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Top Shelf Cooler7/12/2018 12:30:26 PM

Pros: Very great cooler, fits in my Fractal Design Nano S with only millimeters to spare from touching the plexi panel. The coolers performance is comparative to the previous Corsair H80i V2 all in one cooler I had installed before it, keeping temps at around 60*C under heavy load. The supplied fan is also very quiet and is a noticeable improvement from the AIO, it does not disturb the ram slots of my Asrock Z170itx motherboard.

Cons: Although worth it, the price is steep compared to other tower coolers in its class. The brown beige of the fan clashes with black red of my case.

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Noctua and Quality are synonymous1/10/2017 10:16:13 PM

Pros: - Excellent Quality - Well equipped - Well packaged - Runs quiet

Cons: - The fan is fairly thick which can pose an issue for cramped mini ITX builds

Overall Review: I purchased this to replace my stock 80mm case fan and must say I was very impressed with Noctua's fit and finish // I did run into an issue fitting this fan in place of my stock case fan due to its thicker size, but thankfully due to Noctuas well equipped assortment of accessories, I was able to run the fan on my case with the supplied rubber pegs // Although Noctua does not offer much in aesthetics, I think its performance and function outweigh that factor hands down I recommend you purchase this fan

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1/10/2017 9:54:46 PM

Pros: - Runs quiet -Interchangeable colored rings to match your rig - Good airflow

Cons: - Nothing major but my fan tuner was not able to recognize this fan to tweak with the resistor in line

Overall Review: I picked up this fan as an upgrade for my mini ITX build case along with another 80mm Noctua fan. Surprisingly my stock fans from my cooler to the case fans performed admirably and kept temperatures at relatively good temp, mid 60's under load, but they were too noisy for my liking. This fan comes with a voltage step down adapter which I used and the fan works excellent even at this lower speed // Although my rig is still noisy from the the stock CPU cooler I noticed that the CPU cooler doesn't strain as hard as it use to, likely due to the added aid in airflow from the new fans // Temperatures remained about the same with both fans runs the resistors and overall my rig has quieted down

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Mighty mouse1/2/2017 9:36:50 PM

Pros: -Great value and performer -Handles just about everything I throw at it

Cons: -Although it works wonders with its hyper-threading and dual cores this processor is the biggest bottleneck in my build, it constantly is having to work hard to keep up and I've pegged all 4 threads to 100% with certain games. -This is the place holder for an i5 in my build and if someone is looking for some serious power they should really consider going with an i5 over this i3

Overall Review: - Great for the light user and budget/entry builder -Totally worth the buy

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Standard reliable perfomer1/2/2017 9:12:43 PM

Pros: -Bought this for my budget build and needed some affordable ram. I wasn't as familiar with this brand as some others but I decided to give them a chance. Ram works well out of the box and has been performing excellent, I was satisfied enough that I purchased a second stick for my empty slot. -Has been performing well with all my ultra 1080 gaming -Visually appealing red and black heat sink

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Why pay more when you can pay less?

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for choosing Team's product! We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us.
Simple and great1/2/2017 8:59:44 PM

Pros: -Great budget PSU -Has all the connectors I needed for my budget build and still has more to offer

Cons: None

Overall Review: - Was skeptical at first about the quality. After having it in my hands and have been using it for over a month I've found that this has shown to be a great quality and reliable PSU

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Well equipped, top notch, ITX board!1/2/2017 8:31:53 PM

Pros: -Fit and finish is excellent and appealing to the eye -BIOS is easy to navigate -Offers an abundance of growth and potential for those not looking to tap out the boards capabilities right out of the box -This board offers the ability for some serious horsepower and offers you everything you could want now and in the future making this board 'future proof' - Offers up to 32gb of memory, over clockable, 6 SATA connectors, M.2 slot, onboard wifi and bluetooth, plenty of I/O ports and supports a plethora of memory standards

Cons: -I was not able to connect to the internet through the BIOS to utilize their 'easy driver installer'

Overall Review: Totally worth the buy

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Best value and functionality1/2/2017 8:07:19 PM

Pros: -Great Price -Supports optical drive if desired -Good ventilation -Fits a full size PSU and helps keep costs down -Sturdy, small and lightweight -Excellent variety of hard drive placement and capacity -Supports water cooling -I was able to run my stock CPU cooler without it running into the PSU

Cons: - A 13.5inch graphics card is stated to fit in this case but there should really be an asterisk at the end of that. Although some 13.5 inch graphics card MAY fit, I had issues fitting an MSI RX480 card due to it running into the optical drive bay,and the power connector being mounted at the top putting it so close to the drive bay as well, I ended up making it work with some thought. - Rig gets very dusty and does not provide good dust filtering out of the package - As with many itx cases it is difficult to work within and you have to take more thought into puzzling your build together - I would have appreciated a door at the bottom to give me access to my M.2 slot as well as making install of a water cooler block bracket easier once I finally decide to install a water cooler.

Overall Review: - This case offers everything you could want from a higher end, high priced case but offers it to you at a great value, this case was truly made for function. -Purchasers should really opt for a shorter graphics card to make this a more seamless build -This case has been around a long time and for good reason, you can find reviews on Youtube

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Great Bang for Buck!1/2/2017 7:25:25 PM

Pros: Design and finish is top notch, feels and looks premium. I like that the fans come on only under load keeping my rig quiet when idling and performing simple tasks. I was able to display in 4k when connected to my 4k television and I was truly taken away but the superb picture. Graphics are flawless at 1080 when connected to my monitor.

Cons: Can't say I've found one yet

Overall Review: I purchased this card on sale during Thanksgiving week making it a steal! After owning this card for over a month I would say this card is worth the buy even at regular price.

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