Great Price to Performance Ratio8/12/2019 4:21:01 PM

Pros: - Great gaming performance even at my 3440 x 1440 resolution (ultra wide 2k) - Doesn't run too hot and wattage draw is low for performance - Very quiet even under load - Ray-tracing with a driver update down the road (in DirectX 12) - Equivalent performance to a GTX 1070 - Was only $270.00 - CAN run games at 4k albeit with graphic settings turned down to medium-ish - Driver stability

Cons: - No native real time ray-tracing but that was expected and researched ahead of time - No older monitor ports

Overall Review: I upgraded to this from a broken Radeon RX 480 4GB and the jump is noticeable (most benchmarking websites show a 10 - 20FPS increase in nearly every game). I didn't want to spend a boatload of money to game at good FPS on my ultra wide 1440p monitor so I went with this as a good middle ground/mid-high range GPU.

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