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Came with the correct firmware and was easy as plug and play!8/7/2018 11:01:01 PM

Pros: -It plugged into my 14-1 slot specified for the Asus Prime X-470 Pro and everything was recognized and good to go. -I bought this item in July of 2018, so the firmware has been upgraded to the 5.63 version on my end. -No problems with packaging and install was clean and easy! - Plug and Play - Firmware is on 5.63 (safer) - Worked for my ASUS X470 - Works with BitLocker on main drive.

Cons: - Lots of skepticism on the web about this product being not updated, and nightmares of people having to fix that issue. - Not enough good news to indicate that the PRODUCT WORKS! It's been updated since the reviews left in 2017 of last year so please do not get carried away. - Pay attention to recent reviews, not the older ones.

Overall Review: Yes, most definitely buy this module from newegg. As always, I got the best price and also the correct module. This TPM module will WILL work for encrypting your main drive and components on your PC! (ASUS Prime X470)

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I love this memory!8/7/2018 10:57:23 PM

Pros: -Works perfect with my AMD 2700x Processor and ASUS x470 motherboard with no issue. Just update the BIOS and you're good to go! -O.C. settings show these cards running at 3000 MHz when tuned up in the BIOS. -RGB Color Sync is beautiful! Works awesome with it's own software, and also with ASUS AuraSync on boot! - They look beautiful together! - Works perfectly with all games so far and rendering tasks as well.

Cons: -Nothing at all, love everything about them!

Overall Review: Yes most definitely, if they come on sale I will purchase another 16gb kit and make my RGB memory brick complete! You should too! Corsair is best in class.

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Great mouse, software works!8/7/2018 10:50:13 PM

Pros: - Price is fair - Works great for strategy game, not sure if best for all kinds. - Perfect amount of custom buttons. great software. - Accurate - Ergonomic - DPI response and change is good - Not the best,but good for the price. - Can also be a regular office mouse - Doesn't look like a spaceship 25/7 so you can also live a normal life at times

Cons: - Weak RGB lighting - Good price, but I can see how more expensive mice are worth their value. - Not too much better than a really good desk mouse. - Good Build Quality - Will get the Job done for gaming.

Overall Review: Yes, but to the average, a specialist might want something a little fancier with more function.

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Simply the best quality cable you can get. You get what you pay for here, Corsair quality is great!8/7/2018 10:43:50 PM

Pros: - Coating Material makes it very durable - All pins needed included - Build quality is better than all cables I own. - Colors!

Cons: - Other cables are cheaper - Serves the same purpose

Overall Review: Yes, if you NEED a certain cable to be working, this product is for you. If you're looking for something replaceable, maybe there is something cheaper and lesser quality out there. This one goes in my personal build, highest quality components only.

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Pros: - Great Board for the price - Has all the essentials -RGB

Cons: - was not updated for second generation Ryzen 7 (2700x) upon arrival. -the boards in the store DID have the update, and a sticker to indicate it. -If updated for second generation, make sure it has a sticker on the front that says so.

Overall Review: Good price, all the basics, gets the job done. ASUS Quality and customer service/support.

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Awesome Graphics Card for the Value8/7/2018 10:30:46 PM

Pros: - Obviously temperature never runs hot on a card like this. I can mine ether easily when I'm not using it and achieve great speeds, it's really paying itself off a teeny bit. -"DUKE" logo is customizable with RGB settings -MSI quality and guarantee! (Warranty) - Runs all the games I need to without breaking a sweat. - NVIDIA overlay/Mixer/Twitch can all run without lag or interruption. Very powerful card. - 3 Displayports and only 1 HDMI.

Cons: - Very huge, as big as it gets. Make sure you have a very large case to fit this monster. - Amazing to think that there are cards out there 1/3 the size with similar performance. - Some websites claim MSI Gaming OC edition is slightly better. - Not enough RGB control if DUKE logo facing you. - Nobody wants the included game, please let us choose. I will literally never play it.

Overall Review: If the price is right, most definitely. Just be sure to compare every card out there to ensure you are getting the best one at current market prices. Great for gaming, great for mining, NVIDIA brand, and MSI quality! You can't beat that.

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