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Nice companion for Surface Pro8/22/2014 6:21:20 PM

Pros: Barely bigger than a jewel case, it's convenient to carry in the slipcase that houses my Surface Pro. For those odd times when I need access to optical media, this drive in might handy!

Cons: The USB cable on my model is not integrated, as it shows it to be in the user manual. The disc tray is a bit flimsy, but then again, there's not much bulk to the whole drive in the first place.

Overall Review: The non-integrated USB cable is a pro and a con - being separate, it means I have to carry the cable with me... and it's a Mini-USB cable, not Micro-USB, which means I can't use of the several cables I already use for phones and other devices. On the other hand, if the cable fails, it's easily replaced, unlike an integrated one. With the ubiquity of flash drives that store more data and are more reliable, disc media is becoming a thing of the past... however, I still come across times where I need my Surface Pro to read a disc (older software, some movies and music), and this fits the bill nicely.

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Great value for desktop graphics12/3/2012 7:59:36 PM

Pros: Inexpensive (bought on sale for nearly 50% off), small footprint, fan on cooler not nearly as loud as some other cards

Cons: Low profile card that doesn't come with a low profile bracket - was looking to use this in a smaller case for my next build, but it serves it's current purpose.

Overall Review: I bought this card as to replace my integrated graphics on my 1.5 year-old motherboard, as AMD dropped support for it in the latest dirvers for Ubuntu 12.10 (nice way to alienate your customers, ATI/AMD!). I dropped the card in, updated to the native nVidia drivers (a few issues with the Nouveau driver in Ubuntu, not the card's fault), and my Unity desktop was smooth as silk - Gnome Shell 3 was even faster! I don't game much on my Linux box, but I was able to run a few games in Wine (Portal, HL2) and they looked wonderful, with nearly all settings maxed - and the card stayed reasonably cool, so no whiny fan noise. So far, I'm happy!

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Good shaver, with a few caveats...4/2/2011 9:21:28 AM

Pros: - Very comfortable shaving; glides across the skin better than my older foil shaver - Wet/Dry operation - Cleaning base works great, and cleaning solution is less expensive and longer lasting than other brands - Holds a charge very well - Comes with 2 charging options - cleaning base and separate stand (although only 1 AC cord)

Cons: - Although it shaves close, it's not as close as my previous foil, leaving some shadow - Trimmer attachment doesn't work well; the cutting teeth are set too far back to be effective for short sideburns - Tends to be less effective on longer scruff, leaving some uncut hairs (this is where the trimmer DOES work well!)

Overall Review: I bought the SensoTouch from a local big-box to replace my aging Braun 7000 Series (the Synchro base latch broke for the 2nd time, and I have no local repair options). Going from a foil shaver to a rotary shaver does take some adjustment - your beard tends to grow in a certain way, and changing shaving methods takes some "training" time. That said, the SensoTouch is MUCH more comfortable than the older foil - it doesn't heat up as quick when shaving dry, and it glides smoothly against my skin. The first few shaves did leave quite a few "missed" spots, and multiple passes did leave irritation, but after about 3 weeks, my shaves are much more consistent and smooth. There's still some "shadow" left (I've got very dark, coarse hair), but the skin is smooth. The Jet Clean base does a great job of cleaning the shaver heads, and doesn't need to be refilled as often as the Braun. Overall, a good shaver once you allow time for adjustment.

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