-580AP, DIAMOND X1300, 1 GB Ram, 3 HD, 2 DVD)

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Great Price2/15/2007 5:19:48 AM

Pros: Great price and a mail in rebate on top of that, WOW!!! This ram runs cool, which is very important for a laptop.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I installed this on my Compal HEL80 without any problems, plug and play.

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Stunning for a PCI Video Card!!!1/3/2007 4:16:32 AM

Pros: This video card made a hug difference on my Dell E310 which had an integrated Intel GMA 900. The video card fit perfectly, drives load correctly, and ran great on a 305 Watt power supply. My 3DMark05 score went from 332 up to 1112 points and my 3DMark06 score went from a sad 79 to a 593 score with just the standard settings (without overclocking). I had no idea that a PCI Video Card could make this much difference.

Cons: Still a PCI Video Card, could not even come close to performing like a PCI X16. But if your PC does not have a PCI X16 slots this video card will still smoke the stock integrated chips.

Overall Review: My Dell E310 has the following 2.8GHz Pentium 4 HT 521, 1 GB DDR2 533MHz, and 80 GB SATA 7200 RPM.

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