Great router7/18/2021 7:23:23 AM

Overall Review: I bought this to help extend my wifi in my house and I was very impressed at good this thing works very little speed loss from my router to the extender and it was super easy to setup getting another for my garage.

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Seems like a good hub3/31/2021 10:11:36 PM

Cons: Very easy to use

Overall Review: This is a all metal case and seems built well. I like the powered usb on this as the ones that do not have an AC cord may not charge a phone and some devices need extra power when plugged into a USB and this seems to provide that extra boost.

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So far so good1/20/2021 5:58:26 AM

Overall Review: chose this unit to solve the problem of widely varrying download speeds for my devices from Xfinity WiFi service. which made it impossible to stream shows on Hulu. Setup was a breeze, with clear pictoral instructions and a sensical, easy to remember password. I had all my devices connected within an hour (ereaders, tablets, TVs--old and new), without having to inconvenience my son. He was pretty impressed! Now I can use what I'm paying Comcast for without annoying lagging issue.

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